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Spanish culinary Paella C.E.I.P. LOS ALMENDROS.

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1 Spanish culinary Paella C.E.I.P. LOS ALMENDROS


3 In Spain,there are many typical dishes and all of them use Mediterranean ingredients

4 Cocido

5 Spanish omelette

6 Ham

7 Embutidos (stuffed meat)

8 Gazpacho

9 Turrón (Nougat candy)

10 Let us talk about paella, one of the most famous dishes from Spain.

11 Paella is a very typical dish in Spain. It comes from the region of Valencia, but people eat this dish throughout all the country.

12 Its main ingredient is rice, and there are many different types of paella.

13 Its name comes from the frying pan used to prepare it. It was called patella in Latin. The frying pan is made of iron. It is not deep and it has a wide surface, and it can have two or more handles

14 The traditional Valencian paella is made of rice, vegetables and meat (chicken, rabbit, duck or snails). Spices are very important to give paella its typical taste: saffron, paprika, rosemary, parsley, and clove

15 There are also other kinds of paella, such as the seafood paella, the mixed paella, or the vegetables paella


17 People from small villages like to prepare big paellas to share with their neighbours

18 Mixed Paella Recipe: Ingredients: Rice (600g)Colouring Clams (500g)Parsley Prawns (300g)Chicken (800g) 2 tomatoesSquids (200g) 1 Green pepper1 Small onion 2 Cloves of garlicGreen Pies (150g) 2 Red peppersSaffron (10 threads) SaltOlive oil (1/2 a cup)

19 How to cook it: Wash the clams in cold salted water and open them in a pan with ½ l of water. Drain the liquid and and save the clams and the stock separate. Wash the peppers and cut them. Wash and cut the chicken. Wash the squids and cut them in strips. Peel the prawns and boil the heads and the skin for 10 minutes. Drain the stock and save it. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and fry the chicken

20 Add the squids and sauté them for 2 minutes Add the onion cut in very small pieces, the peppers, the green beans, and the peeled tomatoes Fry the mixture lightly for 15 minutes Add the rice, move it and add the hot stock of the prawns and clams. Add more water until there is the double of water than rice Add the garlic, the parsley, the saffron and the colouring and cook it for 10 minutes over a high heat Turn the heat down and cook for 6-7 minutes At the end, add the prawns and the clams Let it settle for 3-4 minutes and serve

21 We are willing to offer you a good homemade paella when you come to Spain.

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