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What exactly is a Kiwanis International convention?

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1 What exactly is a Kiwanis International convention?

2 It’s a great tradition Since the early years of Kiwanis International, Kiwanians have gathered annually to: Celebrate the organization. Attend to business Look to the future. That’s why it has become a great tradition—it’s so many things in one.

3 It’s a spectacular show Every year, the convention includes: Opening and closing sessions that inform, inspire and entertain Addresses from Kiwanis International leaders Appearances by world-renowned celebrities A gala event or concert

4 It’s a source of information At workshops and sessions, you: Learn how to improve club meetings and marketing Get tips and strategies for club growth and retention Learn the latest about The Eliminate Project Hear about other clubs, districts and the SLPs

5 It’s a time to hear and be heard Come and make an impact on Kiwanis: Hear from candidates Vote on amendments to the bylaws Add your voice to the organization’s future

6 It’s a way to join the fight

7 It’s a place to learn…and shop! The exhibit hall annually features: The popular Kiwanis Store Guest exhibitors Kiwanis booths

8 It’s a chance to explore In 2014, attendees will discover Japan. Start learning about our beautiful host country at


10 In a single online location, you can: Register (starting in January 2014) Reserve your hotel Sign up for tours Consult the calendar of events Review the candidates for office Learn about Japan Use the convention website

11 See you in Japan!

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