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Introductory Remarks IEEE EAB VP, 2008 Evangelia Micheli-Tzanakou (LITSA) Feb 16, 2008.

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1 Introductory Remarks IEEE EAB VP, 2008 Evangelia Micheli-Tzanakou (LITSA) Feb 16, 2008

2 2 Continuity and Change  In 2008 EAB has a new Vice President: Evangelia (Litsa) Micheli Tzanakou  The EA VP is selected by the IEEE Assembly for one year and it renewable for a second year  2003-2004: James Tien  2005-2007: Moshe Kam  About half of the 2008 EAB is new  Several members completed the traditional 2-year service period  Several members were elected to new positions

3 3 Feb 16, 2008 Who is Litsa ? Real Life: Professor II, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Rutgers University Director, Computational Intelligence Labs

4 4 Feb. 16, 2008 Past IEEE Life: Director Division X Awards Board Chair President of CIS TAB N&A, Chair IEEE N&A AB N&A, Chair Many other committees Numerous Conferences Currently: SPC, NTDC, Expert Now, BEWG

5 5 Feb 16, 2008 EAB Vision Collegiality Inclusion Respect Competitive Critical Effective

6 6 Feb.16, 2008 Problems to be addressed  Inter-Group-Communication  Industry vs. Academic  Conferences/Workshops  Professional Development & Education  Diversity and Cultural Respect

7 7 Changes in the Accreditation Policy Council (APC) l A new Chair, Eric Tappert l An ongoing discussion on the role of APC in 2008 and beyond: l More policy, less day-to-day CTAA/CEAA oversight l Assistance to IEEE representatives on ABET BoD with policy issues l Development of long term goals for accreditation activities in the US outside ABET l Development of long term goals in the area of global accreditation l Next policy paper: role of standards in engineering education l Proposed next policy issue: industry-Academia “balance” in accreditation visiting teams

8 8 Working with ABET (1)  We will continue the close cooperation between EAB, the IEEE Representatives to the ABET BoD, and CSAB  Close involvement of EAB and APC in policy issues concerning ABET  By providing IEEE representatives on the ABET BoD of information in IEEE’s views on key matters  Currently, issues of financial viability and governance are of primary importance

9 9 Working with ABET (2)  In 2008 we need to appoint a new IEEE representative to the BoD of ABET  The 3-year term of Willis King is expiring  Call for Nominations was issued in January 2008  A large number of applications

10 10 Working in the US outside of ABET  IEEE voice in the area of regional accreditation  The role of standards in engineering and engineering technology education  Assessment and certification  E.g., effort with SME

11 11 Global Accreditation  Defining IEEE’s 5-year objectives  Matching needs to resources  Developing new regional programs  E.g., West Indies  Assisting existing/developing systems  E.g., China, Peru

12 12 Global Accreditation (Cont.)  Program expansion and definition  Computer Science programs in Latin America

13 13 Primary Objectives for 2008

14 14 Post-university Education  The next phase of IEEE Expert Now  New business model  New methodology for acquisition and development of material  Expansion of content by an order of magnitude  Stratification of content by audiences and levels This is the most difficult and ambitious goal for EAB in 2008!

15 15 Post-university Education  Consolidation of IEEE’s on line offerings

16 16 Pre-university Education  Increase content of TryEngineering by about 25%  New games, new discipline descriptions, new advice, interviews with students  Expand reach of TryEngineering  Versions in Portuguese and Arabic  Complete university search functions for the whole world Requires a cadre of dedicated volunteers!

17 17 Pre-university Education  Seek corporate sponsorship for the Teacher In-Service Program

18 18 University Education  Provide on-line services to university students at all levels Interactive Opportunities section on Try Engineering Services to undergraduate and graduate students Exploit the GSM level designation Major expansion of offerings on Standards on Line

19 19 Standards IEEE Policy on the Role of Standards in Engineering, Technology and Computing Education Complete overhaul of the IEEE Standards Education Committee

20 20 Accreditation l Establish stronger presence in China l Move ICACIT (Peru) to the next stage l Start the ETC accreditation body in the Caribbean l Regularize IEEE activities in the USA l Foster re-organization of ABET l Seek opportunities to support diversity of accreditation methods in the US Promote !!

21 21 Other Areas Electrical Engineering Technology assessment l Collaboration with SME l Merger with HKN l Activities for the pre-university community in IEEE conferences

22 22 Other Areas Certification programs will be examined for certain technologies and put in place in collaboration with external agencies after research has taken place that proves the profitability of such an action. This program will make IEEE the place to go for companies and individuals that need a proof of knowledge.  Biometrics Certification  Others

23 23 Other Areas  Webinars: will be initiated for hands on experience with some courses. Possibly software for simulations on- line for Expert Now courses could be the solution

24 24 Other Areas l Model curricula, l Already, three model curricula in Biometrics are under development with our active participation and guidance. Templates for different disciplines will be developed.

25 25 Other Areas l Professor training by experts especially in new technologies will be one of the major efforts in 2008. This program is different from the Teacher in Service Program (TISP) which is mainly for pre-University students.

26 26 Other Areas l Many emerging technologies developed by NTDC need to be made known to Engineering curricula and College Professors also need to be trained to these new technologies. One week long summer or winter schools will be organized by EAB. In addition, 1-2 days satellite workshops on specific emerging topics will be organized around conferences.

27 27 Other Areas l Incorporation of MATLAB in Expert Now will be investigated with Mathworks. l Sponsor workshops and summer schools on emerging technologies. The content of those can become model curricula and also become Expert Now courses. l Create e-Zine, once PSPB has a working template, since there is no means of communication in EAB.

28 28 Other areas l Create a wiki/portal for EAB and its activities l increase public awareness to engineering education activities at undergraduate and graduate levels. l This portal will be similar to wikipedia and could be linked to wikipedia.

29 29 Contact Information (732) 318-7908 (cell)

30 30 Feb. 16, 2008 Endorse Enable Imagine Explore

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