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By: Kevin Bartok and Alex Kolesky China vs. Tibet and Taiwan.

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2 By: Kevin Bartok and Alex Kolesky China vs. Tibet and Taiwan


4 What is Tibet? It is a very religious Buddhist country developed to peace and loving of others Tibet never owned any weapons the only way that they handled situations was by negotiation They are run by a leader named the Dalai Lama who is both a spiritual Buddhist leader but also a government leader

5 What Happened To Tibet? In 1950 to 1951 Tibet was invaded by China The Dalai Lama was forced into role as the leader of Tibet when it was invaded by China Since then the Dalai Lama has tried to negotiate with China, but has been unsuccessful Tibet is now part of China

6 Tibet Today Today Tibet is a used as Nuclear testing for the Chinese The people of Tibet are treated like slaves, more than 250,000 Tibetans have died in labor camps Tibetan women are raped and then force to have abortions Tibetans are given extreme torture: Dogs are used to bite them; their faces and torsos are burned with cigarettes; and electric batons are used on their genitals

7 Pictures of Chinese Torturing Tibetans


9 Taiwan’s official name is The Republic of China (not Peoples Republic of China which is the communist country of China) Taiwan is considered to be the old China from China when the Communists took over The U.S. also sells many weapons to Taiwan Taiwan's current government is a democracy What is Taiwan?

10 What Happened to Taiwan? In April of 1927 the Communist Party of China started a Chinese Civil War against The Chinese Nationalist Party Taiwan was founded right after the civil war by the Chinese Nationalist Party But China considers it part of them because it was part of the Civil War But Taiwan was never involved it’s just were the Nationalists fled

11 Taiwan Today Today Taiwan is owned and somewhat run by the Chinese government Taiwan is pushing for independence from China The U.S. sells weapons and believes that Taiwan should be an independent state This hurts the U.S. and Chinese relationship and China sometimes cancels exports to The U.S. because of it In the 1980s Taiwan, originally a single party state, shifted to a democrat state

12 Summary Tibet is no longer a country and is part of China Tibet was invaded in 1950-1951 by China Taiwan has not yet reached full independence from China Taiwan is basically the non-communist party from the Chinese Civil War, Taiwan is where they fled Tibet and Taiwan Should Be FREE! (Our Opinion)

13 Free Tibet Campaigns and Logos


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