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CU Difference Committee September 21, 2010 Michigan Credit Union League.

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1 CU Difference Committee September 21, 2010 Michigan Credit Union League

2 Web/Phone Conference Guidelines Muting and Unmuting A.On the phone, participants can mute their own lines by pressing *6 B.Unmute your line by pressing #6 C.Please do not place your phone on hold i.Other participants will hear on-hold messages/music

3 Agenda I.Call to Order/Roll Call II.Meeting Minutes – June 2, 2010 III.Reports A. CU Difference Committee Chairman Darren Cameron IV.Informational Items A. Spring Campaign Wrap-Up B. Fall Campaign C. Research D. 2011 Campaign E. Fundraising F. 2010 Meeting Dates V.Adjournment

4 Call to Order/Roll Call - Minutes - Reports I.Call to Order/Roll Call II.Meeting Minutes – June 2, 2010 III.Reports A. CU Difference Committee Chairman Darren Cameron

5 IV. Informational Items/Spring Campaign DMA Beginning Account BalanceInterest 2010 Contributions (includes Rebates) Matching Funds from MCUL Total Media Budget Alpena $4,286 $5 $14,901 $34,094 Cass/Berrien $1,087 $1 $11,303 $23,694 Detroit $31,433 $76 $357,724 $356,724 $745,958 Detroit/Lenawee$0 $5,917 $11,834 Flint $47,243 $55 $161,157 $155,793 $364,249 GR $22,324 $45 $198,378 $419,125 Lansing $27,641 $32 $85,062 $197,797 Marquette $8,713 $15 $50,515 $48,301 $107,544 Traverse City $2,212 $8 $53,310 $108,840 TOTAL $938,268 $929,691 $2,013,134

6 IV. Informational Items/Spring Campaign DMA Amount Raised Total Spent TV/Cable Weeks Radio Weeks 4th of July Sponsorships Alpena $34,094$34,08488 Cass/Berrien $23,694$23,39688 Detroit $745,958 88yes Lenawee $11,834$11,567--8 Flint $364,249$361,06113 yes Grand Rapids $419,125 99yes Lansing $197,797$197,18177yes Marquette $107,544$102,67599yes Traverse City $108,840$105,21288 Total $2,013,134 $1,999,437

7 IV. Informational Items/Chapter Participation ChapterAffiliated CUsCUs PaidTotal PaidParticipation Battle Creek75$39,91471% Blue Ox98$50,68389% Downriver1810$26,59556% Flint125$28,39742% Grand River2715$73,99156% Huron Valley81$4,00013% Jackson76$14,58886% Kalamazoo148$32,86657% Lansing118$72,39173% Metro East3919$88,00749% Metro West2311$97,57948% Mid-Michigan2521$111,57884% Moon228$51,60836% Oakland County2818$145,54364% Paul Bunyan123$30,05325% Southwestern65$11,30383% Upper Peninsula3123$59,17174% TOTAL299174$938,26858%

8 IV. Informational Items/Fall Campaign A.MCUL & Affiliates is funding a fall advertising campaign B.CU branding messages part of campaign focused on Sprint and Save to Win C.Not part of CU Difference Campaign; no CU funding being used D.Michigan Fall Campaign 1.Radio a.Save to Win b.Invest in America – Sprint focus 2.Out Of Home (Val-pak mailers and solo cards) a.Save to Win

9 IV. Informational Items/Fall Campaign E.National Digital Campaign 1.Display ads, targeted by: a.Behavior – Consumers that are in-market for new cars, cell phones, shopping and financial services b.Context – Consumers seeking information on mortgages, loans, investing and financial news (Yahoo and AOL) c.Repeat visitors – Retarget users who visited the site previously d.Niche sites –,, 2.Streaming Radio during key daypart 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 3.Search a.Google, Yahoo and Bing b.Strategic keyword and copy mix c.Paid search ads

10 IV. Informational Items/Scripts “Invest in America—Sprint” – :60 Radio VO: Everybody knows it’s good to support American companies—it’s good for the economy, it’s good for your community, and now, it’s good for you, too. It’s a program called Invest in America—with special savings just for credit union members. With Invest in America, credit union members get big discounts when they buy goods and services from American companies. Like Sprint, based in Kansas City, home to America’s only 4G Network--where you can save up to 10% on your monthly bill, plus other discounts. The great thing about Invest in America is you don’t have to go out of your way to save—you save on the things you buy every day and the bills you pay every month, like your wireless bill. And keeping your money close to home, where it can do the most good. When you join a credit union, you don’t just save your money. You own your money. Join the 5,000 people who join a credit union every day. Finding one is easy at Federally insured by the NCUA.

11 IV. Informational Items/Scripts “Save to Win” – :60 Radio VO: If you belong to a big bank, you probably participate in some kind of rewards program. And they all pretty much work the same way: they reward you for spending your money. The more you spend, the bigger the rewards. At credit unions, we do things a little differently. We don’t just reward you for spending. We actually reward you for saving, too. It’s a program we call Save to Win. Simply visit a participating credit union. Start saving with as little as $25. And you’ll be entered to win up to $100,000. What happens if you don’t win? Are you out $25? Quite the contrary. Your account is $25 richer. And every $25 deposit is another entry to win. You can earn up to 10 entries per month. At that rate, you’ll be paying yourself a bundle. A lot of savings. And a lot more chances to win a whole lotta money. This year’s Save to Win drawing runs through December 31 st, 2010 with our Grand Prize drawing in January, 2011. Don’t just save your money. Own your money. For more information, visit

12 IV. Informational Items/Val-Pak

13 IV. Informational Items/Web banners

14 Versions for Chevrolet, Buick and GMC

15 IV. Informational Items/Web banners


17 IV. Informational Items/Research A.Online survey deployed in August 1.Online interviews conducted August 20 to August 30 2.850 Michigan residents responded a.419 bank customers b.409 credit union members c.24 unbanked B.Final results expected in October 1.Plan to present results at November CU Difference Committee meeting

18 IV. Informational Items/2011 Campaign A.Spring campaign, roughly April to June B.$1 million matching funds submitted as part of budget 1. Approval expected December/January C.Planning to use same theme as 2010 1.Same TV and radio spots 2.Possibly new radio spots D.Working on revamp of 1.To be launched January 1 2.Own Your Money theme E.Is new collateral needed? 1. Will you use it? 2.What’s target demographic? Focus on members or non-members? F.Hopeful that we will run another supplemental campaign in fall 2011

19 IV. Informational Items/Fundraising A.October budget email 1.From CU Difference Committee Chairman and/or members 2.Asks CUs to consider CUD funding during budget planning B.Membership packet 1.Contribution request on dues invoice 2.Separate letter for CU Difference campaign a.Personalized with amount due and how to pay b.Details of media plan 3.Executive summary of the research results (1-2 pages) C.December email 1.Committee members talk about why their CUs support CU Difference campaign, both with contributions and their time commitment

20 IV. Informational Items/Fundraising D.January weekly emails 1.Different focus each week, 4 great reasons to support the campaign a.Jan. 7 – Reason #1: We know credit unions are the best choice, but there are many misperceptions out there. Let’s challenge those misperceptions with our facts b.Jan. 14 – #2: Statewide advertising can take a lot of pressure off your marketing budget. c.Jan. 21 – #3: Cost to each CU is unbelievably low. You pay what you can afford, and get much more TV and radio exposure than you could ever dream of. d.Jan. 28 – #4: Since we started advertising just five years ago, we’ve changed many minds about credit unions (cite some research stats) e.Feb. 4 – To all CUs. Amount raised and thank you to supporters

21 IV. Informational Items/Fundraising E.Talk to your colleagues at Chapter Meetings and other events F.Contact Maureen Lafrinere ( or your League Rep with any questions or G.Remember January 31 deadline for contributions H.Thanks for your support!

22 Remaining 2010 Meeting Dates Wednesday, November 10, 2010 V.Adjournment IV. Informational Items

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