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AIHA Town Hall Meeting: Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) March 6, 2012.

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1 AIHA Town Hall Meeting: Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) March 6, 2012

2 Overview Introduction Baltimore Local Section MOU meeting review MOU Path Forward MOU Timeline Questions (Discussion)

3 Introduction – Why an MOU? Historically, LSs have benefitted from National benefits (Leadership training, insurance for directors, tax exemption, etc.) in exchange for communicating information. Examples: –1994 – for the LS to be recognized under the group tax exemption, mailing address, gross revenues, and bylaws were requested by National, along with an annual report and a membership roster. Officers of local sections were required to be members of National. –1996 – the same information was required, along with a “Local Section Annual Report form”. –2004 – a Local Section Activity Plan Form was used requesting information from LSs –2005 – AIHA created the AIHA National/Local Section Partnership Agreement (see p. 75 of the 2005 LS Manual)

4 Introduction – Why an MOU? Bottom line of the MOU – this is nothing new. The exchange of information between LSs and National has been occurring and has been essential for some time. According to staff, however, many LSs have difficulty providing the information in a timely manner. Documenting the understanding of responsibilities and resources is one way to assist both LSs and staff on achieving the mutual goals of furthering the IH profession both locally and nationally

5 11-05-11: Baltimore Meeting Representation 46 LS officers! (Out of 73 Total: 8 of 9 LSRRs) Central South Central Pacific South Midwest Northwest Mid-Atlantic Northeast

6 Local Section meeting Baltimore: 11-05-11 LS Comments Relative to MOU - Question was asked about how involved were LS in development of MOU? - Why are we doing this? We are in the process of clarifying roles and responsibilities across the entire organization. - need to have a ‘package’ to go with the MOU: -Need cover letter -Model LS bylaws -FAQs -Need a process and direction on the sun-setting process -Member list information - what needs to be provided, and can individuals opt out?

7 MOU Path Forward Responding to all LS officers comments (DRAFT #2) Synergist article (February 2012) Town Hall Meetings (Second Meeting ?) Keeping LSRR and all stake holders informed with updates (02-16-12: LSRR and AIHA Board Member Town Hall Update)

8 MOU Timeline From Section III, Implementation –September 31, 2012. Date for all sections to have signed the MOU –October 31, 2012. LSRR will be notified of any LS declining to participate. –March 1, 2013. If the LS refuses to participate, the President may invoke a three month probationary period. During this time no support benefits may come from AIHA. –June 1, 2013. At the end of the probationary period the AIHA board has the power to sunset the section.

9 Questions / Discussion

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