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Semantic multimedia annotation tool Tutorial authors : Batatia, Piombo

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1 Semantic multimedia annotation tool Tutorial authors : Batatia, Piombo

2 2 Introduction The aim of this document is to provide some material to help pedagogical partners to use SMAT. The scenario described below provides an example of video annotation by two groups of students.

3 3 SMAT scenario Let us consider that a teacher plans to make a video annotation sequence with two groups of 2 students. They must use the following scenario: - encode the video to the FLV format - use SMAT to annotate the FLV video

4 4 Encode the video The current version of SMAT supports video streaming from the Adobe Flash Media Server (FMS). Various freeware software tools exist to perform conversion from any video format to FLV. One of them is Riva FLV encoder ( telechargement-30116-0-riva-flv-encoder.html). telechargement-30116-0-riva-flv-encoder.html

5 5 Annotating video with SMAT o create teacher and students logins (teacher and students) o upload the FLV video (teacher) o select a FLV video (teacher) o structure the FLV video (teacher) o give video access rights to students (teacher) o configure the annotation sequence (teacher) o annotate the video (students) o visualize the annotations (teacher and students)

6 6 Creation of logins Before you can use SMAT, you must create an account for each user Provide a login and password. Submit to the data to the system by clicking the “New User” button This will create the user and if the creation was successful, the user is automatically logged in. Click on this icon to see the video

7 7 Login the teacher The user must type in their login and password and click the “Login” button

8 8 Upload the video Any user can upload his/her FLV video to the server. To perform this, the teacher proceeds as follow: 1.Click the “upload” button 2.Select the video into the local file system 3.Click “open”

9 9 Select a FLV video This list shows all content items for which the user has access. Each content item can consist of various parts Selecting a clip will preview the video on the right hand side of the screen When the selection is done, the user must “choose next activity” to proceed with SMAT.

10 10 Here the user must first choose his/her role Next the user chooses what he/she wants to do –structure a video –configure an annotation –annotate a video –visualize annotations When selection is done, the user clicks “Start activity” to proceed. Choose activity

11 11 The displayed screen composes of three zones: Zone 1: list of clips defined into the content item. You can add, rename or delete a clip. Zone 2: the user can use controls to adjust the video clip start and end time. Zone 3: in this zone, the user selects the other users allowed to view this clip. Zone 1 Zone 3 Zone 2 Structure the video

12 12 Define Clip You can : Add a clip by clicking “Add Clip” button. Rename a clip by double clicking the clip. Delete a clip by clicking “Delete Clip” button. Zone 1

13 13 Edition of segment size To modify the size of the segment for a clip, the leader should: 1.Select the segment in the Zone1 2.Click the button 3.Move the sliders on the time line 4.Click a second time the button 1 2 and 4 3

14 14 Define authorized users To define users allowed to view this clip : 1.Select a clip. 2.Select the users. 3.Click the “save the list” button to submit the rights. Do this work for each clip. You can reload the users allowed by clicking on the “Undo” button. Click on the “Return to the activity choice” button to go back at the “Choice activity” screen. 1 2 3

15 15 Configure the annotation sequence Usually, when the clips are created, the next step will be the configuration of the annotation session. 1.Clicks on “configure the annotation session”. 2.When selection is done, the teacher clicks “Start activity” to proceed.

16 16 Edition of phase and sequence When you select a clip, you can see the users authorized to participate to annotate it. You can add and delete sequences or phases by selecting the operation into the dropdown menu. You can rename sequences or phases by double clicking on the item.

17 17 Annotate the video Login as a student Select the clip Start the “annotate the contentItem” activity as member. The following screen appears : the phase. the tab “Manage Annotation Session”.

18 18 Manage Annotation Session Here you can : Read and control the video using these buttons. Add annotation in textual or graphic mode. Add optionally a graphical fragment ( or ) onto the image Graphical version of the ontology

19 19 1.When the desired image is reached, click on the pause button 2.Click on the button to begin the annotation. 3.Select the type of annotation (semantic or informal) 4.Select the value (or type the text in the case of informal annotation) 5.Add optionally a graphical fragment 6.( or ) onto the image. 7.Click again on the button to terminate the annotation mode 8.The annotation appears in the table on the bottom of the screen If you click on the, the annotation is deleted. Add an Annotation

20 20 Visualize annotations Log in with the teacher login. Choose the clip to analyse Choose the leader role and the “visualise annotations” option. 1.Select the phase to analyse 2.Click on the tab “visualize annotations” or “statistics”

21 21 All the annotations made into the phase are displayed. You can now click on one of the lines into the table to go to the annotation. Visualize annotations screen

22 22 The statistics view offers the possibility to display statistical results about the occurrence of annotations. 1.Select the type of data to analyse (userRole, ontology, concept or value) 2.Click on the button “Submit” 3.See the table result into the tab “table of statistic” or a graphical result into the tab “global stats Pie chart”. Statistics of annotation

23 23 Statistic Screen Table of statisticGlobal stats Pie chart

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