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The s of 1 st Grade Welcome to LGES and our 1 st Grade Let’s Get Acquainted 2013.

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1 The s of 1 st Grade Welcome to LGES and our 1 st Grade Let’s Get Acquainted 2013


3 We welcome you to the First Grade Team! This exciting year includes implementing the Common Core Curriculum. Basically we will be going deeper and fully understanding “CORE” topics in Reading and Math. Together we will help our students become Career and College Ready in a Global World! ALL Together

4  Addition tables  Flash Cards  Practice, Practice, Practice!!!!!


6 Our Daily Schedule 7:45-8:00 Explore Math with Manipulatives 8:00-9:00 Math 9:00-9:30 or 10:00 SPECIALS 9:30-11:00 Reading 11:00 LUNCH 11:30-12:05 WIN 12:05-12:35 RECESS 12:35-1:25 Writer’s Workshop 1:25-2:00 Science/S.S./TTL4/IXL 2:00-2:12 Pack Up and Dismissal



9 3 tenders – 1 (ate it)= 2 15 beans- 0 (blah!)=15 (eat your veggies!) 4 grapes + 6 berries= 10 How much did this dinner cost? What is the best season to grow Strawberries?


11 In 1st grade, we will focus on developing phonemic awareness, decoding skills, word recognition, comprehension and oral reading fluency. The more sight words a student knows, the more fluently he/she will read. Practice Spelling words nightly.

12 Students should read books at home where they know MOST of the words. This increases sightwords, comprehension, and improves our Reader’s Voice!!! Comprehension First …. Walk through the book before reading. Talk about your reading and make connections. Picture books can be Read 3 Different Ways… ask your child what they are!

13 During Whole and Small Group Instruction, students will work on… Reading Strategies Comprehension Skills Fluency Vocabulary Responding to Reading through writing, listening, and speaking Spelling, Grammar, and Mechanics

14 We will be doing lots of writing this year. Writing pieces will include… Opinion pieces Informative writing Narrative writing Responding to questions through writing Using technology to publish writing

15 This year’s Science units are…

16 1 st Graders will learn about:  Families  People today and long ago  Holidays and traditions  Responsibility of citizenship in a free society  Maps and globes  Life Skills



19 Please contact Katy Price at If your child could benefit from a support club With other students that have gone through Family changes.

20 Celebration s ClassroomClerical FieldtripsPTSO

21  Email  Website  Notes from home, especially if there is a change in dismissal  Look for notes home  Plan a time to meet to discuss important issues

22  Read Nightly and record in student Reading Logs  Weekly assignments in Math, Writing, Spelling, and ELA will be sent home on Monday in Student Homework Folders. These folders with completed homework are due back on Friday. Spelling tests will also be every Friday.  Thank you in advance for the time spent helping your child build strong work ethics, these skills will enormously pay off as they advance through the years!


24 We look forward to a WONDERFUL Year!!!!! Thank you for coming!!!! Mrs. Abrantes, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Jaeger, and Mrs. Kelly

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