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November 9, 2011 University of Richmond Alumni Center

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1 November 9, 2011 University of Richmond Alumni Center
Virginia Water Environment Association Leadership Training Seminar November 9, 2011 University of Richmond Alumni Center

2 2011 Leadership Training - Agenda
Welcome Introduction Organization Manual Administrative Processes Committee Budgets WEF Update Communications Strategic Planning Brainstorming Lunch 2012 Schedule Committee Breakout Session/Toolkit Planning Open Forum

3 Welcome and Introductions
2011 Leadership Training Welcome and Introductions Thank you for volunteering for VWEA in 2012!


5 2011 Leadership Training - Introductions
Introduce yourself Describe your committee’s top success for the past year Describe your committee initiatives for 2012 What do you think is your biggest challenge? Success? Any other comments, thoughts, ideas?

6 Seminar Goals/Objectives or … Why are you here today?
Gain needed tools to plan a successful year. Understand policies & procedures. makes everyone’s job easier! Learn about SP updates & share ideas for improving VWEA. Provide a forum for your committee to update their business plan.

7 VWEA Organizational Manual
Grace LeRose

8 Purpose of Organization Manual
Provide basic understanding of WEF Organizational structure Relationship with VWEA Provide basic understanding of VWEA Basic organizational structure Describe committees duties, responsibilities, and membership Includes Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Tool for incoming leadership Resource to develop committee work plans

9 Kathy Rabalais VWEA Administrator
Looking at hiring a full time person by August , so that Jay can train the person for six months before he retires at the end of Dec 2010.

10 Association Administrator
2011 Leadership Training Association Administrator The Contractor serves in an administrative support and advisory capacity, is not a voting member of the VWEA Board of Directors, has no policy-making or contracting authority, and is not an employee of VWEA. VWEA requires the Contractor to perform a variety of administrative services to support the VWEA’s business and financial operations and to provide support to Committee and the Board activities

11 Administrator Duties - Bookkeeping
Writes Checks Makes Deposits Maintains Financial Records Issues Quarterly Financial Reports Maintains Records for Annual Audit & IRS 990 Tax Return.

12 Administrator Duties - Clerical
Assists Committee Chairs in obtaining & updating mailing lists. Maintains Bulk Mail Permit. Assists in review of brochures prior to printing, particularly registration form. Assists committees with printer & mailing house in preparation for mailings.

13 Administrator Duties - Records
Provides new membership records to Committees as requested. Maintains mailing & attendance lists from conferences, seminars and workshops. Maintains Sponsor Lists

14 Administrator - Other Duties
Point of contact for VWEA, answers inquiries or forwards to appropriate officer or committee chair. Serve on VWEA/AWWA Liaison Task Force. Support registration & event functions at Lab Practices Seminar, Education Seminar, IWPT Seminar and Annual Meeting. Contact for webinars & conference calls. Negotiates contracts for hotels, etc. NEW!

15 General Information Deposit Transmittal Form & Check Request Form can be downloaded from website ( Click on Committees, then “Committee Resources and Toolkit” Electronic copies of generic letterhead & return address labels can be provided on request.

16 VWEA Logo Kathy Rabalais


18 VWEA Logo Logo is available for use for correspondence, brochures & mailings If program or project is approved by a functioning committee or Board of Directors. Logo is multi-colored. Printing in bulk quantities is expensive. Board has approved printing in a two color format as a cost savings measure.

19 Please refer to Deposit Transmittal Form in Packet
DEPOSITS Please refer to Deposit Transmittal Form in Packet

20 Deposits Insert date form prepared Insert Committee Name
Activity Description – Be sure to assign revenue, e.g. registration fee, sponsor fee. This will allow for proper accounting distribution.

21 Deposits Check if revenue is budgeted -
e.g. your registration fees are probably budgeted revenue a sponsor fee is received that was not anticipated and thus not budgeted – it is still assigned to Sponsor Fees. List number of checks being submitted and total amount of checks. Please do not send cash.

22 Deposits List total credit cards being submitted.
VWEA accepts MC, Visa, American Express & Discover. Please be sure that card information includes card holder’s name, billing address (street address, city, state, & zip), card number, 3 digits security number for MC & Visa, expiration date, amount of charge and signature. List total deposit, sign form & provide contact phone number.

23 Deposits Committees that handle registrations are required to provide documentation showing the following: paid attendees payment amount method used to pay (i.e. check, cash, credit card) non-paying attendees & reason for non-payment (e.g. speakers). This is necessary so Administrator can reconcile amounts submitted for deposit. A separate check for cash conversion is requested and amount should reconcile to cash received. For security, use of credit cards for smaller luncheon type seminars is not recommended.


25 Deposits Mail deposit transmittal form, attachments & checks/credit card information to: VWEA, PO Box 2324, Glen Allen, VA Credit card information should be sent by ground or priority mail so shipment can be tracked. Kathy Rabalais at: that deposit has been mailed.

26 Check Requests Paper documentation requirements
Need invoice for vendor payment Need receipts for reimbursements Need copy of contract or other official document for a deposit or down-payment. If check is for cash award, prize, or scholarship equal to or in excess of $600, and is payable to an individual, recipient’s SSN & mailing address must accompany request. Information is needed to issue Form 1099-MISC pursuant to IRS Regulations. CHECK WILL NOT BE ISSUED UNTIL INFORMATION IS RECEIVED.

27 Check Requests Committee Chair confirms invoice is pursuant to terms of contract or verbal/written agreement with vendor. If reimbursement, Committee Chair confirms expense was a legitimate expense of the conference or activity.

28 Check Requests Check request form must be signed by Committee Chair (Please refer to Check Request Form). Include your name and a phone number. Check type of payment being requested. Complete DATE column by using the date of the invoice or the date of the request for payment.

29 Check Requests In ITEM column fill in the event for which payment is requested. In COMMITTEE/PURPOSE column: First list committee to which charge is being made. Then list what the expense is for. It may be necessary to break down the invoice/expense to several lines so money can be distributed to the correct budget item. Please be as specific as possible.

30 Check Requests Insert appropriate amount next to each purpose.
Insert Total Check Amount - be sure it equals any distribution above as well as any invoices/receipts which will be attached. Enter name of company or individual to whom check will be issued.

31 Check Requests Enter address where check will be mailed.
Committee Chair signs Check Request & forwards to: Kathy Rabalais PO Box 2324 Glen Allen, VA

32 Sales Tax Exemption VWEA is tax exempt for direct purchases of tangible personal property. Exemption does not apply for services (such as meals or AV charges). Exemption does not apply to reimbursement – tax must be paid by purchaser and is reimbursed. If any questions, please contact Kathy Rabalais. Kathy has copies of sales tax exemption certificates if necessary.

33 Check Writing Process Check are normally written twice a month
Usually 1st & 3rd week. Special check writings can be made if required to meet deadlines. Once written, checks are sent to Treasurer for signature & distribution. From time check is written, it usually takes 7-10 days for check to be delivered.


35 Mailing Lists VWEA member list is obtained from WEF database.
information is updated in real-time, & can be downloaded as needed. Administrative Coordinator maintains VWEA list. VWEA mailing lists are available upon request for approved VWEA functions.

36 Mailing Lists VWEA’s mailing list can be ed to Committee Chair or function coordinator within 1-2 days. ed list will be in Excel format and are in zip code order. Use of other member association’s mailing lists must first be requested through WEF; WEF must get the approval of other member association. The other MA is requested to forward their mailing list. Separate approvals must be obtained for every use.

37 Mailing Lists If you want to use another MA’s list, please advise Kathy what MA’s list you want and a brief description of the event. The request should be received at least 3 (preferably 4) weeks prior to brochure mailings. Kathy will make request through WEF, and once approval is received from MA, WEF or the MA will provide appropriate lists.

38 Mailing Lists If using a mailing list from another organization, it should be in Excel format. At least 5 columns should be included (name, street address, city, state, zip). Kathy will forward all lists to the mailing house for mass mailing. Bulk mail permit imprint is available from Kathy.


40 Lists VWEA can create a list from WEF database which provides an listing of all members who have provided an address. List is in Excel format & zip code order, so regional address can be developed by committees.

41 Lists Kathy will only provide the entire list. It will be the responsibility of the committee requesting the list to select those to whom an will be sent. Currently, ~ 89% of VWEA membership have addresses of record. ~8% will not be delivered due to bad addresses or company blocks.

42 VWEA Sponsor Information
Types of Sponsorship: Full corporate Specific Conference/Seminar Event (donation $ voluntary)


44 Committee Member Lists
Each committee is requested to maintain a complete and current listing of active Committee members. This is very important – this is the way we communicate with you!

45 Brochure Mailing Schedule

46 Brochure Mailing Schedule
Board has directed that brochures be delivered approximately 8 weeks prior to a major event. Final draft of a brochure should be available for review approximately 4 weeks prior to mailing and 12 weeks prior to the event.

47 Worksheet for Setting Registration Fees
Excel Worksheet

48 Worksheet for Setting Registration Fees
Key Projections/Cost Information Number of Exhibitors & Exhibitor Reps. Number Paid Registrants Number of Non-Pay Attendees (Speaker/Staff) Contractual Cost Information Credit Cards - ~60% of registrants/exhibitors Profit required (10% Regional, 30% Seminars)

49 Alcohol Policy VWEA has $1,000,000 in liability insurance for accidents, but does not carry alcohol liability insurance Alcohol Policy VWEA does not maintain insurance to cover the serving of alcoholic beverages; the following rules are applicable if alcoholic beverages are served at VWEA events, : All alcoholic beverages must be provided & served by an entity with an ABC Board license. The event serving alcoholic beverages has obtained Board of Directors approval and funding is included in committee’s budget.

50 Complimentary Registrations
All attendees at VWEA events are expected to pay registration fees, except: An invited speaker - expert in his/her field who will not be attending the entire event, Representative of Water Environment Federation attending JAM, Fees for complimentary registrations have been budgeted & approved by VWEA Board of Directors

51 CONTACT INFORMATION Mail: PO Box 2324, Glen Allen, VA Phone: office fax 

52 VWEA Secretary’s Role with Committees and Contract Negotiations
Jeanie Grandstaff Kathy Rabalais Steve Johnson

53 Secretary/Treasurer’s Role
Maintains official records of the Association. In conjunction with Association Administrator, notifies WEF of officers and committee chairs. Event planning. Contract negotiation.

54 Event Planning/Contract Negotiation
Secretary/Treasurer is the only one that can sign contracts on behalf of the Association. VWEA is a desired commodity Have good credit Pay bills on time Bring in large groups

55 Event Planning/Contract Negotiation
Contract Procedure Committee determines date and location of event. Committee contacts hotel, provides details of event: meeting space layout, number of sleeping rooms, banquet events, AV, parking, etc. Hotel provides draft contract. Committee forwards contract to Association Administrator. Association Administrator reviews contract, contacts committee, if necessary, and negotiates changes with hotel. Association Administrator forwards final contract to Secretary/Treasurer for signature . Association Administrator provides signed copy of contract to committee and keeps copy for auditor.

56 Event Planning/Contract Negotiation
Takes time to negotiate contract with hotel. Begin making hotel arrangements early. Education, Industrial Waste, Lab Practices -- venue & hotel contacts should be made months prior to event. Good idea to start making hotel arrangements as soon as previous year event is over. Provides committee with recent data for planning next event.

57 Event Planning/Contract Negotiation
Hotel Checklist (in organization manual) Check preferred dates Number of sleeping rooms available for reserved block How soon those rooms are released prior to meeting (14 days acceptable) Meeting rooms and capacities. Meeting room charge Check in/check out times.

58 Event Planning/Contract Negotiation
Sleeping room rates – compare to regular rates. Complimentary sleeping room policy (usually one free with each 50 rooms booked). Meal prices (deadline for guarantee). Exhibit space. Fire Safety provisions. ADA Compliance.

59 Event Planning/Contract Negotiation
Once contract is final Review final contract carefully. Be aware of room guarantees. Include cut off date in meeting brochures. Change room block numbers if necessary. Be aware of potential charges for meeting rooms. Credit for rooms booked. Credit for food & beverages (be aware of ++!).

60 Event Planning/Contract Negotiation
Ensure you have sufficient meeting space. Event Orders are a contract. Review the Master Account bill as soon as possible. Be aware of deadlines for resolving billing disputes.

61 VWEA Finance 101 VWEA Revenue / Expenses/ Revenue Goals
Committee Budget Preparation and Schedule Steve Johnson

62 Revenue Categories

63 Expense Categories

64 Budgeting Guidelines Budget by event Budget by fiscal year
Joint Committees Also, separate VWEA only, VA AWWA only, and joint revenues and expenses Kathy will issue quarterly reports to committee chairs showing actual vs. budget expenditures

65 Critical Points to Remember
All complimentary registrations for JAM should be budgeted somewhere – does not come out of JAM proceeds; (exception - equal expense for AWWA/VWEA). Any expense associated with workshop, seminar etc. at JAM (where a fee is not charged) should be budgeted separately from JAM JAM only covers the cost for the space – nothing else All the monetary awards need to be budgeted.

66 Revenue Goals Major Events: JAM, Education Seminar, Lab Practices Seminar, & IW&P Seminar Profit target 30% of revenue Other Events: Regional Activities, Utility Mgt. Seminar, Collection Systems Seminar Profit target 10% of revenue

67 Budgeting Schedule Submit proposed budget to Steve by the end of today
Use budget worksheet in toolkit

68 Questions?

69 Jim Chastain, Mark Prentice
WEF Update Jim Chastain, Mark Prentice


71 WEFMAX Purpose Communicate directly with WEF staff
Work with other MA leaders to find new ideas and solutions Show WEF and other MAs our successes Get energized for upcoming year

72 WEFMAX - 2012 Schedule March 8 – 9 Sedona, AZ
April Fayetteville, AR   April TBA (Chesapeake WEA) May 17 – 18 Indianapolis, IN

73 Marty Malone The Conduit & VWEA website,
VWEA Communications Marty Malone The Conduit & VWEA website,

74 Conduit Update A brand new Conduit – coming Spring 2012!
Who is behind The Conduit Your contribution is NEEDED! 2012 publishing schedule: 3/2/12 5/25/12 JAM issue ! 9/21/12 11/16/12 Download a

75 JAM 2012 Update and Needs VWEA JAM Committee

76 Successful Committee Attributes
Commitment Planning Communication Fun!

77 Commitment You are the Leadership of VWEA
Support Vision & Mission of VWEA Implement Board-approved Objectives Succession Planning

78 Successful Committees
Lab Practices

79 Planning Succession Planning Scheduling Toolkit Planning and Budgeting
Appoint Vice-chairs Recruit Mentor a member; encourage new involvement Scheduling Toolkit Planning and Budgeting

80 Communication Board Liaison Meetings Conduit Updates and Articles
Website Committee Updates Recognize Achievements & Volunteers

81 Committee Leadership Roles
Develop business plan & identify where your work supports the Objectives (alignment). Work with your Board Liaison: Keep them in the loop. Take the initiative as needed. Ask for help. Identify roadblocks & potential problems. Report your Committee’s successes. Check Board Meeting minutes for items that affect your Committee.

82 Brain Storming Session
Does your current committee charter support VWEA vision, mission & strategic plan? What is VWEA doing that it should KEEP doing? What is VWEA doing that it should STOP doing? What is VWEA NOT doing that is should consider taking on in the next tactic or strategic plan update? How to attract new members and increase committee’s participation? Challenge each committee to bring 5 new members. If every one is successful, we can grow our membership by 10% in one year.

83 Toolkit Planning & Committee Break out Session

84 VWEA Leadership Open Forum Happy 65th Anniversary. That’s All Folks
VWEA Leadership Open Forum Happy 65th Anniversary! That’s All Folks! Have a Safe Trip Home !

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