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Pure IP PBX KX-TDE600 MPR 2.00 Panasonic Communications CO.,LTD.

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1 Pure IP PBX KX-TDE600 MPR 2.00 Panasonic Communications CO.,LTD.

2 TDE600 MPR 2.00 TDE600 MPR 2.00 “ Pure IP-PBX KX-TDE Series Product Line Up TDE100/200 MPR 2.00 TDE100/200 MPR 2.00 TDE100/200 MPR 1.00 TDE100/200 MPR 1.00 TDE600The same as TDE200 MPR 2.0/TDA600 MPR 5.0 (MPR 2.0)New activation key. VersionMain Function TDE100/200- Peer to Peer Communication (MPR 1.0)- KX-NT300 Series IP-PT - SIP Phone Compatible TDE100/200- KX-TDA0177 (CSLC16) (MPR 2.0)- Improved Built-in SVM2 - KX-TDA0192/4 (ESVM) - 8 Digits VM Integration - Support T38 (ITU standard for sending FAX)

3 KX-TDE600 System Highlights “ Build - up system (Flexible system: same as TDA600) Inherent TDA600 MPR 5.0 Features. Inherent TDE100 MPR 2.0 Features. Easy upgrade from TDA600 to TDE600 (Change EMPR card to IPCEMPR card) TDA600 Hardware products compatible with TDE600. TDE100 Activation keys compatible with TDE600. CA (NCP) feature is not supported. TDE600 does not support build-in SVM. New activation key for TDE600. Support KX-NT3xx Series Support KX-DT3xx Series PA: TDE600 supports PA 1.8 only. (Do not use PA 1.7 or early version.)

4 “ DLC DHLC Router VoIP/SIP PCMC TDE100/200 Series Activation Key IPCEMPR DSP DT300T7600 NT136NT300 TDA 0470 MPR 2.0 TDA600 MPR 5.0 Features TDE100 MPR 2.0 Features KX-TDE600 System Highlights

5 KX-TDE600 Shelf Difference from TDA620 - Front cabinet KX-TDE620 Expansion Shelf KX-TDE600 Basic Shelf Difference from TDA600 - MPR Card - Front cabinet “

6 KX-TDE600 Shelf (Build up) EntryFullMedium-1Medium-2 KX-TDE620 KX-TDE600 KX-TDE620 The same concept as the TDA600

7 KX-TDE600 Shelf “ 1 x Virtual Shelf 4 x Physical Shelf The same as the TDA600

8 KX-TDE600 Virtual Slot “ 4 x Virtual Slot Extension 4 x Virtual Slot Trunk Total Max 8 x Virtual Slot The same as TDE100/200.

9 KX-TDE600 Max. Slot “ TDE600TDE600+ TDE620 x 1 TDE600+ TDE620 x 2 TDE600+ TDE620 x 3 System Max Trunk Max Physical Slot Virtual Slot4444 Extension Max Physical Slot Virtual Slot4444 Physical Slot

10 KX-TDE600 Terminals (Trunk) “ TDE600TDA600 Trunk Max.640 SIP G/WVirtual (MPR)32 (2 x SIP G/W-16)- Traditional0- Max.32- H.323 G/W Virtual (MPR)32 (2 x V-G/W-16)- Traditional640 (40 Slots) Max (40 Slots) LCOT/BRITraditional640 (40 Slots) PRI30/E1Traditional600 (20 Slots) PRI23Traditional460 (20 Slots) T1Traditional480 (20 Slots)

11 KX-TDE600 Terminals (Trunk) “ TDE600 TDE600 + TDE620 x1 TDE600 + TDE620 x 2 TDE600 + TDE620 x 3 Trunk Max.192 (*1)352 (*2)512 (*3)640 Virtual Max32 SIP32 IP-G/W32 Traditional Max Analogue BRI PRI30/E PRI T IP-G/W (*1) 192: 160 (BRI x 10) + 32 (Virtual) (*2) 352: 320 (BRI x 20) + 32 (Virtual) (*3) 512: 480 (BRI x 30) + 32 (Virtual)

12 KX-TDE600 Terminals (Extension) “ TDE600TDA600 Extension Max : TDA0172 x : SIP (32 x 4 Slot) 384: TDA6178 x 16 Slot 1120 IP-PT (MGCP) Virtual (MPR)64 (2 x V-IPExt-32)- Traditional640 (40 Slot) Max SIP Ext.Virtual (MPR)128 (4 x V-SIP-32)- Traditional0- Max.128- PTTraditional640 SLTTraditional960 (40 Slots x SLC24) PS (w/o MEC / w/ MEC) 512/ /512

13 KX-TDE600 Terminals (Extension) “ TDE600 TDE600+ TDE620 x1 TDE600+ TDE620x 2 TDE600+ TDE620x 3 System Max. w/ DXDP w/o DXDP Virtual Max128 SIP128 IP-PT64 Traditional Max. w/ DXDP w/o DXDP SLT Max PT Max PT w/ DXDP PT w/o DXDP IP-PT CS PS (w/o MEC/ w/ MEC) 512/512

14 “ KX-TDE600 Compatibility PRI (TDA0290) BRI-4 (TDA0284) BRI-8 (TDA0288) CID (CO:TDA0193) E1 (TDA0188) ELCOT-16 (TDA6181) Card CID/PAY8 (TDA0189) IP-GW4 (TDA0480) IP-GW4E (TDA0484) IP-GW16E (TDA0490) Yes TDA600 Yes TDE600 Yes No Yes IPCMEC (TDE0105)YesNo - Compatibility with TDA600 option cards. (Trunk/System) EMEC (TDA6105)NoYes CardTDA600 PSU-L (TDA0103) Master-Sub (TDA6111) Yes TDE600 Yes Bus-Master (TDA6110)Yes PSU-M (TDA0104)Yes TDE600 does not support. - LCOT-4 (TDA0183) - LCOT-8 (TDA0180)

15 “ CSLC-16 (TDA0177) DHLC-8 (TDA0170) SLC-8 (TDA0173) DLC-16 (TDA0172) Card DLC-8 (TDA0171) CS-I/F (TDA0144/0143) TDE600 DPH-2 (TDA0162) DPH-4 (TDA0161) OPB-3 (TDA0190) Yes TDA600 Yes Echo-16 (TDA6166) CTI-LINK (TDA0410) IP-Ext-16 (TDA0470) MSG (TDA0191)Yes Remote (TDA0196)Yes Ext. CID (TDA0168) - Compatibility with TDA600 option cards. (Extension) ECMSLC-24 (TDA6178) ESLC-16 (TDA6174) EMSLC-16 (TDA6175) Card Yes No (*1) Yes TDA600TDE600 E-SVM-4 (TDA0194)Yes E-SVM-2 (TDA0192)Yes *1: IPCEMPR Card has the CTI link port. KX-TDE600 Compatibility TDE600 does not support. - SLC-16 (TDA0174) - SLC-16 (TDA0175) - ECHO-16 (TDA0166)

16 “ - Compatibility with TDE100/200 Activation keys. Feature Enhancement (NCS4950) 2-IP Trunk (NCS4102) New activation keys. 8-IP Soft-/IP-PT (NCS4208) Activation key No No (*1) Yes TDE100TDE600 KX-TDE600 Compatibility Feature Enhancement (NCS4910)YesNo 4-IP Trunk (NCS4104)Yes 1-IP Soft-/IP-PT (NCS4201)No (*1)Yes 8-IP-PT (NCS4508)Yes 1-IP-PT (NCS4501)No (*1)Yes 16-SIP Phone (NCS4716)Yes 1-SIP Phone (NCS4701)No (*1)Yes *1: TDE100/200 MPR 2.01 will support.

17 “ - Compatibility with TDE100/200 options. VoIP Encryption SD card (TDES61) VoIP Encryption SD card (TDES01) DSP-64 (TDE0111) No Yes DSP-16 (TDE0110)Yes TDE100TDE600 Yes No Yes KX-TDE600 Compatibility

18 “ All Activation products of TDE600 All Activation products of NCP No Yes No NCPTDE600 KX-TDE600 Compatibility All Hardware of TDE600 All Hardware of NCP No Yes No - Compatibility with NCP500/1000

19 System Connection TDE600 & TDE620 TDE600 TDA6110 (BUS-M) TDE600 TDE620/TDA620 Cable Power unit LPR Cards TDA6110 (BUS-M) TDA6111 (BUS-M-Sub) TDA6111 (BUS-M-Sub) A cable is packed in BUS-M (TDA6110), BUS-M-Sub (TDA6111) TDE620/TDA620 TDA620 Software should be or later.

20 Activation Key

21 “ - Issuing TDE600 activation key procedure is the same as TDE100/200. URL:


23 “ KX-TDE600 IPCEMPR (TDE6101) - KX-TDE6101: MPR card for TDA600. (KX-TDE600 has KX-TDE6101) -KX-TDE0105 Memory Expansion Card for IPCEMPR Build-in Memory Card

24 “ KX-TDE0105 (IPCMEC) Feature Items TDE600 MPR 2.0TDA600 MPR 5.0 W/o TDE0105 W/TDE0105W/o MECW/MEC 4 Party Conference With Broadcasting. Yes NoYes System Speed Dial 1000/Tenant x /Tenant x /Tenant x 32 Station Speed Dial 100/Ext. Yes NoYes Hotel-SMDR for check out Calls8000 CallsNo8000 Calls SDMR buffer1000 Calls4000 Calls1000 Calls4000 Calls Quick Dial 8Digit, 4000 entries Yes Max. Number of PS

25 The procedure detailed below is for your reference regarding the addition of a IPCMEC card to a previously installed TDE Save the current system data from the TDE to the SD card 2. Save the current system data from the SD card to your PC. 3. Power off the TDE and remove the preinstalled MEC card. 4. Install an IPCEMEC to the TDE. 5. Power on with initial initializing steps. 6. Connect the PCMC and initialize the TDE. 7. Upload the system data to the TDE. Procedure adding IPCMEC “ Note: When the preinstalled memory card is removed, all recorded SMDR data will be lost. Therefore, it is recommended to output the SMDR data before removing the preinstalled memory card. Important

26 TDE600 Software

27 “ TDE600 supports, TDA600 MPR 5.0 Features. - KX-TDA0158 (8ch-CS) - KX-TDA6178 (24-SLT) - 8 digits VM integration - KX-TDA0192/4 (ESVM) - Moving From SVM to DISA - High Quality OGM Record to ESVM TDE100 MPR 2.0 Feature. - T.38

28 “ TDE600 Software Modified/New Functions/Features 1 VM-Group Ext. number can be assigned as transfer re-call destination. 2Intercept function performs an extension which set call forward to CO. 3Auto recovery function for Busy-out (Analogue line). 4Two CLIP on an Extension. 5Check-OUT not ready mode (Hotel feature) is supported. 6System error activates an external relay. 7PRI CNIP with the name of extension.

29 “ Software Enhancement Plan TDE600 NCP500 NCP1000 TDA30 TDA100 TDA200 TDA600 TDE100 TDE200 Transfer re-call to VM-Group (5.0) (?)(3.0) Intercept for Call- FWD to CO (5.0) (?)(3.0) Busy-out Auto recovery function (5.0) (?)(3.0) Two CLIP on an Extension. 2.0(?)(5.0) (?)(3.0) Check-OUT not ready mode (5.0) (?)(3.0) System error activates an external relay (5.0) (?)(3.0) PRI CNIP2.01.0N/A(5.0)(?)(3.0) ( ) = Planed MPR version

30 PCMC for TDE600

31 “ Please use U-PCMC Ver. 4

32 “ PCMC for TDE600 Now file

33 “ PCMC for TDE600 Connect

34 Upgrade TDA/TDE to TDE600

35 “ Upgrade to TDE600 Update from TDA600 The following items are necessary for the upgrade: Model/NameDescription KX-TDE6101 (IPCEMPR) IP Convergence Main Processing Card The main processing card for controlling the Pure IP- PBX (KX-TDE600). This card comes with an SD Memory Card and 2 ferrite cores included. KX-TDE0110 (DSP16) 16-Channel VoIP DSP Card Digital signal processor (DSP) cards to be mounted on the IPCMPR/IPCEMPR card. Depending on the number and the type of IP trunks and IP telephones you wish to use, either the DSP16 or DSP64 card is selected to be installed. Note The following activation keys are pre-installed: 4-Channel IP Trunk Activation Key: 1 for DSP16; 4 for DSP64 8-Channel IP Proprietary Telephone Activation Key: 1 for DSP16; 4 for DSP64 KX-TDE0111 (DSP64) 64-Channel VoIP DSP Card

36 “ We can upgrade from TDA100/200/600/TDE100/200 to TDE600. The origin PBX System data is only versions of TDA100/200 TDA600 (MPR 5.0xxx), TDE100/200 (MPR 2.0). TDE600 System Data Upgrade to TDE600 TDA600 MPR 5.0 TDE100/200 MPR 2.0 PCMC Data Converter System data converter (By PCMC)

37 “ Not Possible TDA100/200 MPR x.x TDA600 MPR 3.0 TDE100/200 MPR 1.0 Upgrade to TDE600 TDA600 MPR 5.0 TDE100/200 MPR 2.0 PCMC Data Converter Data Convert PCMC Data Converter Upgrade from TDA100/200 MPR x.x, TDA600 MPR 1.0, TDE100/200 MPR 1.0 to TDE600. TDE600 System Data

38 “ Upgrade to TDE600 TDE600 requirements - SLC16 is converted to ESLC16 automatically. - MSLC16 is converted to EMSLC16 automatically. - LCOT16 is converted to ELCOT16 automatically. The following card has to be removed and the card data has to be deleted before system data convert. - LCOT-4 (TDA0183) - LCOT-8 (TDA0180) - VoIP-4 (TDA0480) - ECHO-16 (TDA0166) - CTI Link card (TDA0410) - Any card in Slot 11 PCMC data convert conditions - Card configuration of TDE600 should be same as TDA/TDE. - If the MEC card is installed in the TDA, IPCMEC should be install.

39 “ The TDA SD memory card (TDA30/100/200: 32M, TDA600:64M) used in the TDA cannot be used TDE600 (128M). The SD memory card contains software for all the processes of the PBX and all the customer data. It can be easily removed and taken away from the PBX by a third party. Therefore, do not allow un-authorized access to prevent data leakage. To prevent data leakage, render the SD Memory Card physically unusable before disposal. Upgrade to TDE600 Note:

40 “ Incoming Call Log Outgoing Call Log (including Last Number Redial) Message Waiting SMDR Advice of Charge (AOC)/Pay Tone Hospitality guest billing data ICD Group monitor log for supervisor PBX date and time Timed Reminder LPR Timed Update time Daily test start time PT handset/headset volume PT SP-PHONE volume PT ring volume PT display contrast ICD Group login status Upgrade to TDE600 Data Reset After Upgrade

41 “ ICD Group login status (All extensions are set to Login by default.) ICD Group Ready/Not Ready status (All extensions are set to Ready by default.) Live Call Screening (LCS) On/Off Hands-free Answerback status Absent Message status of extensions (Absent Message data itself is not cleared.) FWD/DND status (FWD destinations are not cleared.) Extension Lock/Remote Extension Lock Extension PIN Lock/Extension PIN Lock counter Verified Code PIN Lock/Verified Code PIN Lock counter Password Lock counter for Remote System Programming PBX Error Log Digital Trunk Error Report data Upgrade to TDE600

42 Upgrade Steps

43 “ 1- Back up the current system data. 2- Back up the current OGM files 3- Open the current system data by batch mode. 4- Delete the following card from the system data - LCOT-4 (TDA0183) - LCOT-8 (TDA0180) - VoIP-4 (TDA0480) - ECHO-16 (TDA0166) - CTI Link card (TDA0410) - Any card in Slot Save the system data. Upgrade to TDE600 This steps is operated by the PCMC, but PCC recommends this step by manually.

44 “ 6- Convert the saved system data file for use with the TDE600. Upgrade to TDE Open U-PCMC Select “By file” 6.3- Select “PBX” - TDA600 → TDE600 - TDE100/200 → TDE Click “Next” 6.2- Click

45 “ Upgrade to TDE Select source file (TDA600 MPR 5.0 or TDE100/200 MPR 2.0) and click “OK” 6.7- Select destination file and click “OK” The source file is automatically converted the TDE600 system data. 7- Set up a new TDE600, or TDA600 [TDA600] Remove the current MPR card from the TDA600 and Install the IPCEMPR Card with either the DSP16/DSP64 Card mounted, in the TDA Slide the System Initialize Switch to the "SYSTEM INITIALIZE" position. 9- Turn on the power to the PBX. 10- Connect the U-PCMC to the TDE Quick set up. 12- Transfer the converted TDE600 data to the TDE by U-PCMC.

46 “ Upgrade to TDE Activate the user DGSYS from the PC. Select “Utility” - ”System Reset” - “Reset by the Command” Select Important Click “OK”

47 “ [ Final settings ] TDA Flash ROM - PGMPR DGSYS (2.0 User) SD Card - PGMPR DGSYS (2.0 User) - DGSYS_SUB (2.0) MPR.2.0 Upgrade to TDE600

48 Upgrade Steps (TDA620 to TDE620)

49 “ Upgrade from TDA620 to TDE Check the present BUS-S software version. Should be 2.0xx

50 “ 2- Transfer the BUS-S software (2.0xx) to the SD card. pbuss_v02xx.bin Upgrade from TDA620 to TDE SD Card - PGMPR DGSYS (2.0 User) - PBUSS 2.0 MPR.2.0

51 “ Click to “OUS” 3- Set the TDA620 to “OUS” mode. Upgrade from TDA620 to TDE620 -3

52 “ 4-2 Click 4- Transfer the BUS-S software (2.0xx) to the TDA Select 4-3 Select 4-4 Click Upgrade from TDA620 to TDE620 -4

53 “ 4-5 Click 4-6 Click Present Software version Upgrade from TDA620 to TDE620 -5

54 “ Click “OUS” 4-7 Click 4-8 Click Upgrade from TDA620 to TDE620 -6

55 “ 4-9 Click Upgrade from TDA620 to TDE620 -7

56 “ 5- Set the TDA620 to “INS” mode. Click to “INS” Upgrade from TDA620 to TDE620 -8

57 “ 6- Check the present BUS-S software version. Should be 2.0xx Upgrade from TDA620 to TDE620 -9

58 Thank you very much !

59 Modification: from 20080xxxx-01 TDE600 (MPR 2.0).ppt to TDE600 (MPR 2.0).ppt Add Page 4, 20-21,34, 49, 50, To TDE600 (MPR 2.0).ppt Modify Page Page 14, 16, 59, 64 To TDE600 (MPR 2.0).ppt Modify Page Page, 9 13

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