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1. 2 Overcoming Barriers: Poor Public Perception Legible London.

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2 2 Overcoming Barriers: Poor Public Perception Legible London

3 Benefits of walking Efficient and enjoyable –Helps ease pressure on public transport Socially inclusive –Reduction in street crime –No cost Little environmental impact –Sustainable Improved health 3

4 4 Walking in London ‘…we at TfL are going to do everything in our power to make walking through this city as attractive and enjoyable as possible.” Boris Johnson ‘Way To Go’, Nov 2008

5 5 Public Perception 26% of Londoners worry about getting lost (TfL, 2006) Fear of crime and anti-social behaviour –79% of Londoners believe dirty and vandalised streets make people dislike walking in London (TfL survey, 2008) 1 in 5 don’t feel safe walking by themselves in their local area (TfL survey, 2008)

6 Legible London Improved consistency Reliable journey times ‘Image’ & ‘Infrastructure’ 6

7 Legible London Prototype – Bond Street (Nov 2007) Pilot Schemes (Sept 2009) –Southbank & Bankside (Central London) –Clear Zone – Bloomsbury to Covent Garden (Inner London) –Richmond & Twickenham (Outer London) 7

8 8 Mental Mapping Mental map revolves around relationship between memorable locations and routes Stronger mental map = greater confidence Use London’s landmarks, distinct areas, streets, stations and squares Geographic vs. diagrammatic mapping

9 9 Mental Mapping ‘nodes’ ‘’locality’ ‘neighbourhoods’ - specific arrival and destination points - knowledge of the area surrounding the nodes - clusters of localities

10 Naming hierarchy Areas (e.g. West End, City etc) Villages (e.g. West End – Soho, Mayfair etc) Neighbourhoods (e.g. Covent Garden – Neal Street, Seven Dials etc) 10

11 11 Case Study - Bromley Inspired by LL prototype –implemented at a local level –ASTUTE project Walking time vs. distance Complimented redevelopment of town centre Over half of respondents said the pocket map made them feel closer to the town centre 0% of respondents used the map to walk!

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