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Plone Radical Reskinning When one size doesn’t fit all.

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1 Plone Radical Reskinning When one size doesn’t fit all

2 Plone ‘As-Is’ Use Case Community site Many content authors Public & edit faces similar Costs: Bulky pages Complex, expensive templates Hard to cache Design constrained by edit interface needs

3 Split-Use Case Public/Private needs different Many viewers, few authors Public & edit faces may differ Benefits: Lighter, simpler public pages Public site may be aggressively cached More flexible design possible

4 Public Homepage

5 Public Interior Page

6 “Edit” View

7 Plone page in 36KB

8 Access Rule if context.REQUEST.BASE0.split('/')[2]. \ split('.')[0] \ not in ['edit','localhost:2080']: context.portal_url.getPortalObject(). \ changeSkin('public_skin')

9 Standard Warning WARNING: Access Rules are powerful, and can temporarily disable Zope access! Don't use them unless you have read all about them and know how to recover from mistakes!

10 Access Rule Rescue # Directive: suppress-all-access-rules # # Description: # If this directive is set to on, no access rules in your Zope site # will be executed. This is useful if you "lock yourself out" of a # particular part of your site by setting an improper access rule. # # Default: off # # Example: # # suppress-all-access-rules on

11 Section Skinning Example #1

12 Section Skinning #2

13 Implementing Section Skin