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User Services Transition To XD TG Quarterly Management Meeting, San Juan 12/7/2010 Amit & Sergiu.

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1 User Services Transition To XD TG Quarterly Management Meeting, San Juan 12/7/2010 Amit & Sergiu

2 Frontline Support Tasks Prompt and successful resolution of complex user problems –For issues specific to 1 RP, share best practices and salient lessons across all RPs –Diagnose and handle cross-RP issues (“UST Tickets”) User Engagement –Contact management application linked to TGCDB –Make every user contact a mutual learning experience –Feed user concerns, experiences and suggestions into the TeraGrid management and infrastructure system –Be the users’ advocates and agents in the TeraGrid organization –Coordinate user surveys and other formal instruments

3 Advanced Support for TeraGrid Applications ASTAs initiated based on TRAC recommendation – –In POPS users check off ASTA box and writes ASTA justification –Allocation coordinator sends the final Excel doc of each TRAC review with ASTA recommendation score to AUS area director –Jointly with, with AUS POCs, AUS area director selects the best ASTA team for a project; informs AUS staff; informs the PI ASTA info (short description, PIs/students names, AUS staff name etc.) maintained in a (Liferay managed) public doc for everybody (edited by AUS area director) – part of this is private – (page not perfect) Recently in POPS there is a mechanism to request a “transfer” (done by Amit currently) to record (initiate/end) ASTA projects –This allows queries on ASTA PIs

4 ASTAs Most ASTAs have start/end dates matching TRAC quarters Startup/ Supplementals have different start/end dates Many ASTAs have staff from multiple sites in the team About 45 ASTAs active – some more active than others (TG quarterly report has accurate detail) –Some cases PIs are less responsive –ASTA allocation news posted every quarter before TRAC due date –In addition there are Science Gateways, some additional viz 11 ASTA requests (10 – 15 typical) for Dec TRAC

5 Advanced Support Projects webpage Liferay managed doc page contains –Useful detailed benchmark results (plots, viz etc.) of different size problems, some analysis, installation/compilation info, job submission info of molecular dynamics, materials science codes on current/past machines – useful info for users and TRAC reviewers –Info on performance tools usage/tutorials From NICS - a software and associated database to monitor libraries being used by users In progress Hybrid programming model doc PGAS work at TACC

6 AUS Technical talks and Meeting Minutes (Readytalk audio, slides on TGwiki) Very good collection of technical talks since Oct, 2008 (bi-weekly) – has wealth of good technical information for both AUS staff and users Access via TeraGrid wiki; the actual Readytalk audio files exit on Amit’s SDSC filespace (since keeping within Readytalk was very expensive) AUS management, meeting minutes, ASP meeting minutes etc. in detail in TGwiki

7 Transition Thoughts (1) These tasks must be carried out throughout 2011 without bumps visible to any user, while the infrastructure changes behind the curtain. TG User Interaction Council must enter discussions with XD team as soon as is practical. To discuss with CMS: –Allocation (associated ASTA) process changes? Timeline? –Central Helpdesk process changes? Timeline? –Frontline support coordination plans? Timeline? –Preservation of AUS performance info and tech talks? –Preservation of contact management application? To discuss with CMS/TAS/TIS: –Who will organize the 2011 User Survey? When?

8 Transition Thoughts (2) To discuss with AUSS: –Composition of teams assigned to ASTA projects that must be completed during the overlap period, or later. –What to do with the ASP projects (wind-down, hand- over) –Timeline for switching these ongoing projects to the XD AUSS management process? To discuss with TEOS: –Staffing of ASEOT projects undertaken to be performed during the overlap period, or later?

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