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VR Renewal-Texas Style! Laura York Director, Consumer Services Support 1.

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1 VR Renewal-Texas Style! Laura York Director, Consumer Services Support 1

2 The Beginning 2

3 Around the same time, Texas logged some internal concerns… Standards and Indicators Contracting issues Communication limits-Messaging Complaints of service delivery barriers from direct line staff 3

4 DRS Goal To develop a Business plan that honors our discovery of the best of the best and articulates our cumulative hopes for DRS’s future in service delivery policies, processes, and practices. 4

5 Indicators At the end of this project we will have revamped our business plan, policies and processes to reflect a more flexible and responsive program; the pace of which is dictated by the needs of consumers and our business partners. Additionally we will have established new targets, and will see positive numerical trends in key result metrics (transition/business partnerships; people working above SGA, hires by business partners...etc.) 5

6 Better – Faster – Smarter Paradigm Illustration Better – Defined by Leadership (Sample Below) More Living Wage Jobs Transition Linkages to Businesses More SGA and above for SSI/SSDI recipients Better response to Job Orders from Business Better Rehab rate with Autism and Mental Health VR process responsible to consumer variance Faster-Smarter- Strategies, Policies and Organizational Structure Designed through 4-Cycle of Appreciative Inquiry (initial topics and interview questions developed by leadership) Unit Goals Individual Performance Goals- (Weighted by Tasks and case dynamics) Metrics – (Data must fall naturally out of the work process -not be created through additional staff reporting) Core values and 4-way test Centralized- decentralized balance Coaching for success DARSforce Serving Leadership Business Plan 6

7 Better More, Better quality, higher satisfaction - More high paying jobs - Better coaching by managers - Better results for PW Autism - Better Results for PW MH - Better results for SSI/SSDI - Better benefits information for staff and consumers - Better knowledge of job match - Better knowledge of managing Context - Better access to information for consumers/businesses - Better linkages of transition students to business - Better fiscal management practices to avoid service delays 7

8 Faster Quicker, Seamless, flexible - Quick access to benefits planning information - Simplify decisions for consumers - Faster from job ready to job - Rapid referral of qualified applicants for job orders - Streamlined contract process - Quicker vendor payment process - Triage system for consumer flow - Quicker Application to eligibility to plan with service timeframes reflecting needs 8

9 Smarter Resources, personnel, processes, structure - Increased ownership of the process for consumers and vendors - Fewer (?) better vendors - Proactive Field-driven budgeting - Localized case service budget monitoring - Budget peer reviews - Hiring for more levels within business partners - More SE options within companies - Serving Leadership throughout - More options when people come through the door - Established relationships with more companies - Effective systems for using DARS force to the maximum - Vendors held to DRS CORE values and RSA standards - More reliable “job ready” 9

10 Smarter Resources, personnel, processes, structure - Leveraging resources from community partners - Effective joint services with DADS/DSHS - Decision making model applied to purchasing - Organizational structure supporting values, flexibility and innovation - Essential documentation only - Simple, results base standards ( managed by exception) for CRPs - Efficient use of VRC expertise - Transition integrated into unit strategies - Strategic outsourcing - CRP’s in job support role - Businesses have easy access to information 10

11 Enter Appreciative Inquiry Many things were working well. How do we – Identify them – Reinforce them – Eradicate undesirable behaviors – Replicate desired behavior 11 “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. We must learn to see the world anew.” (Albert Einstein)

12 Keys to Appreciative Inquiry Finding the seeds of excellence on which to build-what is the best of the best? Creating images of excellence to move us toward more of the best. Identifying what to move out of the way to get more of what we want. 12

13 Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry Something in every situation produces positive results. Our focus becomes our reality-what will that be? Multiple realities are created every moment. Asking questions influences our behavior. We are confident with the future when we know the past. Carry forward the best. Embrace the uniqueness of what we offer. Language creates our reality. 13

14 The Middle 14 The Meetings The Work The Data

15 Appreciative Inquiry 15

16 Provocative Proposition- Guidelines Is it provocative ? Does it stretch, challenge or interrupt the status quo? Is it Grounded? Are examples available that illustrate the ideal as a real possibility? Is it grounded in the organization’s collective history? Is it desired ? Do you want it as a preferred future? Is it state in the affirmative and in bold terms? Is it a participative process? 16

17 Where we are now…it’s not the end! Provocative Proposition Messaging and Alignment Policy Redesign Kotter’s Model to Accelerate! Adjusted outcome targets 17

18 FUNdamentals University Innovation leads to a need for structured responses Creativity and credibility-measuring change Increases in production 18

19 The end or a new beginning? Consistency in change Revolutionary change avoids stagnation Continued focus on leadership, ongoing communication, increasing production, learning from partners 19

20 DRS Means Success We move lives forward by bridging the distance between the impact of a disability and success. The impacts of these results are far reaching. Our consumers win because they have a good paying job and disposable income. Our business partners win because they have a motivated and productive employee, and we all win because that consumer becomes a tax paying citizen and a purchaser of goods and services. The result of our work builds better communities. 20

21 If it can’t be done in Texas… …it probably can’t be done Feel free to contact us : Laura York Division for Rehabilitation Services 512-424-4196 21

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