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Wouxun KG-U3VD HT Roger Reini, KD8CSE March 8, 2012.

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1 Wouxun KG-U3VD HT Roger Reini, KD8CSE March 8, 2012

2 Overview Wouxun (O-Shing) is a Chinese electronics manufacturer that has made a name for itself with low-cost commercial and amateur HT transceivers Popular items at Dayton Hamvention, vendors sell out

3 Overview of KG-U3VD Dual-band transceiver Available in 2m/220 MHz or 2m/70cm models Receives from 76-108 MHz, 136-174 MHz, 216-280 MHz (220 version), 350-470 MHz (one 440 version), 420-520 MHz (other 440 version) Power: VHF, 5W/1W; UHF, 4W/1W

4 Features of KG-U3VD 1700 mAh battery 128 memory locations A bright LED flashlight VOX More info: m/wouxun-radios/kg-uv3d- dual-band.html#desc m/wouxun-radios/kg-uv3d- dual-band.html#desc

5 Quirks of KG-U3VD Antenna connector is SMA but reversed: male is recessed in body, antenna uses female 3 rd -party accessory availability increasing Manual programming VERY difficult; most resort to programming via computer, which is fairly simple

6 Programming the KG-U3VD Windows-only software Bare-bones, but gets the job done Table format makes it easy to enter the frequencies, PL tones, etc. Again, offsets are not automatically calculated

7 Screen Grabs

8 Screen Grabs pt. 2

9 Screen Grabs pt. 3

10 My Experience Manual programming is very difficult (I wouldn’t bother, frankly), but programming via PC and USB cable is easy Have to program the offset frequencies yourself; you can program incorrect offsets if you’re not careful Default value on time-out timer (60 s) is too short; affected my net participation. Can be changed, though Performance is good on 2m and on 220 MHz Price point makes it a very attractive buy

11 More information Wouxun site: Powerwerx (distributor): A link to how difficult manual programming is:

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