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KM 2.0 Michael D. Kull, Ph.D.

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1 KM 2.0 Michael D. Kull, Ph.D.

2 Copyright 2007 by Michael D. Kull About AMPLIFI ●Since 1999 ●Leadership Consulting and Social Media Services ●Designed first KM university graduate course ●Top Googled executive education course on Knowledge Retention ●Partnerships with thought-leaders, service providers in and around KM ●Clients in Federal Government, Fortune 500 ●Original work in digital storytelling, knowledge branding, value narratives, leadership maturity ●

3 Copyright 2007 by Michael D. Kull Agenda ●Trends and Drivers ●KM Conceptual Model ●Social Tools ●Key Themes ●KM 3.0

4 Copyright 2007 by Michael D. Kull Trends ●KM 1.0: Knowing What We Know Data warehouses, document repositories, capturing data and information, explicating processes, how to identify, elicit, capture, store, search & retrieve knowledge artifacts and the “right” info. ●KM 2.0: Collective Intelligence Collaboration, social networking, social computing, universe of discourse, expertise networks, communities, languaging, cultural narratives and storytelling, how knowledge is socially constructed. ●KM 3.0? Imagination, Amplified Virtual worlds, Second Life 2 nd Generation, SimScience, Immersive environments, visualization, imagineering, “user-generated digital content” or digital artistry and voice, the Rise of the Creative Class.

5 Copyright 2007 by Michael D. Kull Drivers and Value Propositions ●Reduced costs ●Repeatable results ●Faster cycle times ●Innovation ●Disaster recovery ●Intelligence / patterns ●Knowledge retention ●Reduced costs in rehired annuitants ●Example: NRC - + Effectiveness of KM capture methods, tools and practices Increase in number of retirees with critical knowledge # of annuitants ? ?

6 Copyright 2007 by Michael D. Kull KM Environments Communities Of Practice Collaboration Platform Document Repositories Expertise Locators Wiki Blog Skills Database Informs Finds Projects go to Documents stored Post knowledge Links to A Conceptual Model

7 Copyright 2007 by Michael D. Kull Explanation of Terms and Purposes Community of Practice: The purpose of virtual CoPs is to create an online environment to enable conversation and discussion around topics, methods, and work roles. Collaboration Platform: …to facilitate the creation of documents and other knowledge artifacts as project deliverables. Expertise Locators: …to enable the rapid identification of expertise within an organization based on skill-sets and project commitments. Document Repositories: …to provide a single, searchable database of all types of files that may be used to support future work efforts. Skills Database: …to provide a searchable system where each employee has listed their areas and levels of expertise. Wikis and Blogs: …to provide webspaces for individuals to post their ideas and insights – in some ways blogs are the antithesis of wikis. The main point: KM environments support each another, are synergistic.

8 Copyright 2007 by Michael D. Kull ●Blogs (MySpace) ●Wikis (Wikia) ●Podcasts (iTunes) ●Digital video (YouTube) ●Social networking (Friendster, LinkedIn) ●Project collaboration (SharePoint) ●Communities of Practice (Tomoye) ●Virtual environments (Second Life) ●Social bookmarking/tagging ( ●News aggregation (Digg) A recent McKinsey survey found that ¾ of executive respondents plan to maintain or increase their investments in collaboration (Web 2.0) technologies. What Else is New? Web 2.0 Social Media, Social Networking, Social Computing, Social Tools, Collaboration

9 Copyright 2007 by Michael D. Kull Wikipedia

10 MySpace

11 YouTube

12 LinkedIn

13 Tomoye


15 Digg

16 Second Life

17 Copyright 2007 by Michael D. Kull Second Life

18 Copyright 2007 by Michael D. Kull Key Themes ●Start at grassroots level ●Spiral approach ●Encourage breaking down of barriers ●Enabling the “universe of discourse” ●Allows to get on the same page in terms of language, concepts, knowledge development ●Encourage voice over exit ●Enticing for the millennial generation ●Democratizing ●Measures – too soon to tell, but optimistic ●NRC story

19 Copyright 2007 by Michael D. Kull Diffusion of KM / Enactment

20 Copyright 2007 by Michael D. Kull KM 3.0: From e-Gov to i-Gov? KM 1.0 KM 2.0 KM 3.0 Maslow’s hierarchy, redux

21 Copyright 2007 by Michael D. Kull THIS is Knowledge Management “The Matrix”

22 Copyright 2007 by Michael D. Kull Thank you ●Q&A ●Feedback and referrals always appreciated. ●Contact: Michael D. Kull, Ph.D. 703-507-2846

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