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Workgroup 1 - Sector leadership and ownership of CD.

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1 Workgroup 1 - Sector leadership and ownership of CD

2 Purpose To identify and record the groups’ views on the topic To take note of strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats To take note of lessons learned and suggestions that can help CD agenda To report these to the plenary

3 Strengths & Opportunities Institutional framework Existence of CB framework Sub committee of CB in the SWG Existence of JADF NDIS/Rwanda Governance Board( horizontal &Vertical communication)

4 Key weaknesses and threats Lack of Full operational institutional framework Lack of Institutional development in Local Government Insufficient linkage between SWG and local level Weakness in the Linkage of the strategic plans and work plan and Budget at the local level

5 Suggestions and lessons learned Add Capacity results to the package of Performance contracts Consolidated plans for the local level Strengthening the role NDIS( putting in place tools) Organize center to local SWG meetings

6 Lessons learned and suggestions Need for field visits to see practically what is on the ground Handling CB the way GoR has handled Gender issue Improve the quality of local government participation in national policy formulation CD as a strategy for implementation of their performance contracts

7 Lessons and suggestions Link CD needs to the EDPRS and performance contracts.

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