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CO SOC Collaborative A CO SOC Expansion Grant Partner.

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1 CO SOC Collaborative A CO SOC Expansion Grant Partner

2 Who We Are! We were formed by the Project BLOOM SOC Grant in the Spring of 2003. Our purpose was and continues to be to provide a framework for a CO System of Care. Moving towards a more integrated and coordinated system of care for Colorado’s children, youth and families.

3 At our table. Family members Family-Driven Organizations Youth State agency and provider partners County agency and provider partners Family Advocates

4 What we are recommending. 1.Moving forward, formalize the role of the CO SOC Collaborative to serve as a clearing house for SOC resources.  Enhance and expand the current SOC Collaborative Website.  Prepare and post SOC Primer modules for an on-line training curriculum.

5 SOC Primer Modules Short-term Plan Focus on 2 modules: 1.Cultural Responsiveness- Inserting webinars and other SOC Expansion Grant resources. 2.Family and Youth Involvement Long-range Recommendation Create modules on the other SOC Primer sections. Integrate expertise of SOC Collaborative partners and 8 SOC Expansion Grant communities.

6 Family and Youth Involvement Family Involvement Ensuring that family members, family advocates, family- organization representative and youth are treated with dignity and respect and that their participation is encouraged and valued. Including: 1.Clearly defined roles and expectations. 2.Address: 1.Meeting notification 2.Reimbursement practices 3.Using measurement tools to monitor progress, impact and challenges.

7 Recommendation 2: Social Marketing Plan Short-Term Plan 1.Disseminate info from the Orlando Training Institutes 2.Review Collaborative’s 1 st E-Newsletter 3.Market Primer modules Long-Term Plan 1.Use multiple methods to inform and educate about SOC goals, principles and practices. 2.Showcase SOC resources and info state-wide 3.Disseminate SOC outcome data

8 Challenges and Lessons Learned NEED FOR PROTOCOLS: Notification Reimbursement Communication Inclusion in planning and training opportunities Sharing information Discussion: 1.What do you want to see included in the SOC Primer modules? 2.Give us your thoughts on how to make information easily accessible. 3.Your ideas on: Family and Youth Involvement Social Marketing Plan Using the Collaborative in the most effective and beneficial way.

9 SOC Expansion Grant Advisory Committee SOC Advisory Committee: *Linda Leeper,; *Mae Washam,; Libby Stoddard (FFCMHCC); Norm Kirsch (CDHS); Jose Esquibel (CDPHE); Margie Grimsley (FFCMHCC) (m_g); * (also Design Team Representatives)

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