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JJ.Co Joaquin Rosales Joaquin Fernandez Salvador.

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1 JJ.Co Joaquin Rosales Joaquin Fernandez Salvador

2 What is our source of energy Our source of energy is Hydroelectric Power is very economical and renewable. It starts as GPE at the top of the reservoir then is motion when the water falls throw the hole that moves the turbine and the generator and electricity is made. We can gather this source of energy at Guayas river or Napo river.

3 History Hydro electric power has been used since 1770 approximated as mills to crush down grains. in The 19th century the electrical generator was invented and then the electric power went to the next level and used for electrical power in homes. On the ancient times they used hydro power to grind flour and many other things.

4 Where and how the energy source is used today Their are over a 150 co +untries with hydroelectric power this are the main ones 1) China: 171 gigawatts 2) Canada: 90 gigawatts 3) The United States: 79 gigawats 4) Brazil: 70 gigawatts 5) Russia: 45 gigawatts

5 Where the energy source is found and how it is recovered/harnessed This energy source is find in places with fast moving water such as rivers it is harnessed by the movement of water throw a turbine and finally moving a generator and finally creates electricity.

6 How energy is stored in the source and how the energy is released It is stored by GPE up in the reservoir and it is released as movement and electricity.

7 Advantages and disadvantages of the energy source Advantages: It is very cheap, it produces a high amount of energy, it is very simple and efficient and also is renewable. Disadvantages: It disrupts the natural flow of the river changes the mineral in the water and disrupts fishes reproductive cycle.

8 Economic impacts of the energy source (to the consumer and to the Government) Government: It is cheaper for the government because this source of energy is very economic and reliable. Consumer: It also becomes cheaper for the consumer because it is cheaper for the government.

9 Environmental impacts of the energy source It changes the natural flow of the river, affects water life, reproductive cycle of fishes and minerals in the water.

10 Future of the energy source The future of this energy source is still unknown but it will still be developing because is very knew.

11 Other interesting facts about the energy source Dams have been used seen the 18 th century to grind food. But it started to be used for electricity in the 19 th century. It’s the most used renewable source. It’s the only renewable source the is competitive with fossil fules.

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