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UCCZ NC Strategic Plan Review Pindai Sithole 0773 051212 25 January 2013.

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1 UCCZ NC Strategic Plan Review Pindai Sithole 0773 051212 25 January 2013

2 Specialists in: 1.Integrated Results Based Management (IRBM) 2.Results Based & Transformational Leadership (RBL & TL) 3.Research & Evaluation (RE) 4.Organizational Development (OD) 5.Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) 2

3 About Self (1996 to date) management &leadership related 1.Diploma in Accounts (1992) and BSc Finance (1995) 2.Trainer/facilitator of leadership and management (1996 – 2003: Mandel, ZIM, OTD, BNC, Speciss College) 3.Computer and accounts lecturer at Speciss College (1996-2000) 4.Organisational Development Consultant (2003 to date) – SADC, East Africa, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and USA 5.MA Leadership & Management (2007) 6.Lecturer of Leadership, Management and Research(2007 to date) 7.Government consultant on public sector reforms using RBM (2010 to date) 3

4 About self in UCCZ 1.Eastlea Treasurer (Fin & Admin Manager) 2.Regional/Northern Conference CYF Advisor 3.NC Volunteers Vice Secretary 4.UCCZ NC Development Trust Board Chairperson 4

5 NC Vision “A vibrant Conference of UCCZ in most suburbs and surrounding communities within the Northern Conference” 5

6 NC Mission “To spiritually strengthen existing congregations, whilst establishing new Worshiping Groups, Preaching Points and Churches by spreading the Good News to all communities in the Northern Conference.” 6

7 NC Key Result Areas (KRAs) No. Key Result Area Weight Responsible Chairperson/s MDG Reference KRA1EvangelismRev Matiza 1 - 8 KRA2Development Rev. T.l Magumo 1

8 Review of KRAs No. Key Result Area Review (are these still relevant?) To a great extent, yes To a less extent, yes No longer relevant KRA1Evangelism YES KRA2Development YES

9 Review of Evangelism KRA KRAGoalTargetsAchievement level to date (%) Variance (%) Evangelism To increase membership To achieve at least 10% membership increment by December 2014 -0.076 …Membership Retention Challenges experienced Success factors

10 Review of Development KRA KRAGoalTargetAchievement level to date (%) Variance (0% Development 1. To build Conference Hall To achieve 50% completion by 2015 2. Assist churches to build or complete their church buildings and parsonages Assist completion of 4 church buildings and 3 Parsonages by 2014 Challenges experienced Success factors

11 Resource Mobilization: Evangelism Evangelism Budget Review Year Total budget (USD) Total Amount received (USD) Variance (USD % variance 2012 1 000.00600.00(400.00)(40%) 2013 15 200.00426.67(14 773.33)(97%) 201410 000.00 -(10 000.00)(100%)

12 Review of resource strategies: Evangelism Evangelism resource mobilization strategies in use Review of strategy effectiveness Effectiveness to a great extent Effective to a less extent Not effective at all ST1 ST2 ST3 Challenges being encountered /constraining factors Strategies to increase resource mobilization effectiveness

13 Resource mobilization: Development Development Budget Review Year Total budget (USD) Total amount received (USD) Variance (USD % variance 201255 000.0034 000.00(21 000.00)(38%) 2013418 24746 791.83(371 455.17)(89%) 2014381 410.00-(381 410.00)(100%)

14 Review of strategies: Development Development resource mobilization strategies in use Review of strategy effectiveness Effectiveness to a great extent Effective to a less extent Not effective at all ST1 ST2 ST3 Challenges being encountered /constraining factors Strategies to increase resource mobilization effectiveness

15 SWOT/SLOT Review

16 1. Strengths (identified in 2012) Long history and tradition in the Christian community Well established and structured Church Well trained Ministers Established membership Well defined doctrine Have skilled Human Resources Proximity in terms of Geographical Location

17 2. WEAKNESSES (identified in 2012) Shortage of Ministers due to lack of competitive remuneration Unimproved Infrastructure Lack of emphasis on the power of the Holy Spirit Resistance to Change Poor giving resulting from dependency Syndrome Lack of vibrant sermons Poor implementers of Plans Poor communication Under utilisation of resources

18 3. OPPORTUNITIES (identified in 2012) Well-connected members Affiliation to National and International Christian bodies Well up individuals in the Church New resettlement areas Available land Communication facilities Great desire by people for the Word of God due to Socio-Economic challenges Committed members in Diaspora

19 4. THREATS (identified in 2012) 1.Technology 2.Global financial crisis 3.Mushrooming churches 4.Socio-Economic Factors 5.Political instability 6.Church Politics 7.Satanism

20 SWOT/SLOT Review (Teamwork) STRENGTHS (identified in 2012) Review (do these still exist?) Strategies to leverage/sustain the existing strengths To a great extent To a less extent No longer 1. Long history and tradition in the Christian community 2. Well established and structured Church 3. Trained Ministers Additional strengths

21 Values Review

22 Values Principles that guide our actions or behaviour/conduct in life Values are the lubricants/catalysts for individuals and organizations to achieve desired results People should walk the talk of the agreed values 22

23 NC Values (identified in 2012) 1.Spiritual growth 2.Transparency 3.Communication 4.Unity (or is it Peace?) 5.Integrity 23

24 Spiritual Growth 24 ValueMeaning Behaviours that each member will display to demonstrate that they support the value or “walk the value”. Spiritual Growth A state in which one understands the Bible to an extent of walking the Word. The ability to listen and obey the Word and commit oneself to do the work of God. Being guided by the Holy spirit. Lifelong learning. Doing God’s work without a push. Reading and studying the Bible in depth. Exercising unconditional love for one another. Engaging in focused prayers. Being humble.

25 Transparency 25 ValueMeaning Behaviours to “walk the value”. Transparency (Psa. 19:1, Dan. 2:22, Joh.14:21, 1Col.3:13) Being open and objective without offense, truthfulness, inclusive, clear (what you see is what you get). Being honest, respectful, exemplary, discussing things openly, no ‘signs’ (kuchonyana), sharing information, Openly discussing disappointments, failures or achievements, Asking for, appreciating and implementing other people’s ideas, Establishing and communicating expectations.

26 Communication 26 ValueMeaning Behaviours to “walk the value”. Communication (Pr 4:20, Pr 16:23, Job 6:24, Pr. 17:27, Act.2:24) Art of interacting and reaching out to people. Seeking understanding and being understood. Delivering clear messages. Two-way process that produces desired results. Proactive communication Active listening; receiving and giving complete and constructive feedback.

27 Unity (or Peace?) 27 ValueMeaningBehaviours to “walk the value”. Unity? (Lev. 19:15, Gen. 4: 4, Exo.2:25, Pr. 1:7, Pr. 14:22, 1Peter 2:17) Unconditional respect for self and others. Is a sincere two-way gesture. It results in peaceful and fruitful relationships between and among members. Dealing with emotions in a mature way. Greeting one another sincerely and meaningfully discussing issues Swallowing one’s pride. Feeling for others (empathizing). Listening & helping one another. Exercising diplomacy when talking to each other in privacy or in public. Being humble, tolerant and caring. [

28 Integrity ValueMeaningBehaviours “walk the value”. Integrity (1King 9:4, Pro 2:21, 1Ch 29:17, James 3:13) Respect for self and others. Being honest, truthful, upright, reliable, transparent, accountable, and open. To have ‘ubuntu’ (unhu); that ‘I am because we are’. Doing what is right always regardless of circumstances even if no other human being is watching. Accepting advice and constructive criticism. Praising others publicly and reprimanding them privately. Being honest and humble.

29 Teamwork (suggested in 2014) MeaningSupporting behaviours 1.Working together as different parts of the body to create synergy (1 st Corinthians 12:12). 2.Collaborating in the context of mutual respect & tolerance 3.Sharing responsibilities & accountability in an open environment. Genuine workmanship Sharing knowledge, experiences and successes. Exercising sense of belonging and ownership

30 Contra results-based interaction of values Organizational values Personal values

31 Results-based interaction of values Shared Values Values Organizational Values Personal Values

32 NC Values achievement rating 32 Value Achievement rating Brief reasons for the rating given Achieved to a great extent [2] Achieved to a less extent [1] Not achieved at all [0] Spiritual Growth Transparency Communication Unity [Peace?] Integrity

33 Management of Church Resources (MCR) Treasurer’s Duties Risk Management on Church Resources Fundraising Church Asset Management

34 Treasurer’s duties 1.Develop an annual budget to be approved by the Executive Committee and Chiara 2.Record all receipts and payments promptly (i.e. Receipt Book & Payment Voucher) 3.Prepare monthly financial reports and present to the Executive Committee 4.Properly file financial reports and other related documents (contracts, loan agreements, etc) 5.Pay Ministers, staff and creditors (Synod, Conf., Medical, City of Harare, ZESA, etc) on time 6.Ensure that church funds and assets are audited at least once a year 7.Break down membership analysis into Sunday School, CYF and Adult (Active, Less Active and Non-Active)

35 Risk Management of Church resources 1.Church offerings or any other contributions to be counted and verified by more than one person (at least two people) 2.On-site petty cash should be secured in a safe 3.Ensure that more than one person are signatories on bank accounts 4.Payment vouchers are signed by the treasurer and any other non-signatory committee member (ideally the Deacon)

36 Fundraising It is strongly encouraged that each church should have a Fundraising Committee or equivalent. Some of the suggestions for fundraising: 1. Thanksgiving (birthdays, employment, work promotions, graduations, etc) 2.Marriages/weddings 3.Sports 4.Seeking donations

37 Management of Church Assets 1.Treasurer or stewardship chairperson is responsible to keep an up to date asset register 2.Treasurer to ensure major assets are depreciated annually 3.Treasurer or stewardship chairperson to keep an up to date Asset Movement Form 4.Asset Movement Form should be signed and properly filed 5.Asset verification be done at least twice a year

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