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.za UPDATE Michael Silber Chairperson Namespace ZA.

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1 .za UPDATE Michael Silber Chairperson Namespace ZA

2 .za – Brief History Delegation by J Postel to Vic Shaw (head of Uninet) Redelegation to Mike Lawrie (1994) 1999 - request by ML to ISOC-ZA to propose an organisation as his replacement 2001 – formation of Namespace ZA

3 .za – Current Structure “Thin” ccTLD 14 SLDs Each SLD delegated to a different administrator (practically not policy) Many SLDs have questionable relevance

4 .za Structure cont. Uniforum SA (commercial) with +/- 120 000 registrations accounting for 95%+ registrations 2,6 – 2,8 million users – 900 000 academic 1,2 – 1,4 million commercial 500 000 dial-up (individuals and small business)

5 .za Status ML still administrator (ICP-1 / contract, Govt. request etc) If ML is prevented by ZA law for administering AND no redelegation will disappear Accusations of “threats” by ML Move of the primary off-shore

6 Government Consultation DG of ZA DoC agreed to sit on ISOC-ZA drafting committee Numerous discussions, delayed process Appointed seat on Namespace Board – rejected Numerous formal and informal discussions

7 Government Process Part of eCommerce legislation process 1999 consultant’s report 2000 “green paper” 2001 consultative conference – rejects government control of the ccTLD 2002 draft legislation

8 Criticism of Legislation Have learnt from our submissions over the years – allegedly independent organisation BUT – Board appointed by the Minister Finances controlled by Minister Regulations made by Minister (including over technical issues vs IETF) Subservient to ICANN in all respects SLD management licensed and all existing managers must reapply

9 Main Criticisms Ignores RFC 1591 and ICP-1 Ignores current administrator Ignores vested rights (including SLD rights) Ignores user community Ignores international ccTLD redelegation process

10 Negotiations Submissions, negotiations etc have resulted in an improved Bill, BUT Minister still controls Board (now through a nominating panel) Minister still regulates (though not on technical issues) and controls finances No member/user community involvement – rather “user communities”

11 Main Conflict Democracy vs representivity “digital divide” – existing users vs potential users Government involvement vs government control Distrust of industry / Internet community Racial issues or “racialised” issues?

12 Status of Legislation Passed by National Assembly Before National Council of Provinces on Tuesday 25/6/2002 No amendments – notwithstanding discussions To President for signature

13 Our Requests Ignore the politicing and racialisation Refuse to redelegate other than strictly in accordance with RFC1591 (and ICP-1) Pressure (formal/informal) both Internet community and governments Awareness – watch your own back (particularly in Africa but not exclusively).

14 Other issues to note Crypto register (extra-territorial) Critical databases Consumer protection (extra- territorial) Signature accreditation by Government in some circumstances Govt LOVES Stuart Lynn’s paper but ignores developments thereafter

15 Thanks you For your emotional and practical support to date For assistance in putting together our review of Government involvement in ccTLD’s worldwide For not accepting the hysteria For acting as role models

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