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The EAI Market: Positioning TIBCO - Fred Meyer. TIB/ActiveEnterprise 2 Information Bus ® and TIB ® are registered trademarks, and Subject Based Addressing.

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1 The EAI Market: Positioning TIBCO - Fred Meyer

2 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 2 Information Bus ® and TIB ® are registered trademarks, and Subject Based Addressing is trademark of TIBCO Software Inc. For more information please contact: Fred Meyer TIBCO Software Inc. 3165 Porter Drive Palo Alto, CA 94304 Copyright ©1998 TIBCO Software Inc. Parts or all of this presentation may be duplicated with appropriate reference to and acknowledgment of TIBCO Software Inc. Note

3 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 3 Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) F Rapid corporate response F Leverage IT investment F Lower costs of doing business Integrates your business processes

4 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 4 EAI and Middleware n Middleware F Plumbing for exchange of information in distributed computing environments n EAI supercedes middleware F Integrating end-end business processes in a global, distributed and diverse computing environment

5 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 5 Evolution of Middleware TP Monitors Object Request Brokers (ORBs) Data Transformation Hubs (MessageBrokers) Adapters/Connectors Business flow coordinators (BusinessWare/ProcessWare) Application Servers Supporting EJB, DCOM Object Transaction Monitors (OTMs) TRADITIONAL MIDDLEWARE Message Queues Publish-Subscribe DEVELOPMENT ENABLERS INTEGRATION PRODUCTS YESTERDAYTODAY

6 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 6 EAI vs. Application Development Application Development Tools/Enablers Developing distributed applications Provide transactional services Storing and retrieving objects Queuing services Developers Programmers Reasons for usePrimary users Application Integration (EAI) Products Integrating distributed applications Integrating legacy systems Integrating databases/data warehouses Integrating with transactional services, development environments Business Analysts Systems Analysts Value Proposition: Build large-scale, distributed applications Value Proposition: Integrate business processes

7 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 7 EAI vs. Application Development Application Development Tools/Enablers Enterprise Application Integration OTMs TP Monitors Transaction Servers ORBs Messaging Data transformation hubs Business flow coordination Adapters App servers EJB DCOM Products/Technologies

8 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 8 Market Segmentation Application Development Tools/Enablers Enterprise Application Integration BEA Iona Microsoft IBM Tuxedo, M3, Weblogic Orbix MTS, MSMQ CICS, MQ, Websphere MQ Workflow CompaniesProducts TIBCO NEON Crossworlds Active Software Vitria STC TIB/ActiveEnterprise MQ Integrator Integration Server Active Integration System BusinessWare DataGate

9 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 9 True EAI n True integration requires integrating across the entire supply chain, aggregrating internal and external content sources, and delivering information at your fingertips Bridging external applications/systems Information pipes and delivery Data transformation and routing Business flow coordination Application management/monitoring Desktop information push Business content aggregration Adapters/Connectors Messaging MessageBrokers ProcessWare Alert-driven monitoring Event notification Enterprise Portals

10 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 10 The Tower of Middleware Reliable Multicast Messaging ORB Message Broker PUSH App. Management TP Monitor App. Integration Lucent, GlobalCast IBM, Vitria, Talarian Visigenic, Iona Neon, Mercator Backweb, Marimba CA, Tivoli Hitachi, BEA Crossroads, Constellar Challenges 7 Integration 7 Scalability 7 Event-Driven 7 Ability to Change/ Flexibility 7 Open 7 Cost of Ownership 7 Ease of Implementation TIBCO has invested $250M over 12 years, and installed $2B worth of Integrated Middleware TIBCO Products & Partners

11 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 11 The Event-Driven Enterprise n Recognition of the Value of Business Events n Ability to Harness and Profit from Change n Driven by Outside Forces n Proactive Communication Path n Robust Management of Business Process n Straight-Through Processing n Low Corporate Reaction Times n High Degree of Flexibility n Predictive, Dynamic Culture

12 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 12 TIB/ActiveEnterprise Model

13 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 13 TIB/ActiveEnterprise Products

14 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 14 EAI Solution Requirements n Rapid corporate response n Increase value of packaged applications n Manage by exceptions n Allow for rapid change of business model n Leverage existing IT infrastructure Business Requirements VP, Business Unit

15 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 15 EAI Solution Requirements n How fast can you do it? n Can it really be made to work? n Can I achieve tangible business value quickly? n Can it be easily deployed without an army of developers? n Will it adapt and scale to fit my long-term needs? IT Requirements Chief Information Officer

16 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 16 EAI Solution Requirements n Scalable and manageable architecture n Easy to use, off-the-shelf components n Support best-of-breed solution n Support incremental implementation n Global technical support and consulting Technical Requirements Project Manager

17 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 17 Why TIBCO? n Mission-critical, scalable business processes at work F 99.9997% reliability running largest semiconductor fab F 12 years continuously operating trading floor F 1.2 billion shares traded, 25 billion hits n The best technology company in EAI F Red Herring, 1997 n True EAI solution F Adapters to enterprise portals n Rapid implementation F Tangible business benefits n Global consulting and 7x24 support

18 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 18 How TIBCO delivers? n TIBCO Business Solutions 4 Real time reporting 4 Proactive customer care 4 Supply chain integration 4 Portals n TIB/ActiveEnterprise 4 The complete EAI product suite n TIBCO Professional Services n Partners 4 Consulting, Application and Platform Partners n Support

19 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 19 Summary n EAI integrates your business processes n True EAI delivers 4 Integration across the entire supply chain 4 Aggregrated view of internal and external content sources 4 Information at your fingertips n TIBCO delivers on true EAI 4 Rapid implementation 4 Mission-critical integrated business processes at work 4 Global 7x24 support

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