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Practice based evidence Kuladharini Director Scottish Recovery Consortium.

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1 Practice based evidence Kuladharini Director Scottish Recovery Consortium

2 Five years of Recovery “The Power of Recovery” (Personal communication with Phillip Valentine, Executive Director, CCAR, Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery) “Normal People” “Recovering People” “Long Term Recovery” “Better than well” “A grateful addict/alcoholic” “Model citizens” “Early Recovery” “5 years+ In recovery” Time Potential Effective treatment. Changing lives

3 Acute/ Model recovery model Chaos of Addiction Initiation Into Recovery Establish Recovery Sustaining Recovery Stable Recovery Acute Model Goal: Prevent early death / spread of disease Acute Model Qualities: Heavy on experts by qualification, training High cost interventions focussed on chaos of addiction / recovery initiation Problem focussed, crisis driven Recovery Model Goal: Initiate excellent recovery journeys – Sustain long term recovery in the community Recovery Model Qualities: Contribute across all areas equally Asset, strength, solution focussed Heavy on lived experience in staff and processes Low cost intervention across first five years

4 Contributions to first year of recovery Initiation Establish 6-12 months Establish 3-6 months Sustain Assertive Case management Strength based assessment tools Mutual Aid WITR What is your vision of recovery Connect with lived experience of recovery The Basics Choice of Model Mutual Aid WITR Recovery programmes Structure Mutual Aid WITR Steps to excellence 9 dimensions of recovery RAFT/ ARC/ SWAN/ PAST etc. Mutual Aid WITR Recovery Support groups Rehab Grads Sustain programme After care- SERAG/ CC Recovery Colleges Recovery networks Mutual Aid Chaos

5 a dynamic charge in the treatment system No need to wait for permission System based approaches New world, new relationships The individual matters! Recovery

6 Never doubt that a small group of committed, thoughtful individuals can change the world Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has! M. Mead

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