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Welcome to STEP Fall 2004 Meeting October 14 and 15, 2004.

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1 Welcome to STEP Fall 2004 Meeting October 14 and 15, 2004

2 Agilent Technologies: Making a Difference Judy Allen Global Account Manager Pat Chapman Ross Global Program Manager Elad Levinson Director of Management & Employee Development

3 Agilent Restricted Page 3 To provide critical enabling technologies to advance the state of the art and help our customers achieve their business results Agilent’s Purpose

4 Agilent Restricted Page 4 Agilent’s Focus Communications Electronics Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis

5 Agilent Restricted Page 5 Agilent’s Core Technologies Communications/ElectronicsLife Sciences/Chemical Analysis Agilent Laboratories Measurement science Electronic circuit and systems design Applications software and solutions integration Radio frequency/microwave components and test Wireless and wireline communications test and components Network optimization and service management Solid-state materials/devices Signal processing, imaging devices Semiconductor test Liquid chromatography Gas chromatography Mass spectrometry Microfluidics Microarrays Informatics Reagents chemistry LC and GC columns

6 Agilent Restricted Page 6 Agilent Around the World Customers in more than 110 countries Global manufacturing and R&D 28,000 employees More than half of revenue generated outside U.S.

7 Agilent Restricted Page 7 Agilent Revenue – FY03 Semiconductor Products $1.6B Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis $1.2B Test and Measurement $2.5B Automated Test $0.8B Agilent Laboratories

8 Agilent Restricted Page 8 Agilent’s Industry-Leading Customers Astra Zeneca Aventis BASF AG Bayer AG Boehringer Ingelheim DuPont Dow Chemical Exxon-Mobil Eli Lilly GlaxoSmithKline Merck Nestle Novartis Pfizer U.S. Army, FDA, EPA, NIH Alcatel Ericsson Fujitsu IBM LG Lockheed Lucent Motorola NEC Nokia Samsung Sprint Verizon Celestica Cisco EMC Hitachi HP Huawei IBM LG Logitech Motorola Nokia Nortel Samsung Siemens Solectron Sony Ericsson Cisco Ericsson Flextronics IBM Motorola Siemens Nokia NVIDIA Philips Qualcomm Solectron Samsung STMicroelectronics Toshiba TSMC Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis Test and Measurement Semiconductor Products Automated Test

9 Agilent Restricted Page 9 Agilent’s History Agilent dates back to the earliest days of Hewlett-Packard, which started as a test and measurement company in 1939. Agilent embodies historical commitment to innovation and contribution, uncompromising integrity, teamwork, trust and respect for the individual. Agilent’s headquarters is the site of the first HP headquarters.

10 Agilent Restricted Page 10 Agilent Sparks… Agilent’s products, solutions and technologies help improve the quality of people’s lives in many ways. We help make the world safer, healthier, more connected, more productive and more fun. We do this by providing key technologies that help customers create great products.

11 Agilent Restricted Page 11 Agilent Sparks Safety

12 Agilent Restricted Page 12 Agilent Helps Make the World Safer What we do: We contribute to homeland security through biological and chemical detection; help make computer networks secure; contribute to the purity of food, water and air; and help keep highways safe. How we do it: Agilent test systems; components and network assurance systems; instruments and solutions for chemical analysis

13 Agilent Restricted Page 13 Agilent Sparks Health

14 Agilent Restricted Page 14 Agilent Helps Make the World Healthier What we do: We advance disease research and drug development How we do it: Agilent microarray- based solutions for gene expression; GC-, LC- and MS-based solutions for proteomics research, drug development and manufacturing quality assurance/control

15 Agilent Restricted Page 15 Agilent Sparks Connections

16 Agilent Restricted Page 16 Agilent Helps Make the World More Connected What we do: We help make possible advanced capabilities in wireless, wireline, broadband and IP-based communications; imaging; network and services assurance How we do it: Agilent components, OSS solutions, communications network test systems

17 Agilent Restricted Page 17 Agilent Sparks Productivity

18 Agilent Restricted Page 18 Agilent Helps Make the World More Productive What we do: We help make computers, printers and networks faster, more powerful and efficient. How we do it: Our ASICs, test systems and components are used by industry leaders in computing and networking.

19 Agilent Restricted Page 19 Agilent Sparks Fun

20 Agilent Restricted Page 20 Agilent Helps Make the World More Fun What we do: We help enable the design, testing and manufacturing of a wide range of consumer electronics products. How we do it: Components, automated test systems, communications test systems

21 Agilent Restricted Page 21 We help make the world safer, healthier, more connected, more productive and more fun. Agilent’s Contributions to a Better World

22 Agilent Restricted Page 22

23 Agilent Restricted Page 23

24 Agilent Restricted Page 24 Agilent 2005 People Priority Cause a breakthrough in the employee experience at Agilent Leadership: Ensure powerful leadership Learning: Make learning a key differentiator at Agilent Connection: Increase employees’ feeling of connection to Agilent, its leaders & each other

25 Agilent Restricted Page 25 HR FY05 Key Results Objectives Results Objective #1 - Leadership Talent To ensure Agilent has best-in-industry leaders in critical positions Results Objective #2 - Performance Management & Reward To have people fully using their capabilities & talents to achieve business results, & receiving rewards and consequences for those results

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