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Enzymatic Determination of Creatine Kinase (CK) Activity

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1 Enzymatic Determination of Creatine Kinase (CK) Activity

2 So… what does that mean? CK is an enzyme that everyone has in their bodies. It is mainly located in the heart & skeletal muscles. Damage to these causes CK to be released into the bloodstream. Therefore, if you test the blood & find a heightened level of CK, it can be determined that the body has received damage.

3 However… There is more than one type of CK; therefore, more tests are required. CK2 comes from the heart while CK3 comes from the muscles. -More on that from Justin & Kendra.

4 How it’s done First, you take the CK Reagent (2.4ml; this contains everything needed to react with the CK in the samples). Then, you add your sample (0.1ml) & mix with the vortex-genie. Next, you put it into the prepared spectrophotometer & read the absorbance reading provided by the machine at given times.

5 What is a spectrophotometer, & why did we use one?
A spectrophotometer is a device that shines light into a sample & measures how much light was absorbed by the sample. We used one because the products of the CK & CK Reagent reaction are light absorbent. Therefore, the samples with more CK will have more products which will absorb more light.

6 What we learned… How to properly use lab equipment including spectrophotometers, pipettes, pipetters, capillaries, & etc. What CK is & how it relates to our heart How to measure CK How not to get CK Reagent on ourselves

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