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June 1, 1999Vi Editor1 Introduction to UNIX C. Vi Editor.

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1 June 1, 1999Vi Editor1 Introduction to UNIX C. Vi Editor

2 June 1, 1999Vi Editor2 Overview of vi Performance Objectives 1. Start/End VI (vi, ESC, :wq) 2. Move the Cursor and Window (h,j,k,l, ^f, ^b) 3. Insert, Change, Delete Text (i, a, x, dd) 4. Search and Replace text (/.../, :n, $s/.../.../g) 5. Move/Copy Text (ma, d'a, p) 6. Write and Read Files (:w file, :r file) 7. Tailor the VI Environment (:set)

3 June 1, 1999Vi Editor3 UNIX Family of editors ex line editor ed subset of ex vi screen editor

4 June 1, 1999Vi Editor4 Why learn vi/ex? Available on most UNIX systems. Works with a variety of terminals. Needs no special keyboard definition files. Allows the use of ex commands from vi. Provides for a customized editing environment.

5 June 1, 1999Vi Editor5 Some Conventions vi commands do not require a. vi commands not echoed. ex commands begin with : / ? ex commands are echoed and ended with a The character ^ represents the key.

6 June 1, 1999Vi Editor6 Vi Modes: COMMAND mode n The default mode on entering vi. n Anything typed is interpreted as a command. INSERT mode n Enter INSERT mode by typing one of several commands. n Anything typed is interpreted as data. n Exit INSERT mode by typing the key.

7 June 1, 1999Vi Editor7 Vi Modes UNIX Shell vi filename Command Mode i a o Input Mode ZZ or :wq

8 June 1, 1999Vi Editor8 vi Window Display Line one Line two Line three ~ ~ Line n Command line File text Null lines EX cmd line

9 June 1, 1999Vi Editor9 Vi Window Positioning File vi window ^f Display Next segment

10 June 1, 1999Vi Editor10 Basic Window Positioning Move window forward 32 lines ^f Move window backward 32 lines ^b Move window forward one line ^e Move window to line n of file :n Move window to end of file G Move cursor up/dn left/rt or h j k l

11 June 1, 1999Vi Editor11 Making Changes Permanent vi uses a temp file for changes: Write file and quit editor :wq Undo last command: u or U Recovery: vi -r filename Temp File Perm File :w

12 June 1, 1999Vi Editor12 Insert/Delete Functions Del current line dd Del current char x Insert before current char i... Insert after current char a... Insert after current line o... (opens file at a line)

13 June 1, 1999Vi Editor13 More Vi Functions Open several files vi file1 file2... End editor :q (does not save changes) Redraw screen ^l (L) Join this line with next J

14 June 1, 1999Vi Editor14 Search For a Pattern Search forward to pattern /... / Search backward to pattern ?... ? Advance to next pattern n (forward or reverse)

15 June 1, 1999Vi Editor15 Replace A Pattern Replace string with another :s/.../.../ (only on same line) Replace string (global) :1,$s/.../.../g

16 June 1, 1999Vi Editor16 Moving Text ma mark the starting position with a d'a delete text into a buffer p put buffer contents after cursor Area to be moved ma d’a Insert locationp

17 June 1, 1999Vi Editor17 Copying Text ma mark the starting position with a y'a yank text into a buffer p put buffer contents after cursor Area to be copied ma y’a Insert locationp

18 June 1, 1999Vi Editor18 Writing to a file write current file :w write named file :w filename overwrite named file :w! write lines m - n to named file m,nw file

19 June 1, 1999Vi Editor19 Useful Functions Re-edit current file, discard changes :e Edit named file :e file Read in and insert file at cursor :r file Execute command and return to vi :!cmd

20 June 1, 1999Vi Editor20 Tailoring the Environment For current session :set options Example: :set nu will set line numbers To view possible settings: :set all noautoindent nonumber noslowopen autoprint nonovice tabstop=8 noautowrite nooptimize taglength=0 nobeautify paragraphs= tags=tags /usr/lib/tags directory=/tmp prompt term=vt100 noedcompatible noreadonly noterse noerrorbells redraw timeout flash remap ttytype=vt100 hardtabs=8 report=5 warn noignorecase scroll=11 window=23 nolisp sections= wrapscan nolist shell=/bin/csh wrapmargin=0 magic shiftwidth=8 nowriteany mesg noshowmatch nomodelines noshowmode

21 June 1, 1999Vi Editor21 Order of Evaluation On startup, vi sets options defined by EXINIT variable. Then options defined in ~/.exrc file. Settings in ~/.exrc take precedence. Setting in.exrc file in CWD take precedence over ~/.exrc file and EXINIT. Finally, :set options of current session take precedence during that session.

22 June 1, 1999Vi Editor22 End of Module Complete VI Editor Exercises

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