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Energy Laws & Types.

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1 Energy Laws & Types

2 Energy: the ability to do work or cause change

3 Energy is always involved when physical or chemical changes occur in matter

4 You can detect the effects of energy when matter is moved, when it reacts, or when energy is transformed from one form to another form

5 Law of Conservation of Energy: Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change from one form to another

6 2 Main Types of Energy: Potential or Kinetic

7 Potential energy is stored energy that has not been used.

8 Examples Potential Energy

9 Batteries Potential energy

10 Food

11 Gasoline (fuel)

12 Pulled back Bow and Arrow
A stretched back arrow has potential energy

13 Rollercoaster at top of hill
Potential energy at top of coaster.

14 Do you have more examples of potential energy?

15 An object has potential energy because of its position, shape, or chemistry

16 An object’s potential energy is increasing as it gets higher

17 The more mass an object has the more potential energy it has

18 Kinetic energy is energy of motion.

19 Examples Kinetic Energy

20 Swinging a Hammer

21 Throwing a Ball

22 Running

23 Weather

24 Bowling Kinetic energy of ball is transferred to pins

25 Do you have more examples of kinetic energy?

26 The amount of kinetic energy an object has depends on its mass and speed

27 The faster the object goes, the more kinetic energy the object has

28 An object with a larger mass will have more kinetic energy than a smaller object at the same height

29 As the potential energy increases, the kinetic energy decreases

30 As the potential energy decreases, the kinetic energy increases

31 Examples both Potential and Kinetic energy


33 Pendulum Wrecking ball has potential energy. Hand has kinetic energy

34 Trampoline Potential energy when you are at top of bounce. Potential energy when trampoline is stretched down towards ground.

35 Avalanche

36 Waterfall


38 Energy Skate Park




42 What is the relationship of potential and kinetic energy?

43 Potential and kinetic energy are inversely proportional

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