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Kennedy Middle School Reaching For Excellence Together.

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2 Kennedy Middle School Reaching For Excellence Together

3 Middle School Concept PolanHouseCantwellHouseFoxHouse MondayHouseWilliamsHouseLenserHouse GlaserHouseRipplingerHouseGaskellHouse

4 Traditional 6-1 6-3 7-1 7-2 CA 8-3 8-2 8-1 7-3 LD ED CD 6-2 No connection between regular education and Special Education

5 6-17-17-2 CA8-38-28-17-3 LDEDCD 6-2 Mainstreaming Lots of connections... ….Lack of communication 6-3 Our kids….. ….Your kids

6 Goal Determine a process of alternative programming to support all students.

7 Beliefs: *There are enough students who have educational needs that warrant alternative programming. *All educators have the responsibility to try to meet the needs of students in the educational setting. *Study skills and organizational skills are integral components to teach in alternative programs for students in special services, and students who are at-risk. *Participation in alternative programs is based on need, not grade level. *Knowing how and why students learn the way they do is important. *Alternative programs will be more successful when the parents and teachers work together.

8 Parameters: *Students will be viewed as "our" students, and programs will be for all students. *Initiatives will be generated and implemented by teams. *Teams will share the initiatives and demonstrate that the building leadership team criteria for the site initiatives have been met. *The alternative programs will foster and align with the school's beliefs, vision, and mission.



11 Collaborative Model 6-16-3 7-17-2 CA 8-38-28-1 7-3 6-2 LCAdmin Special Education teachers are integrated into each house which enables a common prep and meeting times. Teams work collaboratively to meet the needs of all students academically and behaviorally at team meetings.

12 Learning Center 6-16-3 7-17-2 CA 8-38-28-1 7-3 6-2 LCAdmin The Learning Center supports all students in both special education and regular education students. Modifications and accommodations are provided to meet the needs of students. This provides classroom support for every classroom throughout the building. Team teaching opportunities are realized with most special education teachers teaming in up to four classes each.

13 Special Education Team Meeting IEP Scheduling IEP Scheduling Behavioral Plans Behavioral Plans Brainstorming Brainstorming Aide Scheduling Aide Scheduling Sub Scheduling Sub Scheduling IEP Process and Procedures IEP Process and Procedures Sharing Expertise Sharing Expertise Sharing Professional Articles Sharing Professional Articles Sharing Materials Sharing Materials Venting and Support Venting and Support Training Training Planning Planning Advice Advice Doughnuts Doughnuts

14 Change? Why change?  Confusion  Anxiety  Resistance  Frustration  “Treadmill” Fear Fear Resentment Resentment Overwhelmed Overwhelmed Hurt Hurt Unappreciated Unappreciated Unacknowledged Unacknowledged


16 MANAGING COMPLETE CHANGE + +++= + +++= + +++= + +++= + +++= + +++= CHANGE CONFUSION ANXIETY RESISTENCE FRUSTRATION TREADMILL VISION X SKILLS X INCENTIVES RESOURCES X X ACTION PLAN X (Taken from the work of Parker Palmer. Adapted by Knoster from Enterprise Group, LTD.)

17 Polan House

18 Polan House Team Polan House Team Heather Janke Language Arts/ Math Heather Janke Language Arts/ Math Heather Janke Heather Janke Cindy Polan Reading/Language Arts Cindy Polan Reading/Language Arts Cindy Polan Cindy Polan Jane Mandich Language Arts/World Cultures Jane Mandich Language Arts/World Cultures Jane Mandich Jane Mandich Keith Musloff Science/Language Arts Keith Musloff Science/Language Arts Keith Musloff Keith Musloff Anne Kraemer Special Education Anne Kraemer Special Education Pam Koskovich - Aide Pam Koskovich - Aide

19 What does the Data say? 2004 School Improvement Retreat Data Review Review with the 1997 data; prior to implementing the KMS “Collaborative Model

20 What does the Data say?




24 = 32 of 280= 248 of 280

25 Collaboration is the Key Common Goal Common Goal Distributed Leadership Distributed Leadership Common Rewards and Responsibilities Common Rewards and Responsibilities T-Together T-Together E-Everyone E-Everyone A-Achieves A-Achieves M-More M-More

26 Differences become blurred…. Similarities become clear….

27 Team Teaching

28 T Drive Improved communication through District Computer network

29 Student At A Glance

30 School Plans

31 Dear Staff, I have typed up information regarding Brady M. that I would appreciate you sharing with your homeroom group students. Although Brady is in 7th grade, he is in the halls when all students are in the halls and therefore 6th and 8th grade students may have opportunities to interact with him. We are trying to help Brady develop more appropriate social skills so, 1) If Brady yells/says "I am stupendous," a response may be "Hi Brady, How's it going?" 2) If Brady swears or makes an inappropriate comment, a response may be "That's not nice language for a 7th grader." 3) If Brady is yelling, a response may be "Please talk quieter." 7th Graders: 4) When playing basketball during commons, encourage Brady to share the ball by asking him to pass to you. When you get a rebound, you could also take a shot before passing the ball back to Brady. 5) Brady will be eating lunch in B-13. I am looking for students to sign up in groups of 2-3 to have lunch with Brady. If anyone is interested, please let your homeroom group teacher know and I will set up a lunch schedule. Thanks for everyone's help. Joy E-MAILS

32 Kennedy Middle School GERMANTOWN, WISCONSIN

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