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A design by Phil Rice VK3BHR

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1 A design by Phil Rice VK3BHR
A Surprisingly Accurate Digital LC Meter ”I didn't expect it to work so well!” A design by Phil Rice VK3BHR Amateur Radio magazine, April 2004

2 Available in Different Languages on the web.
Author Language & Web Site Marek SP7DQR Polish Aleksandr Buyevskiy Russian Patrick TK5EP French Volker SM5ZBS German

3 Features Pic Based design with software calibration.
Low Part Count. Simple to use. Battery Powered. Locally available parts. Claimed measuring range: Capacitors - 0.0pF to about 0.1uF Inductors - 0.0uH to somewhere over 10mH All Thourgh Hole and NO SUFACE MOUNT 

4 Claimed measuring range
Small measurements are inaccurate, because of quantising error. Capacitors - 0.0pF to about 0.1uF Inductors - 0.0uH to somewhere over 10mH

5 The Mathematics behind the scenes.

6 Parallel LC oscillator & Frequency Meter
Origional Design

7 Improved Version 2 https://sites. google

8 It differs from the original in that:
A 16F628 PIC is used. This has internal comparator, which means the LM311 is no longer needed. Software calibration is used. The finished meter can be calibrated against "any" accurate capacitor within the range 100pF to about 10000pF.

9 Component Layout

10 Variations in Artwork



13 Variations in Schematics



16 Variations in Implementation









25 PIC/pic-programmer.html

26 Build Process Redrew schematic in ExpressPCB with Mouser Part numbers.
Redrew layout with changes for new parts. Extracted Bill of Materials from the schematic. Upload to Mouser and make any changes for items you have. Print PCB layout and etch the circuit board (Iron on process). This is still a work in progress…

27 Express PCB Schematic

28 Express PCB Layout

29 Bill of Materials

30 Front Panel Artwork & Drilling Template

31 Board by Chris Hood, KE5SBP

32 Completed Board and Display

33 Drilled Case and Mounting Hdw.


35 Completed Meter

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