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ZZ SPECTRUM INC.  Ignacio Holguin, Felipe Serrano, Sara corral & Martina Dousdebes. 1 ZZ SPECTRUM INC.

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1 ZZ SPECTRUM INC.  Ignacio Holguin, Felipe Serrano, Sara corral & Martina Dousdebes. 1 ZZ SPECTRUM INC.


3 Our Company Our company is only focused on our costumers happiness. We are concerned on every need they have so they can be satisfied with the product they buy. 3

4 What Are Radio Waves? Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation waves that have wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum that are longer than infrared light. Radio waves have frequencies from 300 GHz to as low as 3 kHz, and wavelengths ranging from 1 millimeter to 100 kilometers. Like all other electromagnetic waves they travel at the speed of light. 4

5 2 Of Our Radio Products  Signal Trans. PRO  The signal Trans Pro is a portable smart device able to reproduce any TV, radio or live transmission. You just browse the name and place of the emission, like USA fl. DIRECTV channel 314 or Ecuador, Quito radio channel Fm 101.7 and play the transmitted media immediately in the 8inches screen of your signal Trans Pro. Your entertainment at only $650.   About: The signal Trans Pro can receive Radio Wave from 3,000 Hz and 30,000,000,000 from any place. The content of the signal you receive with your signal Trans Pro is not property of the company and has nothing to do with it. 1 hour of charging is needed. Charger included.  Warning: Navigate at your own Risk: The content of the signal you receive with your signal Trans Pro is not property of the company and has nothing to do with it.  The advanced signal Trans Pro can receive Radio Waves from 3,000 Hz and 30,000,000,000 which can be harmful in excess of use.  Charger included and can be used with any voltage. 5

6 2 product  Message.PRSNmove APK  Ever wondered of teleporting yourself? Yeah, many have, portals, machines, cabins and much more many options to do it…. But no one thought of this particular idea:  Now with message.PRSNmove you can do it but not how you actually thought of it, you will actually convert yourself to a (your name).PRSN file and send yourself as a message through radio waves to any coordinate. Its fast, it’s easy. You only have to download message.PRSNmove.apk and once it’s installed you can just create a new message, where the phone number is supposed to go write the exact coordinates to where you are going to go, put the reason of traveling (work or vacation) in subject and in the content put attach files,.PRSN file, put your name in the textbox that will appear and press send. You will automatically be scanned by the frontal camera of your cell phone and sent by radio waves just like a message to anywhere you required. Buy the app on the release day at only $850, later cost $900  About: Travel at your own risk. Only works with cell phones that have frontal camera. It can be downloaded from any app market. This app only transports people and takes care of no legal rights or anything once in another place.  Warning: The message.PRSNmove only moves people to the required places and does not take care of safety or rights in the location you require to go to. When you agree to be attached and sent as a file, you agree to be transported by 30,000,000,000Hz at its determined speed. If you forget to put location you will disappear to unknown dimensions. If you misspell the subject (name and reason of traveling) your destiny can be accidentally arranged. 

7 What Are Microwaves? Microwaves are radio waves with wavelengths ranging from as long as one meter to as short as one millimeter, or equivalently, with frequencies between 300 MHz (0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz. 7

8 2 Of Our Microwaves Products Microwave oven: ZZmicroven of stainless steal. Features a convenient Cooking Control, Auto And Time Defrost Two Speed, 300 CFM Venting System and an removable oven rack that makes multi-dish cooking possible. ($249) Cellular: ZZphone Z IV features: a larger display, a faster chip, the latest wireless technology, a 10 MP camera, and more. All in a beautiful aluminum body designed and made with an unprecedented level of precision. ($699) 8

9 What Are Infrared Lights? Infrared (IR) lights are electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than visible light. It's wavelengths corresponds to a frequency range of approximately 430 down to 1 THz, that includes most of the thermal radiation emitted by objects on a room temperature. Infrared light is emitted or absorbed by molecules when they change their rotational-vibrational movements. The existence of infrared radiation was first discovered in 1800 by astronomer William Herschel. 9

10 2 Of Our Infrared Products Infrared rays have a higher frequency and shorter wavelength than radio waves. This product will consist to make a oven not a normal oven. It will have a lot of beneficial things. Some of they are: the oven can be always turned up but it dosent make any damage at all. It is special because you can put any thing you can or want to recycle. There are some botons were you decide wheather cupcake or cake. In the inside of this machine there is the infrared part, instead of wating a lot of time wating for the rays to cook it. We onley need 5 minutes the infrared rays act in instant moments. And becaause the space is so small it concentrate more and be ready faster. (45.99) 10

11 2 product  This product will consist to do a radar, it will not be the ones that the police use. The ones that the police use are for controlling the speed of each car. The one that the company will create is a radar that will make us the world easier this will be a radar that will help us find our things. This means that everything you have will have a chip and so there if you lost it there you will find it rapidly. This will help you with your life. (69.99)

12 What Is Visible Light? Visible light (commonly referred as light) is electromagnetic radiation that is visible for humans eyes. It's responsible for the sense of sight.Visible light has a wavelength in the range of about 380 nanometres to about 740 nm – between the invisible infrared, with longer wavelengths and the invisible ultraviolet, with shorter wavelengths. 12

13 2 Of Our Visible Light Products Color: we sell color for blind people, thanks to ZZCOLOR now blind people can see. All the people that have tried it had loved it. Has no side effects. Try it, if you can't see this opportunity is colorful for you. (Prices vary depending on the person) Light: We sell electric bulbs that consume half the energy of others. Our light bulbs have a life of 10 years of usage on an unbelievable price of only ($99.99) per lightbulb. You would have 3 times more light than with regular light bulbs and they last 10 years of being turn on. Don't miss this opportunity to be illuminated. 13

14 What Is Ultraviolet Light? Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than visible light, but longer than X- rays, that is in the range 10 nm to 400 nm, corresponding to photon energies from 3 eV to 124 eV. It is so-named because the spectrum consists of electromagnetic waves with frequencies higher than those that humans identify as the color violet. These frequencies are invisible to humans, but visible to a number of insects and birds 14

15 2 Of Our Ultraviolet Products  Sterilizer Door  The sterilizer door is a system you can install in any door and won’t be even noticed physically but yes it will be noticed in terms of health. This special door system emits UV rays at a frequency between 7.5 x 10 14 Hz and 3 x 10 16 Hz, fast enough for them to be able to kill 99.9% of the bacteria on your body in the time you go through the door every time you do it. Be clean, be healthy and install by only $22 monthly for the time of installation (365 days).  About: Cleans bacteria and maintains you healthy. Only works for the door it is installed in and the cost for more installations are individual. If you have already a system installed in one area, check for our offers and sales. Recommended by specialists.  Warning: The excessive exposure to 7.5 x 10 14 Hz UV rays can be harmful. It is recommended to be exposed to this system no more than 4 times a day for the time it takes to walk through a door.  15

16 2 product  UcaseV (UV)  The UcaseV (UV) cell phone case is a special case that now has you only $10 of knowing who touches your cell phone. The UcaseV looks like a perfectly normal case, but it’s not. By only pressing a little button in the top left side of the case, this will cause the case to emit a UV light that clearly points out all digital prints that have touched the case and thanks to the trademarks deal with CIA, it will immediately show you the basic info of the person that touched your cell phone (name, last name, age) unless it is an observation person in the CIA, FBI or police list.  About: The case costs $10 for buying, but additional $5 every year for confirmation of use and buying rights of people’s info. The company does not guarantee the security of your cell phone with this case. This case emits a frequency between 7.5 x 10 14 Hz and 3 x 10 16 Hz.  Warning: Any contact with the police or other federal agencies because of any individual that has touched your case should not involve the company. We do not guarantee security, we can only tell you who has touched the case, not specifically the phone. 

17 What are X-Rays? X- radiation (composed of X-rays) are a form of electromagnetic radiation. X-rays have a wavelength in the range of 0.01 to 10 nanometers, that correspond to frequencies in the range 30 petahertz to 30 exahertz (3×1016 Hz to 3×1019 Hz) and energies in the range 100 eV to 100 keV. The wavelengths are shorter than those of UV rays and longer than of gamma rays. 17

18 2 Of Our X-Ray Products X-rays: Our ZZxrays are the best ones of the market because of the rays the emit. Our X-rays are the fastest ones and the ones with less margin error. ($2500) CT Scan: Our ZT scan is the newest and has the best technology of the market. It can see all the body at the same time and on a record time: 30 seconds. Also is the most comfortable of all the CT scans ever built. ($30,000) we sell the CT scan. 18

19 What Are Gamma Rays? Gamma rays are electromagnetic radiation of high frequency and high energy per photon. Gamma rays are ionizing radiation, and they are biologically dangerous. Gamma rays have the shortest wavelength and highest frequency of all light waves. 19

20 2 Of Our Gamma Rays Products  Gamma rays have the shortest wavelength and highest frequency of all light waves. Their energy is so powerful that it can penetrate almost everything and this wave can only be found in space since the ozone protect us from it.We thought that we already achieve everything; that we made all the things that seem impossible for us and that we couldn't change the world anymore; but here we are with the future in our hands and achieving what we thought it was impossible and creating new elements that can change our world and the people that surround us. Our company found a way to use gamma rays in things so it can help our community get better. We had made a product that can help the world use a more effective energy source. We call this "the pocket star" which looks like a flask but the interesting part is that this container that looks normal can catch gamma rays and store them in the jar. this product works like this:  1st: let the flask 1 to 2 hours in a night full of stars. (The top of the flask has a detector that will emit a sound when the container is full of gamma rays)  2nd: open the container in front of a light bulb and the bottom of the flask will tell you when the jar has transmitted all the energy to the light bulb  3rd: you will see that even though you just transmitted energy through just one light bulb, all the light bulbs that you have in your house will be full of light too as well as all your technological elements in your house and you will see that this source of energy is so powerful that will last forever 20

21 2 product  204-3000-8231  Call now to this number and you will get one free plus a discount on our new product called the "killer gamma gamma" which is a machine used by doctors specialized in brain tumors. It looks like a computer and in the back of the computer there are two cables that at the end look like headphones and what the patient do is put those "head phones" on and on the screen of the computer the doctor can locate the brain tumors and what the headphones do is burn the tumors without damaging your brains  be careful docs because if your not it can cause:  The tumors to grow faster and even multiply themselves  Blindness  Deafness  Kill very important cells of your brain  Incapacity  Even death :) :)  Please call us because we are the best company specialized in new discoveries to make our world a better place to live

22 Analyze and Conclude 1. An engineer needs some electromagnetic waves to detect cracks in the joints of an oil pipeline. Which types of waves would you recommend? Explain your choice. I would recommend him to use radar (radio detection and ranging) to detect cracks in the joints of an oil pipeline because radar is used to determine an objects’ location, altitude, direction, and or speed. This would definitive help determine the joints of the crack on an oil pipeline. 2. A customer doesn’t believe your claim that electromagnetic radiation does not need a medium. How could you prove that your claim is true? I can prove its true by showing him that electromagnetic radiation doesn't need a medium. I can show him by showing him that waves don't need a medium and electromagnetic radiation travel by waves. 3. Your company just purchased 10,000 fireflies. Why do you think your company would be interested in these organisms? Justify your answer. My company could be interested on this organisms because they produce light and they could be a good way to show electromagnetic radiation with animals. This fireflies would be useful for sales cause people could see the electromagnetic spectrum in live. 22

23 Bibliography Michael's PowerPoint Wikipedia(radio,microwave, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-ray, gamma ray) Google images Brain pop YouTube(electromagnetic spectrum) 23

24 THE END  Hopefully you'll buy a product and enjoy it as much as other people! 24

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