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KU Alzheimer’s Disease Center— The Executive Director’s Perspective Anne Arthur, BSN, MS, APRN-BC KU Alzheimer’s Disease Center Executive Director

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1 KU Alzheimer’s Disease Center— The Executive Director’s Perspective Anne Arthur, BSN, MS, APRN-BC KU Alzheimer’s Disease Center Executive Director

2 Objectives Discuss the history of the KU Alzheimer’s Disease Center (KU ADC) Identify the accomplishments of the KU ADC since inception Explore ways the KU ADC can support investigators

3 History of the ADC NIA-Division of Neuroscience Established in 1984 Goal: promote research network on AD 29 centers in the US National meetings twice a year

4 Alzheimer’s Disease Centers (ADC)—29

5 Timeline 1985199019952000200520102015 NIA establishes ADCs (1984)KU ADC Funded (1991-1996)Dr. Jeffrey Burns joins faculty(2004)Dr. Russell Swerdlow joins faculty (2007) ADC resubmission to NIA (2010) KU ADC funded (8/15/2011) ADC application to NIA (2009)

6 KU ADC Director: Russell Swerdlow 7 Cores Aims 1-Support AD, AD-related, and brain aging research projects 2-Provide advanced services that facilitate ground- breaking metabolism research

7 KU ADC Structure Administrative Core Clinical Core Data Management and Statistics Core Neuropathology Core Education and Information Transfer Core Neuroimaging Core Mitochondria Genomics and Metabolism Core KU ADC-Specific Cores

8 Administrative Core Leader: Russell Swerdlow, MD Goals – Provides oversight to the KU ADC – Promotes AD, MCI and brain aging research Pilot Program Resource Request – Expands KUs base of clinical, translational and basic science investigators Collaborative REsearch Workgroup (CREW) meetings

9 Advisory Boards Internal Advisory Board Randy Nudo Carol Cleek Joseph Donnelly Paul Terranova Peter Smith Richard Barohn Steven Warren Susan Kemper Robert Krumlauf External Advisory Board Charles DeCarli Angela Jefferson Nigel Cairns Walter Kukull Thomas Montine William Jagust Teresa Radebaugh

10 Projects Supported 18 Federal – 2 P01 (Michaelis, Kouhlen) – 7 R01 (Burns, Williams, Berman, Zhu) 15 Foundation 5 Training awards 11 Therapeutic trials – ADCS – Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation – Pharmaceutical

11 Clinical Core Leader: Jeffrey Burns, MD Goals – Cohort of nondemented, MCI and AD subjects – Support and encourage collaborative interdisciplinary studies Data Biological specimens Clinical research infrastructure – Burns elected to National ADC Steering Committee and ADC Clinical Task Force

12 Clinical Core 400 well-characterized participants NormalMCIADTotal Age> 60 y.o.Any age Enrolled to date 1195158234 Goal200100 400

13 Clinical Core Evaluation Clinical Evaluation (CDR) Memory Testing Labs/ Physical Function Testing/ DEXA Visit 1 Visit 2 Visit 3 Yearly Every 3 years

14 Data Collection Clinical Evaluation – Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR) Scale – Neurological Exam Memory testing Physical Function testing DEXA scan MMSE Logical Memory I & II Digit Span Forwards/Backwards Category Fluency Trailmaking A & B Digit Symbol Boston Naming Test Block Design Stroop Free and Cued SRT Letter Number Sequencing

15 Specimen Collection Processed and stored in the Biospecimen Shared Resource (BSR) Center Plasma Buffy Coat Platelets Serum Whole Blood Cell-free Plasma Cybrid Cell Lines DNA RNA

16 National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center (NACC) Established by NIA in 1999 Support all ADCs Database for clinical and neuropath data Partners – National Alzheimer’s Disease Cell Repository (NCRAD) – Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics Consortium (ADGC) Free to investigators

17 Data/Specimen Sharing KU ADC National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center (NACC) National Cell Repository for Alzheimer’s Disease (NCRAD)/Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics Consortium (ADGC) Clinical and Cognitive data DNA

18 Data Management and Statistics Core Leader: Jonathan Mahnken, PhD Goals – Provide statistical expertise – Develop Data and Information Management and Monitoring Systems Mahnken elected to NACC Scientific Review Committee 2011-2014 Present national ADC meeting 10/2012


20 Neuropathology Core Leader: Kathy Newell, MD Goals – Autopsy human brain tissue from Clinical Core participants – Autopsy animal models – Neuropathological consultation and specimen sharing

21 Scanning and Imaging Aperio Digital Scanning SystemNikon Eclipse 80i + Metamorph

22 Brain Autopsy Program Clinical Core participants Demented/non-demented brains Neuropathology Case Conference – 2 nd Thursday odd months, 4-5p, 1605 Surgical Pathology, Microscope Room 2

23 Education & Information Transfer Core Leader: Heather Anderson, MD Goals – Recruit/retain subjects KU ADC Clinical Core cohort Clinical Trial Unit (CTU) – Train students and health professionals – Increase awareness of AD and the KU ADC

24 Recruitment/Retention Presentations Newsletters Social Media – Facebook – Twitter – Electronic newsletter Birthday Cards Annual Appreciation Breakfast

25 Recruitment Sources

26 Recruitment Flow Clinical Core Ed Core Clinical Trial Unit Investigator- Initiated studies

27 Education/Outreach Seminar Series on Health, Aging and Dementia – Partner with LCOA and GPGEC Alzheimer’s and Aging Research Colloquium – Partner with LCOA and GPGEC Healthy Aging Symposium – Partner with JCCC Annual Appreciation Breakfast Lectures/presentations Student observership


29 Neuroimaging Core Leader: William Brooks, PhD Goals – Advanced scientific support and subsidized scans for AD research – Advanced training and education in imaging – Develop novel imaging techniques for studies in AD

30 Hoglund Brain Imaging Center Instrumentation – 3 Tesla Siemens Skyra human MRI scanner – 9.4T Varian/Agilent animal MRI scanner – PET/CT Scanner (General Electric DST) (including cyclotron CTI (Siemens RDS 111) – 151-channel whole-head CTF MEG unit (including simultaneous 160 channel EEG)

31 Novel Imaging Techniques Translation of imaging protocols to new 3T scanner Glutathione (GSH) spectroscopic imaging sequence Vitamin C spectroscopic imaging sequence under development Neurochemical profile from MRS

32 Mitochondrial Genomics & Metabolism Core Leaders: Eli Michaelis, MD, PhD & Mary L. Michaelis, PhD Goals – Prepare mitochondria, protein extracts, DNA, and RNA – Prepare cybrid cell lines – Perform mtDNA sequencing and 8-OH-2-dG measurements – Assist in AD mitochondrial research

33 Support for Investigators Pilot Grant Program Resource Requests Collaborative REsearch Workgroup (CREW) Meetings

34 Pilot Grant Program 3-4 grants awarded annually (July 1 st ) – Dr. Nudo, Landon COA, funded 1 project yr 1 & 2 $30,000 awarded/grant RFA 2 nd week in December New and established investigators eligible to apply Contact: Eric Vidoni, PhD

35 Resource Requests Investigators conducting research on aging, MCI and AD can apply – Consultation – Services – Research materials disease-center/researcher- resources/researcher-resource-request.html


37 Biospecimen Resources Brain Tissue Buffy Coat Cell-free Plasma Cybrid Cell Lines DNA RNA Muscle Plasma Platelets Serum Whole Blood

38 Database Access Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center Kansas University Brain Aging Project

39 Metabolism & Mitochondria Resources Physical fitness, glucose tolerance, metabolic rate, and body composition testing Structural brain neuroimaging of humans and animals Metabolic neuroimaging of humans and animals (FDG PET, AV-45 and MRS) Biochemical assays Mitochondria, protein extracts, DNA, and RNA Cybrid cell lines mtDNA sequencing and 8-OH-2-dG measurements

40 CREW Meetings Collaborative REsearch Workgroup (CREW) meetings 3 rd Monday of every month in Clinical Research Center All investigators in aging and dementia welcome to attend

41 How you can help Refer study participants Collaborate with us Spread the word Cite us Complete REDCap survey for any KU ADC- affiliated publications, presentations, etc.

42 KU ADC Team Administrative Core Russell Swerdlow, MD Jeffrey Burns, MD Anne Arthur, APRN Eric Vidoni, PhD Brad Amstein, BS Clinical Core Jeffrey Burns, MD Anne Arthur, APRN Russell Swerdlow, MD Heather Anderson, MD David Johnson, PhD Phyllis Switzer Hilary Dubinsky, BS Diane Cunningham Ashley Thompson Education and Information Transfer Core Heather Anderson, MD Angela Van Sciver Mitochondrial, Genomics and Metabolism Core Eli Michaelis, MD, PhD Mary Lou Michaelis, PhD Russell Swerdlow, MD Xinkun Wang, PhD Data Management and Statistics Core Jonathan D. Mahnken, PhD Hung-Wen (Henry) Yeh, PhD Russ Waitman, PhD Bhargav Adagarla, MS Suzanne Hunt, MS Cathy Price, BS Mani Nair, MS, MBA Megan Parks, AA Dan Connolly, BS Alexandra Brown, BS Neuropathology Core Kathy Newell, MD Cynthia Gouvion Neuroimaging Core William Brooks, PhD In-Young Choi, PhD, MR Phil Lee, PhD, MR Laura Martin, PhD Cary Savage, PhD Reg Dusing, MD

43 How to Contact KU ADC KU Alzheimer’s Disease Center (913) 588-0555 Research Requests center/researcher-resources/researcher-resource-request.html Data Core

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