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John Q. Porter President, Blue Sky Innovative Solutions, LLC July 16, 2014.

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1 John Q. Porter President, Blue Sky Innovative Solutions, LLC July 16, 2014

2 Market Five Force Analysis FORCELOWMEDIUMHIGH Threat of New EntrantsX  Substitute Products/Services X Supplier PowerX  Buyer PowerX Competitive RivalryX 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions2

3 Market Attractiveness Grid CATEGORYWEIGH T 2015 (1-5)2020 (1-5) Profitability (10%=3)3 Market Growth (10%=3)2 Niche Size ($100m=3)1 Threat of new entrants1 Substitute products/services1 Supplier Power2 Customer Power1 Competitive Rivalry1 Fit to Core Competency3 Weighted Average15 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions3

4 SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS OPPORTUNITIES WEAKNESSES THREATS /16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions4

5 Long Term Positioning Goal: To develop and execute a set of strategic and supporting plans that sustain a competitive advantage for the company in existing and new markets.  Long term plan should not be directed at any one opportunity. 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions5

6 Long Term Positioning Objective:  Long term positioning activities are continuously performed and refined  They set the stage for linking Business Development planning with the company’s strategic plan  Positioning is not aligned to a particular milestone in any individual opportunity or pursuit; rather, it supports many opportunities across the entire customer/prospect base.  These plans lay the groundwork for targeted, customer/prospect—focused marketing and sales activities. 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions6

7 Long Term Positioning InputsActivitiesOutputs 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions7 Hierarchy of strategic & other plans Annual operating plans Functional area resource plans Selling & B&P plans Develop 4-yr. strategic plan Develop annual BU operating plan Organize marketing teams Explore market areas Perform market assessment Build strategic relationships Position assets Define business strategy Company targets of opportunity Company corp. objectives Company annual 4-year strategic plan Company financial & quality metrics Industry/market reports & trend forecasts Specialized market & tech. studies Comp. analysis & benchmarking assessments Lessons learned Existing business development plans for specific opportunities

8 Assessment Phase Goal: Assess the characteristics of an individual opportunity and determine its suitability for pursuit. Objectives:  How well an opportunity aligns with the strategic plan and how the company’s capabilities and offerings align with the customer’s/prospect’s needs.  Accurate intelligence about the customer’s needs, requirements, resources and schedule are essential to determining how well an opportunity aligns with business plans and objectives.  Accurate intelligence about potential competitors is essential to developing a winning strategy. 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions8

9 Assessment Phase InputsActivitiesOutputs 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions9 Strategic plans Annual operating plans Opportunity info Business development database Assign opportunity lead Develop call plan Develop customer relationship Understand program requirements Assess strategic fit Accept pipeline entry Identify competition Prepare initial win strategy Develop capture plan Prepare for pursuit review Pursuit review Initial capture plan Candidate solutions Call plan Pursuit review package Business development database update

10 The Benefit to You  Provides understanding of customer issues and challenges and an early opportunity to confirm alignment with company strategy, plans and priorities.  Provides opportunity to influence customer’s perception of company and shape the procurement.  Provides intelligence on firms that could become key competitors.  Allows management to assess whether the opportunity fully aligns with business strategy and provides reasonable win probability. 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions10

11 How to Sell to K-12 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions11

12 K-12 Market Size* Mkt. Segment Mkt. Size 2012 Mkt. Size 2015 Growth Mkt. Size 2017 K B788 B4%853.1 B E-learning K B9.3 B20%13.4 B Child care65 B77.4 B6%87.0 B Test prep/ tutoring/ counseling 11 B13.1 B6%14.7 B Instructional materials 20.1 B23.9 B6%26.9 B 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions12 *GSA Advisors

13 SIIA Analysis of the K-12 Technology Market, 2012  Education technology (non-hardware) products and services: 7.97 B  Major segments: Content Instructional support (including assessment* and professional development) Platform & administration software tools (including central office, data and IT)  Special areas: AP Special Education** ELL materials Online courses*** * Testing was largest growth area; instructional support in general, 36% growth **Highest growth year over year ***Online growth more than 200% 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions13

14 Key Initiatives in K-12  Assessment/ diagnostic tools  Instructional materials focused on high stakes assessment content areas  Special education  Analysis tools  Hardware  Professional development  Instructional support services 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions14

15 Critical Sales Cycle Timelines for K-12  What is the buying season?  What is the best time to influence budget allocations? 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions15

16 Key Decision Makers School Board Superintendent Deputy Supt./ CAO Schools Special Ed Assessment CurriculumCOOMISFacilities Procurement Finance Human Resources 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions16

17 Key Decision Makers School BoardSuperintendentDeputy Supt.COOCAO 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions17

18 How to Sell to K-12: The Assessment Background Research:  Does the district have a strategic plan? If so, read it and know it.  What are the district’s and superintendent’s next 12 month priorities?  Review the district’s budget.  Google all key personnel that could influence your procurement and create a dossier on each person.  How long has this administration been in place? (It matters whether it is new or has been in place for a while)  What are the political dynamics between the board, superintendent and community elected officials?  Look for articles in which key personnel have been cited that could give you hints on their strategic direction.  Spend time getting to know the district website. 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions18

19 How to Sell to K-12: The Assessment Continued-  Understand how the district is organized.  What is the “Theory of Action” of the district– centralized, or decentralized?  Look for outside pressures that your product or service could help to alleviate.  Does the district have a bias for or against vendors of a particular size?  Do you know anyone that could refer you to senior level personnel in the organization?  KNOW YOUR COMPETITION!  Are your competitors presently providing services or productions to the district or its schools?  Understand how the competition positions their products and services. 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions19

20 Corporate Sales Team Balanced Perspective Delivery Sr. Management Company Advocate Proposal Manager & Technical Lead/ Content Expert Business Development Customer Advocate 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions20

21 Responsibilities: Business Development  Key external face of the organization  Identifies and qualifies opportunity  Establishes prospect and customer contact and assesses competitors’ capabilities  Overall authority for leading sales process from strategy phase through post-proposal submittal  Supports proposal writing team during proposal development to ensure strategies developed in sales process are implemented  Continues to feed market intelligence to proposal team 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions21

22 Types of Sales Configurations  Direct  Indirect/ channels  Independent  Inside  Hybrid 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions22

23 Responsibilities: Proposal Manager  Overall authority and responsibility for leading the proposal effort  Responsible for initiating proposal planning  Manages all proposal development and review activities 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions23

24 Responsibilities: Technical Lead  Develops the winning technical solution, driven by the overall win strategy.  Serves as principal member providing support by understanding customer technical requirements and assessing competitors’ technical capabilities.  Identifies technical risk to the proposal and provides risk mitigation plans to be incorporated into the proposal. 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions24

25 Responsibilities: Senior Management  Should understand all aspects of the proposal.  Conducts final review of the proposal for strength of strategy, themes.  Reviews final details of cost and price recommendations and technical solution.  Makes the ultimate decision that the opportunity meets the strategic direction of the company, with the necessary ROI.  Validates that appropriate resources can be engaged to deliver a winning proposal with successful implementation. 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions25

26 How to Identify Sales Talent Job FactorsSample Interview Questions 1. Quality of Planning: Developing strategies to manage sales consistent with company objectives and customer needs. What is the sequence of steps you follow in developing a sales strategy? What preparations do you make before visiting a customer site? How do you determine the point at which a sales strategy needs revision? 2. Forecasting Accuracy: Forecasting business accurately and on a timely basis. What procedures do you follow in formulating business forecasts in terms of value and timing? What do you consider to be an acceptable margin of variation regarding the accuracy of your estimates? What factors contribute to a successful forecast? How do you identify potential charge backs and prevent them from occurring? 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions26

27 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions27 Job FactorsSample Interview Questions 3. Prospect Management: Identifying and contacting new leads. How do you identify potential leads on new accounts? Do you like “cold” calling? How do you determine the appropriate levels for making contacts? What was your territory and quota on your last sales job? How did your performance compare with your quota? How do you investigate the potential for expansion of a current account? 4. Account Management: Maintaining existing accounts and obtaining orders of high quality. How do you prevent being limited to dealing with a single function or level within a company? What measures would you take to protect current accounts from our competition? Describe a situation in which you identified a problem and took corrective action before a crisis developed. What considerations deserve the greatest attention in maintaining an existing account?

28 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions28 Job FactorsSample Interview Questions 5. Administration: Keeping accurate records, documenting actions and managing commitments effectively. What do you feel are the most important administrative records for a sales representative? Describe three kinds of business forms with which you have experience. What steps do you take to keep within administrative time frames? How do you handle a backlog of paperwork? 6. Customer Communications: Demonstrating a professional sales approach with customers. Characterize an effective sales letter. Compared to others, would you say you are better at making telephone calls or in face-to-face contact? What do you feel are the most important elements of a successful sales presentation? 7. Support Organization Interface: Negotiating and cooperating with others to accomplish optimal utilization of resources. How do you go about gaining the support of another department or organization? Describe an occasion when you cooperated well with others toward the attainment of a common goal. What do you consider to be the important factors in maintaining an effective team relationship?

29 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions29 Job FactorsSample Interview Questions 8. Internal Management Interface: Communicating effectively with company management and accepting management’s overall goals. What has been your means of communication with superiors? Describe a situation in which you successfully handled a set of unclear instructions. Compare your written and oral reporting skills. 9. Effort/ Innovation: Persisting with special effort and using innovative problem solving to reach goals. Describe a unique marketing strategy you designed. What was the most difficult order you ever won? How did you do this? What kinds of special qualifications are required of a sales representative as compared with other professionals? What length of sales cycle are you most comfortable with? In what situations are you most inclined to exert additional efforts, beyond the usual standard? 10. Self-Development: Seeking to improve one’s organizational effectiveness through formal and informal channels. What activities do you pursue on your own to improve your sales skills? How do you keep current with product changes? In what areas would you appreciate help improving your skills? Describe an occasion when you responded favorably to suggestions for improvement.

30 Questions? 7/16/2014Blue Sky Innovative Solutions30 John Q. Porter President, Blue Sky Innovative Solutions, LLC

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