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Mike Zechman, Convertible Technology Database Consultant

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1 Session 370 Customer Trends and the Top 10 Advantages for Porting Oracle to Linux on System z
Mike Zechman, Convertible Technology Database Consultant President z/Series Oracle SIG

2 Agenda History and current status of the zSeries SIG group
What is Linux on System z? Customer Trends running Oracle on Linux on System z Top ten reasons to run Oracle on Linux on System z Real life experience migrating to Oracle/Linux on System z Reference material Questions

3 History of zSeries SIG Group
User Group formed over 23 years ago One of the oldest Oracle SIG’s Started with Oracle on MVS Moved 8 years ago to include Oracle on Linux on System z z/OS Oracle de-support Small technical community and growing

4 Current status of zSeries SIG Group
2008 and 2009 yearly conference attendees were mostly Linux Oracle on Linux is more streamlined than Oracle on z/OS In 2010 joined IOUG as a SIG zSeries SIG sessions held as part of Collaborate IOUG has been very helpful

5 Future of zSeries Oracle SIG Group
Join our Round Table Session on Monday 02:30 PM Session 261, Room REEF B zSeries Oracle SIG Panel Discussion Panel Oracle IBM zSeries Oracle SIG Committee

6 What is Linux on System z?
It is not your parents mainframe anymore!

7 What is Linux on System z?
A native System z operating environment Pure Linux, an ASCII environment Exploits IBM System z hardware, including IEEE floating point Linux for System z – 32 (31) -bit/64-bit Not a unique version of Linux or other operating system Developed and supported by the Open Source Community Distributed by Novell SuSE, RedHat, and Others Not a replacement for other IBM System z operating systems (z/OS formally MVS/OS/390) Can be run Virtual under z/VM or in its own LPAR Hardware provides a pool of virtual capacity Only fully supported Oracle environment in a VM aside from Oracle’s VM

8 Virtual Machine Partitioning Example for Linux on System z
TEST LPAR PROD LPAR Oracle DB TEST 1 Oracle DB TEST 2 Linux Hundreds to Thousands of guests=> Web or App Server Web or App Server Oracle DB PROD 1 Oracle DB PROD 2 Linux Lin Linux Linux Linux Linux PR/SM z/VM I/O and Network Memory Processors Easy to create new images, easy to manage

9 What System z Hardware Brings to Linux:
The most reliable hardware platform available MTF measured in decades RAS features built into hardware Scalability Both Physical and Logical Non-disruptive capacity upgrade on demand Designed to support mixed work loads Complete workload isolation High speed inter-server connectivity High Internal Bandwidth, sophisticated cache nest Virtualization

10 What System z Hardware Brings to Linux (cont’d):
Hipersockets Virtual network between LPARs, at memory speed Network stays inside the box - secure Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) CPU Full Processing Speed, not clocked down IFLs upgrade as hardware is upgraded: z9>z10: 50% performance increase Processor-based software costs

11 Customer Trends From a perspective of the z Series SIG group
Trend is to move to Linux Oracle strategic direction is Linux Oracle and IBM are supporting Oracle products on Linux on z Long list of 3’rd party vendor now support Linux on System z Steady yearly growth usage of Oracle on Linux on z Steady growth of Oracle solutions available on Linux on z

12 Top ten reasons for running Oracle on IBM System z
The Mainframe has been the platform for mission critical applications for years Reasons may vary why companies choose to run on the mainframe Objective of this session is to list some common reasons You can see if these fit your situation

13 Top ten reasons for running Oracle on IBM System z
Excellent virtualization capabilities of IBM System z, highest resources use efficiency/utilization, mixed workloads Ability to exploit existing disaster recovery plans Lowest security breach risks/costs via most secure design, encryption, etc High availability features provided by IBM System z Lowest power consumption, cooling, and data center floor space Ease of interfacing with traditional data Increased performance and scalability capabilities of z10 Specialty engines available on IBM System z End to end solution for dynamic infrastructure data center Lowest total cost of ownership, total cost per user, and total cost per transaction

14 Details on using the VM Operating System
The solid virtualization capabilities of z/VM and System z are a key reason Mature technology VM/370, introduced in 1972, enhanced and significantly expanded for Linux in recent years. For ORACLE SOFTWARE - Only fully supported Oracle environment in a VM aside from Oracle’s VM

15 Details on Reason - VM (cont’d)
Software Hypervisor integrated in hardware Sharing of CPU, memory, and I/O resources Virtual network – virtual switches and routers Virtual I/O (mini-disks, virtual cache, and so on) Virtual appliances (SNA/NCP, and so on)

16 Details on Reason - VM (cont’d)
Easy management Fast provisioning of preinstalled and configured Linux images. This can be accomplished in minutes instead of days or weeks. No additional space, electric connections, or network cables.

17 Details – Consolidation Benefits
Consolidate workloads – Green Feature Use less power (electric) Distributed servers often run at average utilization levels in the range of 5% to 20%. Run multiple images on fewer processors Achieve utilization levels of 85 or 90 % or more

18 Details on Reason - Security
Integrated cryptographic accelerator Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 192 and 256 Stronger hash algorithm with Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA- 512) Tamper-resistant Crypto Express2 feature Supports high levels of security for demanding applications Fully programmable and configurable Highly scalable performance for SSL transactions Trusted Key Entry (TKE) 5.2 with optional Smart Card reader

19 Details on Reason - Security
IBM LPARs have been certified to the security level of Evaluation Assurance Level 5 (EAL5) z/VM has achieved the EAL 4+ level of certification

20 Details – Mainframe Cost Reduction with Specialty Engines on IBM System Z
Cost savings are significant based on the Linux Specialty Engine: IFL processors for Linux are additional engines dedicated to Linux workloads: Support z/VM and Linux on System z IFL processors run at “full speed” • z9 EC, z9 BC, z10 EC, z10 BC, z9 EC, z9 BC, z800, z890 Traditional IBM and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) mainframe software charges are unaffected. Linux and z/VM charged only against the IFLs.

21 Reasons the data center is starting to migrate to Linux on System z
Floor Space Use existing System z Hardware No need to stand up new Hardware or Server (s) for a new project Security Ease of network attachment (Virtual IP Addresses) Ease of Oracle Home Cloning/Same OS Ease of standardizing Linux Releases CLOUD Computing - Customers of my customer’s data center pay for what they use SUSE 10 - Solid operating system under VM RED HAT Available on Linux on System z

22 Reasons the Data Center is starting to migrate to Linux on System z
Ease of consolidation of potentially thousands of servers Small < 100 user database system was first Next was up to 5 million a day user system moved UNIX TECH REFRESH being moved to Linux on System z IBM AIX HP UX SUN/Oracle Solaris Windows where applicable Application Servers Web Server Charged by CPU usage keeps you honest CPU reduction project – Close to complete

23 Details on Reason 10 Lowest total cost of ownership, total cost per user, and total cost per transaction Example – Cost Savings with IBM System z

24 Large Bank Saves $1.5M with System z
72% reduction in SW maintenance costs 95% reduction in connectivity costs 75% reduction in power/cooling costs 60% reduction in System Admin costs Note: Upgrade required for mainframe; Dell and HP were existing HW Prices are in USD. Prices may vary in other countries. details on next slide

25 (Details for Previous Chart)
FROM… TO… Current hardware infrastructure 45 x86 (HP + Dell) IBM System z10 Enterprise Class (z10™ EC) Footprints 45 1 Cores 111 4 IFLs Avg utilization Less than 10% 60% Peak utilization 35% 85% # DBs, size of DB 111 Oracle DB Application Oracle 10G databases Oracle 10G databases OS Linux Linux + z/VM Energy usage 75% less Floor Space usage 28% less TCO: 5 years $4.62M $3.04M / savings: $1.58M Summary of Benefits: 111-to-4 core reduction, 45:1 footprint reduction Up to 72% software maintenance cost reduction Improved application reliability, and efficient Disaster Recovery capabilities Prices are in USD. Prices may vary in other countries.

26 System z futures for a workload-optimized world
Re-write the rulebook and set new standards for business-centric IT with IBM System z, to be the world’s premier workload-optimized platform for enterprise applications. Vision: Deliver the best of all worlds, Mainframe, UNIX, x86 and single function processors, integrated in a single system for ultimate flexibility and simplicity to optimize service, risk and cost across multiple heterogeneous workloads. So, with future generations we will breakthrough some of the barriers that limit the way we use IT today. The objective is to move away from today’s Silo-ed approach to IT where each platform is managed as a separate and distinct entity, and instead focus on managing across heterogeneous platforms to give an end-to-end solution view. This will enable IT resources and services to be properly aligned according to business viewpoint, rather than limited to an IT viewpoint This new alignment will enable resources to be optimized to give the right level of service with appropriate risk at the right cost to the business.

27 References For a discussion of the benefits of virtualization on System z, see Using IBM Virtualization to Manage Cost and Efficiency at: For a discussion on the reasons to use Oracle on System z, see Chapter 1 Why customers are choosing to use Oracle products on Linux on IBM System z in the Redbook SG

28 Questions? Michael Zechman, Database Consultant
Session 370, Customer Trends and the Top 10 Advantages for Porting Oracle to Linux on System z

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