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Supplier Information Template

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1 Supplier Information Template
Suppliers: We offer this standard template for your company’s initial introduction. This assists National Supplier Diversity in presenting your company to our key contacts. Feel free to use your own colors & logos. Please include the title of the person you typically meet with in your sales calls (See slide 8) Supplier Information Template Presentation to Kaiser Permanente by Name, Title Date, Year

2 Contents Corporate snapshot Products/services description
Geographical footprint KP and/or healthcare projects Client list Key contact Appendix - additional information

3 Corporate snapshot Background and management – include years in business, simple organization chart Diverse ownership certification statement- cite if certified by NCMSDC & WBENC Financial and operating metrics – three years revenue Value proposition –your mission or declarative statement on your company’s value

4 Products/Services description
Provide services/products offered (bullet point descriptions) with a breakdown of where revenue comes from, in percentages

5 Geographical Footprint
For your information: Kaiser Permanente’s regions include: California, Hawaii, Oregon, Colorado, Georgia and Mid Atlantic (Washington, DC and parts of Maryland) Describe your geographical market areas

6 KP and/or Healthcare Projects
If applicable, state any projects/business with Kaiser Permanente, or other healthcare organizations

7 Client list Provide client list

8 Key contact & Your Typical Corporate Contact
Name and contact information for key point of contact Title of the typical person you contact in a company (example: Sourcing Director in Marketing, or Construction Director in Facilities. This will help us in our referring you to the right contact at Kaiser Permanente!)

9 Other Information If appropriate, include additional pertinent information, e.g. Green/environmental initiatives Supplier diversity additional information (copy of certificate) ISO certifications Insurance and bonding information * * * * *

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