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What I’ve Learned…. Saying “Hi” to your teachers in the morning can keep you out of trouble.

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1 What I’ve Learned…

2 Saying “Hi” to your teachers in the morning can keep you out of trouble.

3 In-school suspension is a lot more fun if you are the only one there.

4 Time changes everything.

5 Frilly skirts and wind don’t mix well together.

6 At the end of the day, originality is the best quality anyone can have.

7 Sometimes the best friends become the worst friends.

8 Don’t mess with gingers; they will take your souls.

9 Sometimes asking questions is a bad thing.

10 People are either smart or stupid; there is no in between.

11 When one girl tells you one thing, there’s another girl who will tell you the exact opposite.

12 People lie.

13 Mrs. Gerhart talks with her hands.

14 If you have a habit of being quiet, after a while, it gets hard to speak up.

15 Darius and Trey in the same gifted class do NOT mix!

16 Chocolate honestly helps a broken heart.

17 Dogs that ride scooters are funny.

18 Girls will try to hide the fact that they like you in any way they can think of…mostly by denying it.

19 When a teacher has a bad day, the last period class gets it the worst.

20 Throughout life, you will meet hundreds of people, but only a few will make an impact on your life.

21 Sometimes it’s good to take short breaks.

22 You can tell that you play too much “Call of Duty” when you pre- order the new game before it comes out.

23 Being afraid prevents you from doing many things.

24 People you know the best can become complete strangers.

25 Tastykakes are the source of all happiness.

26 Everyone’s a critic.

27 Funeral dinners are the best place to play water glasses.

28 Being nice to people invites them to step on you.

29 High school football plays are complicated.

30 You CAN actually make Mrs. Gerhart mad.

31 Cracking your knuckles doesn’t cause arthritis.

32 The cake is a lie.

33 Being in 8 th grade is easier than being in 7 th grade.

34 Mrs. Gerhart is one of the greatest teachers ever, and is always there to help.

35 Video games have changed everyone’s lives.

36 It only gets worse before it gets better.

37 Some of your best friends come from the strangest places.

38 Sitting on the roof of your house is not a good idea.

39 Self-defense is only if someone comes in your house and is threatening your life.

40 Not everyone has good intentions.

41 Never be friends with a snitch.

42 You can get away with a lot if you are Joey.

43 Dropping your cell phone so many times will eventually break it.

44 If I don’t do my homework, my parents will ground me.

45 Some people don’t always have the brightest ideas.

46 Misspellings are the best inside jokes.

47 The potato sack is not worth $20.

48 I can chew gum without getting caught.

49 Nutella is the best way to judge how close a relationship is.

50 Grace goes a long way.

51 You have to earn the things you want.

52 Volleyball.

53 Mrs. Gerhart is one of the youth.

54 Rumors spread very quickly.

55 Gym class will never be relevant to your school career.

56 If you want a good grade on a paper, write about bacon.

57 Sometimes the journey is better than the results.

58 The first cut is the deepest.

59 If I’m not careful, my locker always gets shut.

60 Tumblr is the only accepting social networking community.

61 When given the choice to lie or tell the truth, speak the truth.

62 Everybody needs a blond in their life.

63 Milk cartons don’t fly across the room by accident.

64 When you lean back on your chair, you are just asking to fall over.

65 I need to keep my lunch close to me, or it will get stolen.

66 Teachers aren’t perfect.

67 Breaking or spilling things should be my profession.

68 Middle school is much more confusing than elementary school.

69 Best friends come from the internet.

70 I should listen to age and weight limitations.

71 “Hood” will always autocorrect to “hookers.”

72 Writing random words to take up space is great.

73 Every nerd needs a break.

74 Teachers have lives outside school, too.

75 Playing with better athletes makes you better.

76 Always check the tops of doors for buckets.

77 Gym class gradually gets worse every year.

78 Food > everything else.

79 Always look presentable.

80 You can never learn everything, ever.

81 There’s no point to a game unless it’s competitive.

82 Don’t say long words; people think you’re crazy.

83 Don’t get caught.

84 During lectures, nod your head a lot; teachers love it.

85 Life is a blank canvas, so paint a pretty picture.

86 Doing something badly is better than doing nothing.

87 Don’t sing in Mr. Ruzicka’s homeroom.

88 Help people.

89 Don’t chew gum or talk about boys in gifted class.

90 Procrastination is bad.

91 You can’t talk to your teachers like they’re your friends. It doesn’t end well.

92 Don’t mess with people tougher than you.

93 Don’t look at the clock in Mr. Angle’s room.

94 No one is invisible.

95 Mrs. Gerhart says an “h” after her “w”s.

96 Sometimes the quietest are the wisest.

97 Some people are annoying, but you have to deal with it.

98 Being friends with a teacher doesn’t make you a teacher’s pet, just a teacher’s friend.

99 Show your true colors.

100 6 th and 7 th graders always move to the wall in the presence of an 8 th grader.

101 Sometimes it’s best to be translucent.

102 Always pretend like your cell phone isn’t ringing.

103 Sing in the rain.

104 Mrs. Gerhart is my role model.

105 Being a nerd has its benefits.

106 The universe is unending; there is room for everyone.

107 Some people never get to make footprints, so cherish every step you take.

108 Bad handwriting can be an issue.

109 Everybody has a boss.

110 Happiness is all that matters.

111 It’s not the computer’s fault.

112 Speak up.

113 Everything always seems worse than it really is.

114 When one person makes a friend, another person loses a friend.

115 You are never more than 6 feet away from a spider.

116 Be yourself. It makes life a whole lot easier in the end.

117 Chillax.

118 Some things meant to start small, aren’t meant to stay small.

119 Never let your teachers find out you call them by their first names.

120 Let your spirit fly with creativity.

121 Don’t be afraid to take chances. How will you learn to fly if you never take that first step?

122 Friendship is magic.

123 Middle school has been the best three years of my life.

124 What have I learned?

125 I can’t say…I’m still learning.

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