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CD VIIth MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE Ulaanbaatar 27-29 th April 2013.

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1 CD VIIth MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE Ulaanbaatar 27-29 th April 2013

2 VIIth CD MINISTERIAL FIGURES 73 countries governmental representations, 27 countries more represented by Civil Society, 99 national and international NGOs, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, UN Under-Secretary General, 2 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, 1300 registered participants,

3 Daw AUNG SAN SUU KYI: “So-called success achieved in the wrong way can in fact be a failure and so-called failure accepted in the right way in fact can be a foundation for greater success in the future.” Ulaanbaatar, April 29 th 2013

4 CIVIL SOCIETY FORUM Over 120 international and 60 Mongolian delegates, 45 delegates from all over the world sponsored via fund granted to Permanent Secretariat, Discussed and adopted CS recommendations for the Ulaanbaatar Ministerial Declaration,

5 Welcoming remarks by Ms. OYUN Mongolian Minister of Environment and Green Development

6 CIVIL SOCIETY FORUM April 27 th Consultation Workshop on Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association in the Context of Elections Mr. Maina KIAI, UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association


8 Education for Democracy panel discussion

9 Emerging democracies: Challenges and opportunities panel discussion


11 T. ELBEGDORJ, President of Mongolia: „Democracy is not a destination, it is a way to go“ Ulaanbaatar, 29 th April 2013

12 CIVIL SOCIETY FORUM April 28 th Harnessing Open Governance for Democracy plenary session

13 CIVIL SOCIETY FORUM April 28 th Task Force for Democracy: Insights from the CD’s Efforts to Support Transitions in Moldova and Tunisia; Lessons for Myanmar and Kyrgyzstan

14 Maria LEISSNER, CD Secretary General: “CD does not make negative statements - we take positive actions“ Ulaanbaatar, 29th April 2013

15 Plenary session on Women and Democracy

16 Women & Democracy Snapshot

17 Joint Plenary Session of CD Pillars and Ministers on Threats against Civil Society and Freedom of Expression

18 Thematic Meetings during Ministerial Day Democracy Education, Corruption and Other Threats to Democracy, Arab Spring after 2 Years: Lessons and Challenges, Democracy and MDGs, Online and Press Freedom

19 Baroness Catherine ASHTON: “Democracy is a journey and not an event” Ulaanbaatar, 29 th April 2013

20 Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2013 Geremek Prize Winner is …..


22 THE MARK PALMER PRIZE LAURATES SE f.Ambassador to Belarus Stefan ERIKSSON, Late US Amb. Christopher STEVENS [†], MN Ambassador-at-large Suren BADRAL.

23 Closed-door meetings on non-free countries

24 CLOSED – DOOR MEETINGS CONCEPT small group meetings to discuss current situation, strategies and identify practical, long-lasting actions in support of democracy in non-free countries, hosted by Ministers of Foreign Affairs and chairpersons from international organizations – guests upon invitations only, brief introduction to policies towards respective non-free country, description of existing initiatives, and current/future support expectations, 20-25 people (up to 10 civil society activists) and a maximum of 15 representatives of CD member countries.





29 CHINGGIS KHAN: “It was easier to conquer world on the horseback, that to dismount and govern” 1206-1227 Mongol Emperor



32 OPINION SURVEY Anonymous questionnaire – in paper and on-line form, 24 closed and open questions, 90 respondents from all categories of participants, The youngest respondent was 17 and the oldest was74, Most of the respondents between 25 and 45 years old.

33 Age & gender representation

34 Participants’ background

35 THE VIIth MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE Would you like to attend the next Conference?

36 OPINIONS & SUGGESTIONS The best memories EVENTS Democracy and MDGs Panel, Youth Forum, Opening/Closing Session, Women and Democracy Panel, The statement of the CD Secretary General, Online and Media Freedom Panel, Drafting the CS Recommendations to the UB Declaration, Civil Society Forum, Closed-door discussion on Zimbabwe.

37 OPINIONS & SUGGESTIONS expected changes of format Better time control of sessions, More time for transportation between sessions, More interaction Speeches should be more specific, Minimize the number of participants, Less recommendations and more action, More time for discussions in panels, Please give the floor to activists who knows what really happens on the ground Networking side events for participants, WiFi Internet connection, Reduce number of panelists and their time presentation, Holding governments accountable for their individual commitments, Become more result oriented in deliberations, Provide written statements/speeches after the delivery.

38 OPINIONS & SUGGESTIONS Range of expected topics for the next Conference Children’s rights, Non-discrimination, Armed forces democratization, Anti-poverty policy, Economics, Democracy and economic development: focus on the third world, Africa and Democracy, Poverty elimination and issues faced by minorities/and vulnerable (including women), Youth, Civil Society and Private sector relations, Press freedom and on-line activities for democracy, Information and Communication Technologies, Militarism in growing democracy. Police accountability and reform in democracy, Men's involvement towards gender equality, How to improve democracy mechanisms in already democratic countries, Election focus component.

39 OPINIONS & SUGGESTIONS Participation in the VIIth Ministerial allowed me to:

40 OPINIONS & SUGGESTIONS Preferred follow-up


42 Barack OBAMA: „Community of Democracies managed to transform itself from a forum where democracies get together into a platform for democracies to get things done.“ Ulaanbaatar, 29th April 2013


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