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 Meetings  Learning  Expectations.

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3  Meetings  Learning  Expectations

4 Sample Deconstructions Critical Reading Of ELA Standards Understanding Learning Targets Jig Saw Strategy Appendices A, B, C


6  Organize yourselves by grade level.  Open up the grade level standards.  Partner up and chart a list of key words/verbs/concepts for your grade level standards.  See how your words match up with your elementary, middle, or high school partners.

7 10 minutes…

8  Open Appendix A.  Pass out a card to each group:  Grade Specific Text Complexity Demands  Reading Foundational Skills  Writing (Three Text Types)  Speaking and Listening  Vocabulary

9  Within your group divide the ELA section that is listed on your note card.  Look for key concepts and ideas.  Highlight these key concepts and ideas.  Share with your group and chart.  Share with the larger group.

10  As a table group look through Appendix B at the page you have been assigned.  What are the main ideas and key concepts that you need to share with teachers?  Chart on poster paper.  Share with the group.

11  As a group look through Appendix C at the page you have been assigned.  What are the main ideas and key concepts that we need to share with teachers?  Chart on poster paper.  Share with the larger group.



14  Standards set priorities on what students need to know and be able to do.  Classroom assessment and instruction is built around deconstructed targets.  What am I going to teach here?  How do I explain the target to students?  Will my colleagues interpret this the same as I do?  What do I do to enable students to do well on this?

15  What knowledge will students need to demonstrate the intended learning?  What patterns of reasoning will they need?  What performance/skills are required, if any?  What product development capabilities must they acquire, if any?

16 Knowledge  knowing and understanding facts and concepts  learned outright or via reference Reasoning  mental processes we want students to engage in  USING knowledge to solve problems Performance Skills  process is most important Products  using knowledge, reasoning, and skills to create a product

17  Each group will receive a standard.  Look at page 1, 2, & 3 to help you determine if the learning target falls into the knowledge, reasoning, performance skills, or product category.  Discuss with your table group.


19  Read CCR Anchor Standard.  Read and analyze the chosen KCAS.  What does the standard require students to know and be able to do?  Analyze the selected standard. What are the key words? What is the intended learning? What is the intent of the standard?  Determine Type of Learning Target and deconstruct using the template.

20  In your packet, you have the following: ◦ Sample directions for deconstructing standards ◦ Sample template ◦ Scoring Rubric


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