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Recommended Updates to the CCC Website “Selecting a Cx Provider”

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1 Recommended Updates to the CCC Website “Selecting a Cx Provider”

2 2 Committee Proposal CCC will add 3 sections to its web site: Section 1: How to select a Cx provider Section 2: Provider profiles Section 3: Sample Cx Documents

3 3 Section 1: How to Select a Cx Provider A.What to consider when selecting a Cx provider B.Recommended provider qualifications by project size/complexity: New Building: Abbreviated, Standard, Complex Existing Building C.Information on available certifications

4 4 Recommended Provider Quals: New Building Cx

5 5 Recommended Provider Quals: Existing Building Cx

6 6 Cx Provider Certification Programs A.Information about each of the certification programs B.Contact info/website link for each program C.Programs to be included: AABC Certified Cx Agent AEE Certified Building Cx Professional BCA Certified Cx Professional NEBB Systems Cx Administrator UWM Accredited Qualified Cx Provider

7 7 AABC: Certified Cx Agent Two candidate tracks: professional and field. The firm is certified

8 8 AEE: Certified Building Cx Professional No experience necessary if a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) Building-related education and experience definitions are broad No membership requirement

9 9 BCA: Certified CX Professional Joining BCA not required Requires client and project references

10 10 NEBB: Systems Cx Administrator Only TAB-related experience required Two modules: HVAC and Plumbing Adding fire protection module in 2005

11 11 UWM: Accredited Qualified Cx Process Provider et al. Entry-level accreditation (QCP) is available for those without experience. As one passes from CxTS through CxAP, requirements increase Conditional certifications until experience level is met

12 12 UWM: Accredited Qualified Cx Process Provider et al. QCPs need only take course and exam to qualify CxTS and CxTM similar to CxP, but less exhaustive Candidates passing exam but not meeting all reqs are given conditional status

13 13 Section 2: Provider Profiles Providers submit: A.Form with basic information Will be used to help users compare firms and easily seek further information B.Link to Cx Provider website C.The following six documents (some will be optional): Scope of work Cx Plan Cx Final Report Design Intent Document Issues Log Systems Manual

14 14 2. Form for providers In addition to contact info and a URL, the form requests: A. Firm description # of employees # years offering Cx services Average # of Cx projects/year B. Commissioning activities Cx and/or RCx Systems or technologies Building types

15 15 Section 3: Sample Documents CCC will also post to its web site: A. Samples of each of six requested documents B. Sample Cx and RCx RfQ and RfP

16 16 Sample Cx Documents A.PECI has compiled an initial list of sample documents. Sources include EDR, DSA, PECI B.A committee is needed to evaluate sample documents and make final decisions

17 17 Sample Cx Documents

18 18 Sample RCx Documents

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