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1 Knowledge Management New York City SPIN 5 March 2002 © Wipro Technologies Wipro Confidential.

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1 1 Knowledge Management New York City SPIN 5 March 2002 © Wipro Technologies Wipro Confidential

2 2 Agenda  What is KM ?  A simple game for the participants  The KM Framework  KM Initiative at Wipro  Some tips Key Areas Covered

3 3 Labor Hands Knowledge Heads Capital: Money & Machines Land & Resources Economy of Scarcity Economy of Abundance Intellectual Capital - Asset Base in the Knowledge Era Source: The Fifth Generation - Dr. Charles Savage Sources of Wealth

4 4 Knowledge Management  What is KM ? A business process for managing our intellectual capital An integrated and collaborative approach to the Creation, Capture, Organization, Access and Use of Information Assets (Gartner) Competitive Advantage - Managing our Intellectual Capital

5 5 A Simple Game

6 6 A Simple Game.  Using your Right forefinger point : Up Down Forward Backward Left Right

7 7 A Simple Game..  For the set of directions you saw in the previous slide a corresponding set will appear to its right (which you have to remember as it will appear for 10 seconds only)  Every time I call any direction from the original set, you have to respond by pointing your forefinger in the corresponding direction (if you remember) from the second set.  You will sit down if you are wrong and the game will continue. The last one who remains standing is the Winner.  Winner will get a surprise gift  All of you will stand for this game

8 8 A Simple Game... ForwardLeft RightUp UpForward LeftBackward BackwardDown DownRight

9 9 A Simple Game….

10 10 Identify your Key Business Drivers KM Should address the Company’s key business drivers  KM Initiative- Addressing the Key Business Drivers Competitive Responsiveness - ability to access existing information in time Collaborative Work Culture - working as a collaborative team, sharing best practices, successes and failures, avoid reinvention and repeating mistakes Shorter time-to-market - Shortened product and project life-cycles Capture Tacit Knowledge - minimize loss due to attrition and mobility

11 11 Community Business Processes & Information Systems Content Tools / Technology Culture Dimensions of the KM Framework All the dimensions of the Framework are equally Critical Dimensions of the KM Framework

12 12 Connecting People to Content  Content Providing Access to Business Critical Knowledge Processes for creation, distribution and use of explicit knowledge –Marketing & Sales Support System –Reusable Components Repository –E-Learning System –Projects KM System

13 13 Connecting People to Content

14 14 Connecting People to Content

15 15 Connecting People to People  Communities Connecting people in need of Knowledge to people with Knowledge Flow of tacit knowledge –Yellow Pages –Special Interest Groups

16 16 Connecting People to People

17 17 Collaborative Culture  Culture Nurturing a culture of Innovation and Collaboration Organizational Support for a change from an Individualistic to a Collaborative, Knowledge Sharing Culture. –Endorsed by appropriate Rewarding / Recognition for such behavior –Performance Management / Appraisal System to identify these behaviors as a key objective with appropriate measurement criteria.

18 18 A Reward Recognition Framework x KM Applications x Yellow Pages Sales Support Reward Program Enterprise-wide Guidelines & Norms for Rewards Enterprise Level Account Level Business Unit Level Database (KCU) Application Specific Guidelines

19 19 Tools/Technology and Business Processes Free flow of knowledge  Tools / Technology Enabling free flow of knowledge and across business processes and systems  Business Processes Flow of knowledge from various Business processes to form a common Knowledge Base –SAP, CRM etc.

20 20 KM Measurement Measuring KM – on Engagement and Effectiveness  KM Engagement and Effectiveness Index Engagement Parameters –Usage of KM Applications –Contributions to KM Application –KM Awareness Activities Effectiveness Parameters –KM Six Sigma Project Initiatives –Productivity Improvement –KM Application User Satisfaction Servers

21 21 A KM Framework KM Team Organizational Values & Culture KM Vision & Strategy Infrastructure Bus. Processes Explicit Knowledge - Doc Repositories - Reusable Comp. Explicit Knowledge - Doc Repositories - Reusable Comp. Tacit Knowledge - Discussion Groups -Yellow Pages -Chat Rooms Tacit Knowledge - Discussion Groups -Yellow Pages -Chat Rooms KM Measure -ments Capture Knowledge Create Organize Access Use Key Business Drivers

22 22 Tips … Tips  KM is a Strategic Initiative and needs Top Management Support  KM Should address Critical Business Drivers  Set you KM Initiative objectives based on the Business Drivers  Focus on addressing a few critical areas – take one step at a time instead of a giant leap  Choose the technology that fits well with the legacy systems in your organization  Establish team objectives to encourage collaboration and institute reward/recognition for collaboration  The role of the KM Team is critical – support them

23 23 Open house

24 24 Manimaran R Head - KM Initiative 53/1, Hosur Road, Bangalore 560 068, India Phone : +91-80-550 2152 Fax : +91-80-550 2160 Mobile: +91-98450 27267 E-mail:

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