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Youth Education Program Central Oregon Flyfisher MARCH 21, 2012.

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1 Youth Education Program Central Oregon Flyfisher MARCH 21, 2012

2 Kokanee Karnival Partners

3 Mission Statement Provide a dynamic, hands-on learning experience to educate and excite elementary school children about clean water, healthy watersheds, and fish conservation, while promoting good citizenship and community stewardship.

4 About Kokanee Karnival Successful, effective, volunteer driven for 15 years Provides students in Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson counties with natural resource education opportunities Incorporates field trip, hands-on learning experiences, and yearlong classroom activities Helps students achieve Oregon Department of Education benchmarks Staffed by volunteers from partners COF donated 1,565 hours in 2010 All partners more than 2,000 hours Received a Proclamation of recognition from Bend City Council in 2011 for our work with students

5 Our Objectives For Students Learn about salmon and trout life cycle Observe and understand components of good fish habitat Understand a where a fish fits in the food chain Learn about the role of fish hatcheries Understand the importance of caring for the watershed Learn about fish biology, water safety, angling skills, and regulations Develop skills in math, graphing, and data collection

6 Kokanee Karnival Programs Elective Level Open to all grades with focus on 3 rd to 5 th grades Choose to participate in one or more classroom projects: - Angler Education - Fish Eggs to Fry - Fish Dissection - Community Stewardship Project Can volunteer without Angler Education Training Leader needs to be approved by ODFW to volunteer in classrooms One day course in Angler Education Background check by State

7 Kokanee Karnival Programs Comprehensive Level Restricted to 4 th and 5 th grade students Required to participate in all Electives Streamside Experience in Fall Angling Clinic Experience in Spring Can volunteer without Angler Education training

8 Kokanee Karnival Volunteers New volunteers are teamed with experienced volunteers You will not be alone We will provide you with written information to help You can get more information on our website at

9 Each student gets a package prior to presentation Certified Anglers Education Instructors Principles of stewardship Basic fishing education Ethical conduct Water safety ODFW rules Knot tying Team consists of leader and support volunteer Team leader delivers materials Leader and support volunteer make the 2 hour education presentation Team leader is a Certified Angling Instructor Classroom Projects – Angler Education

10 Classroom Projects – Fish Eggs to Fry Each class has 200 eggs in a KK supplied incubator Hatch trout, steelhead, or salmon eggs in the classroom Monitor water quality daily Release fry into approved water body Volunteer delivers eggs and gives a brief presentation

11 Each student gets a fish to dissect Learn basic fish anatomy and physiology Examine internal and external features Some teachers do it all, if not Kokanee Karnival leader for each class Classroom Projects – Fish dissection

12 Complete one or more projects that demonstrate caring for natural resources Kokanee Karnival leader needs to advise of potential stewardship projects Classroom Projects – Community Stewardship

13 Comprehensive Program Streamside Experience These are the programs where we need the most help from volunteers 14 classes in program Fall program Conducted in third week of September 10 classes go to Sheep Bridge (Deschutes River) or Brown’s Creek and the Fall River Hatchery - Two classes a day, each spends 1/2 day at each site 4 classes go to Spring Creek (Metolius River) - One class a day spends full day at site

14 Streamside Experience Program Mainly staffed by COF volunteers Half day at Sheep Bridge or Browns Creek Observe spawning kokanee salmon in their natural habitat Learn about - salmon life cycle - The Incredible Journey - fish habitat - Comforts of Home - food requirements - Nature’s Restaurant Connect natural fish spawning and development process to the Fish Eggs to Fry classroom project

15 Hatchery Experience – Fall River Hatchery Staffed by Sunriver Anglers volunteers Half day at hatchery Learn about the role of Oregon’s hatcheries - hatchery operations - broodfish - how fish are transported - incubation - eggs and milt spawning - feeding and growth - liberation and stocking

16 Streamside Experience – Spring Creek Mainly staffed by COF volunteers Field trip to Spring Creek – full day at creek Observe spawning kokanee salmon in their natural habitat Learn about - salmon life cycle - water quality dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH - macroinvertebrates - stream habitat

17 Angling Clinic Experience Education stations mainly staffed by COF volunteers SRA staffs lunch We need a minimum of 12 volunteers a day for the seven days of the program April participation in a day-long field trip to Shevlin Park Learn about: -fish biology - casting and water safety -knot tying -fishing gear -angling skills Lunch and fishing with mentors We clean the fish and issue First Fish Certificates

18 Conclusion We need your help to make Kokanee Karnival successful and to provide the students with a meaningful and educational fun experience. Questions

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