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Van Buren/Cass District Health Department

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1 Van Buren/Cass District Health Department

2 Locations and Hours of operation
Van Buren County Main Office (269) CR 681 Hartford MI Cass County Main Office (269) M-62 North Cassopolis MI Satellite Office (269) Main Street, Suite B Dowagiac MI Hours: Monday – Thursday 8am – 5pm Fridays 8am-4pm

3 Local Public Health in Michigan

4 Michigan Public Health Code
Act 368 of 1978 stipulates that each county must have a city, county, or district health department

5 Michigan Public Health Code (Act 368 of 1978)
A local health department shall continually and diligently endeavor to prevent disease, prolong life, and promote the public health through organized programs, including: prevention and control of environmental health hazards; prevention and control of diseases; prevention and control of health problems of particularly vulnerable population groups; development of health care facilities and health services delivery systems; and regulation of health care facilities and health services delivery systems to the extent provided by law.

6 Michigan Public Health Code (Act 368 of 1978)
A local health department shall: (summarized) Implement and enforce laws regarding local health. Utilize vital and health statistics for the purpose of protecting the public health. Make investigations and inquiries as to the causes of disease, morbidity and mortality, and especially of epidemics. Plan, implement, and evaluate health education. Plan, implement, and evaluate nutrition services.

7 Michigan Public Health Departments

8 Board of Health Members 2013
Don Hanson, Van Buren Commissioner, Chairperson Dwight (Skip) Dyes, Cass Commissioner, Vice-Chairperson Richard Freestone, Van Buren Co Commissioner Vicki Vaughn, Member at Large/Cass Annie File, Cass Co Commissioner Robert Linderman, Member at Large/Van Buren Bradley Randall DDS, Member at Large/Van Buren Back: Robert Linderman, Vicki Vaughn, Richard Freestone & Bradley Randall Front: Skip Dyes & Don Hanson Missing: Annie Files

9 Mission Statement The MISSION of Van Buren/Cass District Health Department is to promote AND contribute to the highest level of health possible for the people of Van Buren and Cass County by: * Identifying & reducing health risks in the community, * Detecting, investigating & preventing the spread of disease, * Promoting health lifestyles, * Promoting a safe & healthful environment, * Promoting the availability of accessible quality health care services through the private sector, and * Providing quality health care services to those with limited resources and access.

10 Health Improvement Plan The Van Buren/Cass District Health Department collaborates with the local hospitals, health care providers, local businesses, area schools, social service agencies, human service agencies and the community at large to address the health priorities of Van Buren & Cass County residents. Here is a partial list of agencies/community partners: Early Childhood Early Care & Education Task Force-VB VB Local Interagency Coord. Council Child Death Review Project Great Start Collaborative Early On/Project Find Poverty/Housing VB/Cass HSCC VB/Cass Continuum of Care Tri-County Bridges Out of Poverty Access to Care Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies State Loan Repayment Program Substance Abuse Girls on Run/Track VB Drug Treatment Court School & Community Prevention Prog. Emergency Preparedness 5th District Medical Response Coalition, Modular Emergency Medical System Committee & Homeland Security & Emergency Management Planning Team VB/Cass Local Emergency Planning Committee VB/Cass Homeland Security Planning Team Oral Health Care Kalamazoo Valley Community College Local Dental Oversight Committee School and Community Prevention Program Immunizations MCIR Primary Care Physicians

11 What We Do: Essential Local Public Health Services
Environmental Health Private & Public Water Supplies Inspections & Consultation Nuisance Control Inspections Campground Inspections, Consultations & Review Housing Inspections & Consultations Food Sanitation Inspections, Consultations & Plan Review Subdivision Control Consultations & Review Air & Water Pollution Investigations & Consultations Non-Community Water Supply Inspections & Consultations Water & Sewer Evaluation for Home Loans On-site sewage Disposal Permits, Consultation, Inspections & Plan Review Rodent & Insect Control Inspections & Consultations Soil Evaluations for Vacant Land to Determine Acceptability of On-Site Sewage Disposal Groundwater Database Radon Testing & Abatement Consultation Beach Monitoring Body Art Licensing

12 What We Do: Essential Local Public Health Services cont.
Personal Health Vision & Hearing Screenings Immunizations Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Screenings & Treatment AIDS Counseling & Testing Children’s Special Health Care Services Tuberculosis Screening & Treatment Prenatal Care Assistance Jail Health Communicable Disease Control MI-Child Healthy Kids Health Promotions & Marketing Advertising thru media & community awareness programs Promoting Programs to various groups, schools, clubs, etc. Develop Health Promotional Material Conduct Presentations on Health Issues and their Prevention Curriculum Consultations as Needed

13 What We Do: Essential Local Public Health Services cont.
Reproductive Health Comprehensive Medical Exams Breast, Cervical & Testicular Cancer Screenings Pregnancy Testing & Referrals Education & Counseling Fertility Counseling & Referrals Mammogram Referrals Community, Schools & Individual Education Counseling Various Comprehensive Contraceptive Methods Screening & Treatment for STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) Routine Gynecological Care Sterilization Consultation Plan First Enrollment Dental Comprehensive Oral Exam Prophies (cleaning) X-Rays Fluoride Treatment] Oral Hygiene Instruction/Education Sealants Restorations Extractions Whitening Dentures and Partials Crowns Space Maintainers

14 What We Do: Essential Local Public Health Services cont.
Substance Abuse: Individual, Family & Group Counseling Acupuncture Relapse Prevention Group New Direction Treatment Program Substance Abuse Driver License Evaluation Prevention/Educational Services Referral Services Victim Impact Panel Jail Services Women’s Specialty Services Methamphetamine Task Force Girls on The Run/Girls on Track Van Buren Task Force Emergency Management Radiological Response Team Planning for the Palisades Nuclear Power Plan Support Partner Agencies planning in Protecting Life & Property during Biological, Chemical or Radiological Events Emergency Response Plan Consultation & Assistance Drill/Exercise Design & Implementation

15 FISCAL YEAR 2012 BUDGET $7,000,093

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