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Fitesa Case Study January 18, 2012. CONFIDENTIAL – 2 Case Study - Fitesa Who is Fitesa? 11 production sites globally 2 nd largest Nonwoven Manufacturer.

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1 Fitesa Case Study January 18, 2012

2 CONFIDENTIAL – 2 Case Study - Fitesa Who is Fitesa? 11 production sites globally 2 nd largest Nonwoven Manufacturer in the world Locally - Washougal, WA since 1982 Present Employees: 50 Products: non-woven fabric rolls Fabrics composed of PP, PE, PET, PLA, Green PE, Adflex Washougal site originally designed for three energy intensive non-woven fabric lines. Downsized to one retrofitted production line. Most of energy consumption from original lines came from air usage. Energy Program evolved from capital projects to an energy management process.


4 CONFIDENTIAL – 4 Large Extruders

5 CONFIDENTIAL – 5 Spinning Pack Face

6 CONFIDENTIAL – 6 Production Line

7 CONFIDENTIAL – 7 Slitting To Customer Rolls

8 CONFIDENTIAL – 8 8 Case Study – Fitesa – Phase 1 Lighting Capital Project Warehouse, shop, prod. areas Old Metal halides, T12 fluorescents 24 hours, 7 days per week New 6 & 4 lamp T8 high output, high bay Fixture mounted occupancy sensors Energy savings: 542,000 kWh/yr Cost savings (kWh, kW): $28,500/yr Project costs: $98,500 Incentive: $34,500 Payback: 2.2 years

9 CONFIDENTIAL – 9 9 Case Study – Fitesa – Phase 1 Compressor Capital Project New line required less pressure, capacity Baseline One 600 hp centrifugal 100 psi 2,500 cfm Blowoff valve control 24/7

10 CONFIDENTIAL – 10 10 Case Study - Fitesa New Compressors New Two 250 hp oil free screw compressors, load - unload, lead - lag Energy savings: 2,000,000 kWh/yr Cost savings (kWh, kW): $94,000/yr Project costs: $490,000 Incentive: $146,000 Payback: 3.7 years

11 CONFIDENTIAL – 11 Case Study – Fitesa – Phase 1 Chilled Water Capital Project Retrofitted line requires less cooling capacity Old System (1) 300 hp closed loop circulation pump (1) 125 hp cooling tower circulation pump (1) 40 hp chilled water pump (2) cooling towers 10 hp fan motors (1) 200 ton chiller

12 CONFIDENTIAL – 12 Closed Loop Chiller Project

13 CONFIDENTIAL – 13 13 Case Study - Fitesa Chilled Water System Retrofitted line requires less cooling capacity. Went to Closed Loop systems. Power reduced by ~400 hp Smaller pumps (3) 75 ton chillers Extensive re-piping Energy savings: 2,600,000 kWh/yr Demand savings: 300 kW/month Cost savings (kWh, kW): $103,600/yr Water, Sewer, & Chemical Savings: $140,000 Project costs: $930,000 Incentive: $650,000 Payback: 1.3 years

14 CONFIDENTIAL – 14 Case Study – Fitesa – Phase 2 HPEM (High Performance Energy Management) Started Program June 17, 2010 5 year long continuous improvement process Regional collaborative effort Fits well with existing culture of continuous improvement

15 CONFIDENTIAL – 15 Formation of an HPUM Team Form a High Performance Utilities Management Team that has representatives from all functions in the plant. HPUM Core Team Members HPUM SponsorDave RohrbachPlant Manager Energy ChampionJD HiseyContinuous Improvement Manager Key Team MembersDoug Moore Mechanic Chuck BalesElectrician Gary JonesMaintenance Supervisor Ray MangsOperations Manager

16 CONFIDENTIAL – 16 Fitesa’s Global Mission and Vision Fitesa’s Mission Add value to Customers, Shareholders & Team by providing high quality products with exceptional service. We will do so by proactively reducing our carbon foot print through better processes and product development. Fitesa’s Vision Be the preferred choice for the supply of spunmelt, carded and air-laid nonwoven fabrics to the Global Hygiene market.

17 CONFIDENTIAL – 17 Develop Plant Policy, Metrics, & Goals Fitesa Washougal’s Utility Usage Policy Fitesa Washougal will continuously look for ways to reduce our usage of utilities so that we continue to support our environmental and cost strategies in a way that is consistent with our global vision. Fitesa Washougal’s Metrics For electrical energy, our metric is kWh/kg of saleable product produced. For water consumption, our metric is gallons of water purchased/kg of saleable product produced. For water outfall, our metric is gallons discharged/kg of saleable product produced. For natural gas, our metric is therms/day. Fitesa Washougal’s Goals For each element of our utility usage, Fitesa Washougal’s goal is a 5% decrease in each metric per year.

18 CONFIDENTIAL – 18 Create an Opportunity Register Meet with all plant personnel. Educate them on the mission and goals of the HPUM Team. Ask for their ideas to reduce our carbon footprint. As a HPUM team, created initial list of utility saving ideas. List included all ideas. They are then prioritized. –Some go into Project Hopper and become Capital projects for coming years. –Most ideas will be non-capital projects. The highest priority items will be on a Fitesa Action Plan, the rest left on the Opportunity Register.

19 CONFIDENTIAL – 19 Example of Opportunity Register

20 CONFIDENTIAL – 20 Create an Energy Map

21 CONFIDENTIAL – 21 Create Fitesa Action Plans

22 CONFIDENTIAL – 22 Primary Tool - Conduct Energy Audits Nine Energy Wasters –Unnecessary Running or Idling –Leaks –Pressure & Friction Losses –Sub Optimized Efficiency –Malfunctions –System Imbalance –Misapplication –Scheduling –Sloppy Processes (Not LEAN)

23 CONFIDENTIAL – 23 Develop Baseline CUSUM SUMMARY OUTPUT (6/6/09 - 6/19/10) Regression Statistics Multiple R0.953579 R Square0.909313CV = 0.05 Adjusted R Square0.905825 Standard Error15851.33 Observations55 ANOVA dfSSMSFSignificance F Regression21.31E+116.55E+10260.70157.87E-28 Residual521.31E+102.51E+08 Total541.44E+11 CoefficientsStandard Errort StatP-valueLower 95%Upper 95%Lower 95.0%Upper 95.0% Intercept134675.618994.517.0902433.55E-0996560.39172790.996560.39172790.9 X Variable 1462.653639.4535811.726533.21E-16383.4842541.823383.4842541.823 X Variable 2-92141.224739.76-3.724420.000483-141785-42497.3-141785-42497.3

24 CONFIDENTIAL – 24 CUSUM – kWh/Kg Production

25 CONFIDENTIAL – 25 Washougal Site HPUM Best Practices Best Practices – turned into plant policy – will help leverage best use of existing technologies. Plant Lighting –Delamp when not necessary Air Compressor Optimization –Added another Receiver Tank –Reduced from 121 psi to 112 psi Natural Gas Controls – Added controls in main building Calibration of Waste Water Outfall (Sewer) Meters Heating Practices –Reduced heat up times for several operations –Shut off several operations when not in use

26 CONFIDENTIAL – 26 Electrical Usage - 7.6% reduction Year 1 HPUM –- 28.7% overall reduction

27 CONFIDENTIAL – 27 On Peak Demand - $4.60/kw

28 CONFIDENTIAL – 28 Natural Gas – 67.7% Reduction Year 1 HPUM

29 CONFIDENTIAL – 29 City Water Usage - 69% reduction Year 1 HPUM

30 CONFIDENTIAL – 30 Sewer Outfall – 94.6% Reduction Year 1 HPUM

31 CONFIDENTIAL – 31 Global HPUM Committee Created Fitesa facilities will strive to reduce the amount of energy we utilize to produce our nonwoven fabrics through efforts of best practice sharing, trending of kpi’s and a continuous drive for improvement.

32 CONFIDENTIAL – 32 HPUM Committee Meeting Schedule

33 CONFIDENTIAL – 33 Plant Energy Metric Review – KWh/Kg

34 CONFIDENTIAL – 34 Plant Energy Metric Review – US$/Kg

35 CONFIDENTIAL – 35 The Future – Energy Management Plan  Short Term – Early 2012  Add Operations Folks to HPUM Team  Strengthen Air Leak Program  Regular Energy Audits  Add Controls to Natural Gas Heating in Maintenance Shop Areas  Reduce Air Needed for Calendar Stacks and Motor Cooling  Medium Term - 2012  Right Size Air Dryers  Upgrade/Reduce Exterior Lighting  Upgrade Resin Loaders  Expand HPUM to 6 new plants in Sweden, Germany, Italy, China and the USA  Long Term – 2013  Implement Best Practices Identified at other Fitesa Plants

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