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Assistive Technology for Kansans March 2010 1Kansas University Lifespan Institute.

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1 Assistive Technology for Kansans March 2010 1Kansas University Lifespan Institute

2  Track services  Track inventory  Support follow-up with consumers  Record time spent/billable hours  Record presentations  Support outcome data collection  Real time entry  Multiple users/ multiple sites  Generate reports for multiple funding agencies 2Kansas University Lifespan Institute

3  AT Programs have offered to share their databases  KS database supports all activities except Alternative Finance Program (supports other state financing activities)  Linux application with a web interface developed by AgoraNet. AgoraNet will customize (approx. $1,500) and will host for a fee.  MS, UT, and MD are currently using this database 3 Kansas University Lifespan Institute

4  To have access to AT, individuals and entities must demonstrate one of the following: 1) be aware that AT exists, 2) have information to determine whether (or not) they need AT, or 3) have information to choose the appropriate device or service.  Increased acquisition is achieved when persons obtain AT for long term use despite barriers such as prohibitive cost. It can be achieved through reuse and State or private financing efforts. ◦ Focus on community living, education, employment and Information Technology. 4Kansas University Lifespan Institute

5  Lead agency: University of Kansas, Center on Developmental Disabilities – Parsons  Multiple funding sources (AgrAbility, DED projects, Medicaid, and other state grants)  Database designed to supports UCEDD efforts as well as additional state and federal grants (You’ll notice demographic data and specific fields in presentation data that are necessary for NIRS data entry.) 5Kansas University Lifespan Institute

6 6 n Western AT Access Site, NW Educational Service Center, Oakley n SW Kansas sector, Center for Independent Living of SW Kansas, 800-295-4122 n North Central AT Access Site, OCCK, Salina n South Central AT Access Site, SKIL, Wichita n Northeast AT Access Site, Independence Inc., Lawrence n SE AT Access Site, SKIL, Parsons n Management, Kansas University Center on Disabilities – Parsons 800-KAN DO IT 800-526-3648

7  Device Demonstration: hands-on opportunity to review device features and try out a range of possible technology solutions with staff knowledgeable about a range of devices in that AT category.  Short Term Device Loan: individual borrows devices for a short period of time to determine if it meets their needs. Devices are shipped to the individual and technical assistance is available. Kansas University Lifespan Institute7

8  Device Reutilization: individual requests a high quality, refurbished piece of durable medical equipment at no cost.  State Financing: assistance in determining eligibility for public and private sources of funding for AT devices and services. Staff provide assistance in identifying possible funding options, assist with eligibility paperwork, gather needed documentation, write justifications and help with appeals when needed. Kansas University Lifespan Institute8

9  Information and Assistance: specific AT product information or technical assistance that addresses the individual’s needs is provided.  Assessment: comprehensive review of individual’s needs in daily settings to determine AT devices that allow them to meet personal goals.  Training: instruction in how to maintain and use an AT device or multiple component system. Focus is on developing the competency individuals need so they can complete educational assignments, compete with co- workers, live independently in their homes or attain some other level of independence. Kansas University Lifespan Institute9

10  Communication  Daily Living  Vision  Hearing  Learning, Cognition, Developmental  Environmental Adaptations  Mobility, Seating, Positioning  Computers and Related  Vehicle Modification and Transportation  Recreation, Sports and Leisure Equipment Kansas University Lifespan Institute10

11 11 Kansas University Lifespan Institute

12 12 Kansas University Lifespan Institute

13 ResponseAT Primarily for Education AT Primarily for Employment AT for Community Living AT for IT/ Telecom Total Will meet needs 42181392201 Will not meet needs 7320131 Subtotal49211593232 Have not made a decision 6423033 Subtotal55251823265 Nonrespondent00202 Total55251843267 Performance on measure 89.09%84.00%86.41%100.00%86.8 9% 13 Kansas University Lifespan Institute

14 ResponseAT Needed for Education AT Needed for Employment AT Needed for Community Living Total Only afford through AT Program 4021150211 Was only available through AT Program 4242470 Was avail. but system too complex, too long 68121898 Subtotal15037192379 None of the above 486173 Subtotal15445253452 Nonrespondent232429 Total17747257481 14 Kansas University Lifespan Institute

15 15 Kansas University Lifespan Institute

16 16Kansas University Lifespan Institute

17 17Kansas University Lifespan Institute

18 18Kansas University Lifespan Institute

19 19Kansas University Lifespan Institute

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21 21Kansas University Lifespan Institute

22 22Kansas University Lifespan Institute

23 23Kansas University Lifespan Institute

24 24 Kansas University Lifespan Institute

25 25Kansas University Lifespan Institute

26 26Kansas University Lifespan Institute

27 27Kansas University Lifespan Institute

28 28Kansas University Lifespan Institute

29   Try it out…create customers, enter equipment, transfer equipment, generate customer goals.  Questions at this point? 29Kansas University Lifespan Institute

30  Contact information: 620-421-8367 30Kansas University Lifespan Institute

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