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Addressing GBV from a social media platform- Findings from LVCT one2one youth hotline 1 Building Partnerships, Transforming lives.

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1 Addressing GBV from a social media platform- Findings from LVCT one2one youth hotline 1 Building Partnerships, Transforming lives

2 Why social media Young people are highly Interested in social media Relatively high access to ICTs especially mobile phone and use of internet Evidence suggests that girls with the mastery of almost any level of ICTs increase their self-esteem and has spillover effects* Applications can target vulnerable youth to promote awareness despite cultural & social barriers, hence minimize stigma associated with discussing sexual practices, maximize comfort & efficacy. *(C. MarGadio, 2001) Building Partnerships, Transforming lives 2

3 Background Established and operational since June 2006 Hosts the only youth sexuality and sexual health hotline in Kenya Target audience 15-24yrs Provide Sexual, Reproductive Health &Rights and HIV/AIDS information to youth in general with a special focus to Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex Won Innovators award in 2008 and World Youth Summit award in 2011 Building Partnerships, Transforming lives 3

4 Building Partnerships, transforming lives4 Youth Programme’s component Integrated ICT platform – Telecounselling – Electronic media: Interactive radio program SMS tool Social networking Emails & real-time online chat – Print media: Problem pages in the Pulse and Insyder Magazines. Information Education and Communication Materials Targeted Youth friendly Service delivery Youth Support Group HIV Testing and Counselling Targeted services for hard to reach young girls San pads initiative Imani gals booklet One2one girl power booklet Research and policy work Building Partnerships, transforming lives 4

5 Tele-counselling Offer Toll-free, 12hours (8am-8pm)/ 7days a week confidential, non judgmental services Over 70,000 young people (15-24) have accessed and received our services Majority of callers (67%) are males Most of the callers are from Nyanza region Over 60% of the callers present interpersonal issues Less than 4% of callers present with gender based violence issues (sexual violence) Building Partnerships, Transforming lives 5

6 Yet…. 18.9 percent of women age 15-24 report that their first sexual intercourse was forced against their will 30.8 percent of women age 15-24 have ever experienced sexual violence 45 percent never sought help and never told anyone about the violence. Building Partnerships, Transforming lives 6

7 No. of survivors (June 2010- June 2012) Building Partnerships, Transforming lives 7

8 Sex of the survivors Building Partnerships, Transforming lives 8

9 Education levels of the survivors Building Partnerships, Transforming lives 9

10 Reported cases Building Partnerships, Transforming lives 10

11 Some issues presented……. “I am Tish 19 years old and I finished high school last year planning to join university in September. Got raped by my sister’s husband last year. I went to the hospital and got some attention and was give some form I was to take to the police. My mum stopped me from going to the police and told the nurse to destroy the evidence. Now I don’t know what to do and I think I have a STI because I see pimples on my private parts at times and some bleeding even when I don’t have my periods. Kindly assist”? Building Partnerships, Transforming lives 11

12 Some issues presented……. “ My roommate always touches me and I suspect he is gay. Yesterday we had a long chat with him and he said he admires me seriously and now he is convincing me to have sex with him. My problem is I really believed in him as a true friend and since he broke the news to me he is really insisting on having sex with me. I came to stay with him and am almost giving up because he has a lot of money. I really need your help.” Building Partnerships, Transforming lives 12

13 Some issues presented……. “I am Sasha and am 21 years from Nairobi, I have been having a very hard time with my lecturer who has been forcing me to have sex with him if I want to get a good grade in the course that he teaches. He has threatened if I ever say anything about the same to the authorities I may never even get my paper marked and eventually will end up not getting my results.” Building Partnerships, Transforming lives 13

14 Concerns Very little is known about addressing short & long-term psychosocial needs of youth as survivors of Sexual/GBV. Research and data on sexual violence among the youth is inadequate despite their vulnerability as victims and perpetrators. Building Partnerships, Transforming lives 14

15 Recommendations More research to be done on youth and GBV Need to develop effective strategies to reach young people with GBV information and services Create opportunities/forums where young people can discuss GBV issues openly – online or offline Create awareness – this will help in reducing stigma. GBV services are they youth friendly? What more can be done? Building Partnerships, Transforming lives 15

16 Where can I get help? Call or sms at 1190 free from a Safaricom line Twitter: @ONE2ONEYH Facebook: onetoone Youthhotline Email: / Website: Building Partnerships, Transforming lives 16

17 ASANTENI! Purity Njiru Email: Building Partnerships Transforming Lives 17

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