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Svaz měst a obcí České republiky SMO ČR

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1 Svaz měst a obcí České republiky SMO ČR
Association of Towns and Municipaities Czech Republic

2 Association of Towns and Municipalities Czech Republic
Association representing Czech local governments. Milena Jabůrková Head of the International Department

3 What is our mission? Advocacy and promotion of Czech local governments´ interests at national and European level through unified and co-ordinated approach on the side of the Local Governments.

4 Who are we? National association of towns and municipalities
Membership is voluntary Non-political Non-government Independent organisation

5 Who are our members? Approximately 2,541 municipalities,
That is about 34 % of municipalities in the ČR where around 7.3 million of people live Representing more than 71% of the citizens of the Czech Republic.

6 What are our main objectives? 1
To promote democracy on the level of local governments in the Czech Republic To be a partner of the central and regional governments as well as Parliament and Senate of the Czech Republic in the process of preparation of legislation and policy making

7 Main objectives 2 Advocacy of rights and interests of LG
Promotion of training of LG representatives and staff Provision of municipalities with advisory services (e.g. legislation, twinning partnerships) Co-operation with other regional, national and supranational associations

8 Why are we a relevant partner?
We are the only national association in the CR Act 128/2000, Coll. regulating local self-governments: the central government is, where appropriate, bound to consult local governments on matters that concern their responsibilities European Charter of LG: LGs are consulted if possible on matters of planning and decision making that concern them Majority of MPs were originally mayors

9 How successful are we? SMO ČR takes part in all meetings held by the government or respective depratments that concern LG Representatives of SMO ČR are members of the total of 78 working groups, committees and boards that participate in policy and legislation preparation Practical example: in 2001 and 2002 an act regulating LG was amended. SMO ČR succeeded with 85% of its proposed amendments!

10 What are our sources of financing?
Membership fees Donations Subsidies for international activities from the Ministry for Regional development Grants for projects

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