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Comparative of Equality...

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2 Comparative of Equality...

3 Sentenças afirmativas
as + adjetivo + as as tall as as rich as as intelligent as as careful as Paul is John.

4 Sentenças negativas so + adjetivo + as so tall as so rich as so intelligent as so careful as Paul isn’t John.

5 Comparative of Superiority...

6 Adjetivos com até 2 sílabas
Regra geral adjetivo + er + than tall - taller than rich - richer than old - older than

7 Adjetivos terminados em “e”
adjetivo + r + than wide - wider than nice - nicer than fine - finer than

8 Adjetivos terminados em “y”
precedidos de consoante adjetivo - y + ier + than easy - easier than dirty - dirtier than funny - funnier than dry - drier than

9 Adjetivos terminados em “y”
precedidos de vogal adjetivo + er + than gay - gayer than grey - greyer than

10 Adjetivos terminados em “cvc”
cvc = consoante/vogal/consoante adjetivo + 2 x c + er + than hot – hotter than fat – fatter than thin – thinner than

11 Adjetivos longos mais de duas sílabas more + adjetivo + than more intelligent than more complicated than more satisfied than more expensive than

12 Comparative of Inferiority...

13 Adjetivos curtos e longos
less + adjetivo + than tall - less tall than rich - less rich than intelligent - less intelligent than comfortable - less comfortable than

14 1.Complete the sentences using the correct form of the comparative of equality.
Part I a)My brother is________________my sister. (smart) b)Her mother is________________her sister. (beautiful) c)Paul is__________________ Henry. (careful) d)Tim is ________________his cousin. (careless) e)Sam is_________________ Nigel. (calm) f)Nick is _________________ Marlon. (nervous) g)Carol is _________________her aunt. (fat) h)Gene is__________________Richard. (thin) i)Henry is________________his father. (intelligent) j)Mary is_________________Karina. (charming) as smart as as beautiful as as careful as as careless as as calm as as nervous as as fat as as thin as as intelligent as as charming as

15 2.Complete the sentences using the correct form of the comparative of equality.
Part II a)Billy isn't_________________I. (happy) b)Harold isn't _______________Edward. (glad) c)Johnny isn't_________________Albert. (talented) d)Silvia isn't_________________Robert. (interested) e)Meg isn't__________________Paola. (ugly) f)Pamela isn't_____________Alessandra. (sick) g)Patricia isn't _____________Samantha. (tall) h)Francis isn't_________________Sue. (anxious) j)Martha isn't__________________Vera. (satisfied) so happy as so glad as so talented as so interested as so ugly as so sick as so tall as so anxious as so satisfied as

16 3.Fill in the blanks with the comparative of superiority of the adjectives in brackets:
Part I a)John was_________than the rest of the boys. (fat) b)Orange ice-cream is______________than apple ice-cream. (sweet) c)Your hands are__________than hers. (big) d)The bedroom is________________than the bathroom. (small) e)My hair is__________than yours. (grey) f)The slice of cheese is____________than the slice of ham. (thin) g)Susan is ________________than my daughter. (short) h)This actor is______________than that one. (tall) i)This film is ______________than that play. (funny) j)This building is _____________than your house. (high) fatter sweeter bigger smaller greyer thinner shorter taller funnier higher

17 4.Fill in the blanks with the comparative of superiority of the adjectives in brackets:
Part II a)I thought Sue was________________than my brother. (curious) b)I received a book________________than this one. (expensive ) c)Physics is__________________than Chemistry. (difficult) d)My teacher's house was ________________ than mine. (comfortable) e)Peter is__________________than the other boys. (sensitive) f)This subject is much ______________ than the previous one. (important) g)Your father is_____________than his brother. (careful) h)I need someone __________________ than your sister. (intelligent) i)He is________________now than he was few hours ago. (nervous) j)Some people are ______________ than others. (talented) more curious more expensive more difficult more comfortable more sensitive more important more careful more intelligent more nervous more talented

18 Superlative of Superiority...

19 Adjetivos com até 2 sílabas
Regra geral the + adjetivo + est tall - the tallest rich - the richest old - the oldest

20 Adjetivos terminados em “e”
the + adjetivo + st wide - the widest nice - the nicest fine - the finest

21 Adjetivos terminados em “y”
precedidos de consoante the + adjetivo - y + iest easy - the easiest dirty - the dirtiest funny - the funniest dry - the driest

22 Adjetivos terminados em “y”
precedidos de vogal the + adjetivo + est gay - the gayest grey - the greyest

23 Adjetivos terminados em “cvc”
cvc = consoante/vogal/consoante the + adjetivo + 2 x c + est hot - the hottest fat - the fattest thin - the thinnest

24 Adjetivos longos mais de duas sílabas the most + adjetivo the most intelligent the most complicated the most satisfied the most expensive

25 Superlative of Inferiority...

26 Adjetivos curtos e longos
the least + adjetivo tall - the least tall rich - the least rich intelligent - the least intelligent comfortable - the least comfortable

27 Irregular forms good (bom) bad (mau) far (longe) far (adicional) old (velho) better than worse than farther than further than older than elder (2) the best the worst the farthest the furthest the oldest eldest (several)

28 “Farther (farthest)” ou “further (furthest)” refere-se à distância...
San Francisco is farther (further) than Boston. I'm going to the farthest (furthest) city in the state. “Further” pode significar também adicional ou extra... I want further information about the job. (extra) She gave me further details about the case. (extra)

29 “Elder” e “eldest” referem-se a membros de uma família e não podem ser usados na comparação com than. My elder sister is older than your mother. The eldest daughter is Sarah.

30 1.Complete the sentences with the correct form of the superlative of superiority.
Part I a)She works too hard. I believe she is the ____________woman in town. (busy) b)Among all the boys at the party he was the__________of all. (fat) c)Peter was the_________________boy of all. (strong) d)That street is the ________________in the city. (wide) e)Anne is the_____________girl in the school. (pretty) f)English is one of the ___________ languages in the world. (easy) g)I have one of the____________babies in the world. (nice) h)She is the ________girl I know. (thin) i)Peter is the___________boy I have ever met. (tall) j)Which is the_________way to get there? (quick) busiest fattest strongest widest prettiest easiest nicest thinnest tallest quickest

31 2.Complete the sentences with the correct form of the superlative of superiority.
Part II a)This subject is the _______________ of all. (difficult) b)That couch was the ________________ of the house. (comfortable) c)Bring me the__________________exercise of the book. (complicated) d)He is the ___________________person I know. (intelligent) e)This tea is the_______________. (tasteful) f)This car is one of the ________________ cars I’ve ever seen. (expensive) g)She is the _____________woman I know. (reliable) h)Mary is very beautiful besides she is the _____________ girl in the world. (charming) i)Be careful! This street is the_________________street in this city. (dangerous) j)Great party ! It was one of the _______________ parties I’ve ever seen. (interesting) most difficult most comfortable most complicated most intelligent most tasteful most expensive most reliable most charming most dangerous most interesting

32 3.Fill in the blanks with “better”, “worse”, “best” or “worst” .
a)Brazil produced the_________coffee in the world. (good) b)The climate in sunny Rio is _________ than in Palmas in the Winter. (good) c)Copper is a _______ conductor of electricity than other metals. (good) d)This newspaper is bad, and that one is even________. It's the______ newspaper in the city. (bad) e)That man is very bad. He is __________ than any other man I know. (bad) f)Sam is a good man. He is ______ than any other man in the city. He is the ____ of all. (good) g)John is a bad student, but Henry is even_______. (bad) h)The beer is awful. Don't you have any ______ beer? (good) i)I need a good car. Among those cars, which is the_____? (good) j)I didn't like the play. It was the ______ of all. (bad) best better better worse worst worse better best worse better best worst

33 4.Fill in the blanks with “further”, “farther” and “farthest”.
a)My sister lives far from the school, Sarah lives any_______. b)Sam lives the________of all. c)She got _______ information about this subject last week. (extra) d)She shouldn't have________illusions about him. (extra) e)My teacher lives __________than my brother. f)She promised to give me________details about the case later. (extra) g)I think she's going to need ________ help with her project. (extra) h)The _________ city is about 30km away. i)Don't go any_______. It may be dangerous. j)Don't go now. I need _______details about the project. (extra) farther farthest further further farther further further farthest farther further

34 Test 1 (UFPR) - Check the right alternative: a)shorter; bigger than
Mary is_____________her brother but her feet are____________. a)shorter; bigger than b)so short as; bigger c)shorter than; bigger d)shortest; biggest e)the shortest; biger Test 1

35 Test 2 (OSEC) – The alternative that completes the sentence below…
We live_________you. We live in Osasco. a)further b)farther than c)farther d)far e)farthest Test 2

36 Test 3 (UFPR) – Choose the alternative that completes correctly
the sentence below. Do you think the play was_______than the film? a)more worse b)more bad c)badder than d)worse e)as bad Test 3

37 (PUC - PR) - Choose the only correct alternative to complete the spaces:
I – The United States is not ______________ as Brazil. II - The Everest is ___________ mountain in the world. III - Chimpanzees are ____________ than dogs. IV - Aids is _____________ disease of human being. V - Mike Tyson is _________ as Evander Holyfield. a) as beautiful - the higher - so intelligent - the bad - more strong b) more beautiful - the most high - as intelligent - the baddest - so strong c) so beautiful - the high - most intelligent - the badder - stronger d) so beautiful - the highest - more intelligent - the worst - as strong e) as beautiful - as highest - more intelligent - the worst - strongest Test 4

38 (PUCCAMP) - Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche corretamente as lacunas da frase apresentada. Mr. Smith: I'm sorry, Mr. Johnson. I believe the candidate you sent us will not suit our purposes. We need somebody than he. - Mr. Johnson: In that case I would suggest Miss Cary. She's definitely the person in our group. a) smarter - most intelligent b) smart - intelligent c) smartest - more intelligent d) as smart - as intelligent e) as smart - as intelligent as Test 5

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