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EXtreme Learning eXtreme Learning - XL Duncan Smeed

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1 eXtreme Learning eXtreme Learning - XL Duncan Smeed

2 eXtreme Learning eXtreme Learning - XL What? Why? How? When? Issues?

3 eXtreme Learning XL - What? Term coined after eXtreme Programming (XP) XP is a design technique for the rapid design/prototyping/implementation of software Can XL learn lessons from XP? I terms of… –Collaboration within the ‘team’ –Rapid creation of (links to) content –Communication –Rapid feedback/amendments –…more points at

4 eXtreme Learning …XL - What? Aims and Objectives of the XL Project: Aims: –To involve students at Dunbar Grammar School in a web-based collaborative project, which will extend and challenge them. –To develop methodologies for incorporating web- logging into the teaching and learning environment. –To produce a report/templates for other schools. –To provide a relevant context for students to develop writing skills.

5 eXtreme Learning …XL - What? Objectives: By engaging in Extreme Learning Projects students will develop the following skills and personal qualities: 1.web-based research; 2.weblogging; design; 4.independent work; 5.teamwork; 6.collaborative planning; 7.adopting differing roles; 8.writing skills; 9.time management; 10.awareness of alternative points of view.

6 eXtreme Learning XL - Why? See Aims and Objectives ;-) Enthusiasm –Project champions –Students –Staff –Parents Effective use of new ICT technologies in a teaching and learning context

7 eXtreme Learning XL - How? Pilot Project –Human element: Students Staff Parents –Technological element: Weblogging using a Content Management System –[Weblogging presentation if there's time] Web Server plus CMS Software –[Demo if there's time]

8 eXtreme Learning XL - When? ASAP!? Action plan for the Pilot Project Server and CMS software can be set up within a short space of time Projects identified, allocated, and started

9 eXtreme Learning XL - Issues? Privacy Permissions Public access “It will be critically important that we ensure that students or any other party cannot access these personal portals without a password and a user account.”

10 eXtreme Learning XL - Further Reading See for the discussion that started this all off and a number of links to, for example, other weblogging in schools projects.

11 eXtreme Learning What is a Weblog? Weblogs are often-updated sites that point to articles elsewhere on the web, often with comments, and to on-site articles. A weblog is kind of a continual tour, with a human guide who you get to know. There are many guides to choose from, each develops an audience, and there's also comraderie (sic) and politics between the people who run weblogs, they point to each other, in all kinds of structures, graphs, loops, etc. Source: Dave Winer -

12 eXtreme Learning …Death to Blogs? Continuing to discuss "what is a blog" in technical terms makes the whole thing feel like CB radio. Distributed conversations and the communities that they create/nurture are the killer app of the internet. Let's talk about why that is revolutionary...” Source: Jonathan Peterson -

13 eXtreme Learning Weblogs - Who? Early adopters were avid enthusiasts –Very few weblogs five years ago –Early webloggers often wrote and used their own weblogging systems: These early systems were relatively unsophisticated amounting to little more than front-ends to HTTP and FTP uploaders –Most/all were technologists

14 eXtreme Learning Weblogs - Who? Late adopters are just webloggers –Hundreds of thousands of weblogs currently. –Nowadays most webloggers use a ‘commercial’ weblogging systems - a means to an end, not an end in itself. –Technologists are in the minority having been joined by the likes of: Hobbyists, activists, journalists, novelists, diaryists, egotists –But are all ‘web archaeologists’! Digging up links and summarising, quoting, annotating, and reviewing them are their raison d’etre.

15 eXtreme Learning Weblogs - Why? Weblogs are the ultimate personal publishing system. There are three main reasons why weblogging has mushroomed in the past few years: –Ease of Use –and…

16 eXtreme Learning Weblogs - Where? “Where to Weblog” can be interpreted in several ways: –Where would you need to be to weblog? –Under what circumstances would you weblog?

17 eXtreme Learning …Weblogs - Where? Where would you need to be to weblog? –This depends on the type of weblogging tool you use –Tools basically fall into one of two categories A centralised weblogging system A semi-decentralised weblogging system

18 eXtreme Learning …Weblogs - Where? A centralised weblogging system –Uses a front-end (usually a browser) to a server-hosted, usually dynamically generated, weblog. –Creation, editing, administering, etc.,of weblog posts are server- side operations. –Can be used from any browser, anywhere, anytime. –Potentially lower cost ‘per user’ but issues of load and scalability server-side.

19 eXtreme Learning …Weblogs - Where? A semi-decentralised weblogging system: –A front-end (sometimes a browser) to a client-hosted weblog, that is mirrored (usually as static pages) to, and served from, an ‘upstream’ server. –Creation, editing, administering, etc., of weblog posts are client- side operations. –You need access to the client. Use restricted to when you have access to your own desktop/laptop. –Potentially higher cost ‘per user’ but lower load on server hence better scalability.

20 eXtreme Learning Weblogs - When? Under what circumstances would you weblog? –Whenever you wish to capture some knowledge or information

21 eXtreme Learning Weblogs - Which? There are many popular weblog tools –Blogger - –Conversant - –Movable Type - http://www.movabletype.org –Radio Userland - http://radio.userland.com My favourite is Conversant –See ;-) Not all have the same capabilities/functionality

22 eXtreme Learning Weblogs - Conclusion Weblogs are currently under-rated –Most often dismissed as ‘vanity’ publishing systems Some weblogging systems are, in fact, highly sophisticated personal content management systems Judge for yourself –http://www.weblogs.com Create your own and/or subscribe to mine!

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