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Joint Command-Future.

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1 Joint Command-Future

2 Dimensions of Transformation
Organizational Design: The changes in an organization’s division of labor that may be needed to implement a desired course of action, in order to bring about desired effects. Processes: The changes in steps, tasks, or procedures needed to implement concepts or apply capabilities. Concepts: Structured approaches to expressing how a course of action might be accomplished for current or future warfighter problems. Capabilities: Technological systems, hardware, or tools that may be required to execute a specified course of action. Authorities: Changes in public laws or regulations that may be needed to provide authority, permission, or capabilities to warfighters.

3 Attributes of a Transforming Joint Force The Operator’s Approach
Deconflict Service Forces Coordinate Stitch Service Seams Integrate Services/SOCOM Capabilities Coherently Integrate Interdependent, Collaborative, Learning & Adaptive Coherently Joint Force Increased capability through greater degrees of integration is multiplicative, not additive. Here’s what we actually saw as we built up our joint and combined operation in Afghanistan: fully integrate joint = ten fold capability increase fully integrate interagency = another ten fold increase fully integrate friends and allies = another ten fold increase Result: Effects-Based Outcomes JCDE efforts must reflect how we want to operate

4 Unified Action Commercial and Public Interagency JFCOM GWOT SOCOM Industry Info Operations STRATCOM Multinational Operations JFCOM Academia GWOT WG Sea Power S/CRS GWOT LL JIACG MNE 5 Air Power IO Wargaming MNE 4 - A Transformed Joint Force UNIFIED ACTION – Discovery, Coordination, Synthesis, and Sense Making HLS JOC Basing JUW USMC ICP Global Distribution Land Power SD JOC JDPO EE USMC INTEL DIA/CIA JIOC HLD NORTHCOM Deployment Sustainment TRANSCOM Urban Resolve JFCOM JxI CCJO JOCs JICs Prototypes ARs Urban Ops JFCOM Intel DIA Strategic Deterrence STRATCOM

5 Joint Support to Unified Action (JCDE FY06 Work Priorities)
Deter, detect, engage and defeat asymmetric global threats. Win the Information Superiority fight. Integrate multinational capabilities to support combined operations. Support interagency planning and execution to accomplish stability, reconstruction and transition operations. Deny sanctuary to threats in complex environments. Rapidly deploy, project and sustain joint capabilities on a global scale. Improve methods and means to integrate and execute joint operations.

6 Joint Command - Future Transformational DoD experiments must be:
Properly focused Well balanced Rigorously designed Expertly conducted J9 requires a dedicated and expert organization to conduct experimentation in support of Joint warfighting transformation – experimentation must become a DoD core competency along with training and exercise

7 Joint Command-Future “Where ideas compete to build the future Joint Force” An environment of joint and service HQs, with Interagency, Multinational, and Industry partners, linked through common CIE tools, networks, M&S confederations, and methodologies to integrate and synergize joint experimentation, and to provide insights into the organization and processes of the Combined/Joint Force Command of the future.

8 Joint Command - Future JFC Battlespace . … Effects Mission/Task SECDEF
Integrating & Coordinating Links Regional Combatant Commands INTERAGENCY INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS NON-GOV’T ORGs Disclaimer: representative type organizations that could be involved but are not at this time… no relationship exists currently Multinational1 Coalition X Multinational2 Multinational3 . MILITARY COALITIONS Multinationaln ALLIANCES Functional Combatant Commands Private Contract Companies SECDEF CJCS Joint Command - Future Reach Establish, Expand, Secure Knowledge Acquire, Refine, Share JFC Battlespace Effects Identify, Create, Exploit JFLCC JFMCC JFACC JFSOCC JPOTF JCMOTF Mission/Task Contexts / Environments

9 Attributes of Joint Command-Future
Conducts Discovery through Validation - “Concept to Reality” Integrates World Class Talent leveraging intellectual capital of multiple partners (Combatant Commands, Services, Industry, Multinational, Centers of Excellence) Provides a persistent distributed environment through open standards and adaptable architectures Confederates resident Modeling and Simulations with partner capabilities to form a high-resolution virtual laboratory representing future battle spaces Integrates its activities with live Field Experiments, Exercises, and Operations The Joint Experimentation Integration Hub for the Department of Defense

10 Joint Command-Future Organizational Construct
Maneuver Fires / Effects COM JC-F IS C2W / IO Experiment Management Teams Log KM

11 JC-F Mission Essential Tasks List
Operate a persistent collaborative environment for Joint experimentation Manage distributed methodologies to support the community of joint experiments Schedule and integrate experimentation projects into execution Maintain menus of collaboration tools, scenarios, networks, and partners to support experiment venues Provide a realistic environment to examine DIME interactions focused on IA - COCOM – JTF – Component level Facilitate and integrate M&S support for experimentation Operate an Experiment Watch Team Maintain experimentation and operational knowledge bases Monitor joint and service experiments and feedback to knowledge bases

12 Joint Command-Future Network Capabilities
JC-F “persistent” capabilities (always “on line” for JC-F experimenters use, i.e., lights, air conditioning, , Microsoft Office, IWS, SPPS) [empty but experiment-ready virtual cube] JC-F “on-demand” capabilities (JC-F experimenters click to turn it on for JC-F experiment use, i.e., ONA tool, GCCS) [manned experiment-active virtual cube] JC-F “on-call” capabilities (JC-F / EED / others engage to turn it on for experiment use, i.e., JSAF, SEAS, COP) [augmented experiment-active virtual cube]


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