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JA America Works. Introductions Session 1 Emigration Leaving one country to settle in another. (Emigration = Exit) Immigration Settling in a country.

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1 JA America Works

2 Introductions

3 Session 1 Emigration Leaving one country to settle in another. (Emigration = Exit) Immigration Settling in a country which is not native. (Immigration = Into) Many immigrants were entrepreneurs.

4 Immigration Entrepreneur Levi Strauss (Student Workbook page 1) Session 1

5 Entrepreneur Person who starts a business in hope of earning a profit. Can you name any??? Mark Zuckerberg Oprah Winfrey Steve Jobs

6 Kid Entrepreneurs Robert Nay - 14 Made “Bubble Ball” app 2 million downloads within 2 weeks (now at 10.5 million) Ashley Qualls - 14 developer for free layouts Grossed over $1 million from Adsense Session 1

7 So Why Did People Immigrate to the United States? Political Freedom Escape from Poverty Religious Freedom Job Opportunity Adventure Session 1

8 Pull Factor Reasons that attracted them to a new place Push Factor Circumstances that drove them from their country Session 1 Pushed out  Pulled In

9 Session 1 Activity Do You Stay or Do You Go? (Teacher’s Guide page 13)

10 Session 1 Activity Who Am I? (Teacher’s Guide page 14) Work in Groups Read summaries on page 2 5 minutes Underline or highlight key points Be ready for JEOPARDY!!!!!!

11 Session 2 Agriculture Science, art, and business of cultivating soil, producing crops, and raising livestock; farming

12 Dependence on Agriculture for a Living 1850s2000s Identify states where agriculture still plays an important role. Session 2

13 Cost Something of value that is given up when making a decision Benefit Something of value received when making a decision Clipping CouponsCost = TimeBenefit = Saved $$ Session 2

14 Opportunity Cost What must be given up (the next best alternative) when a decision is made. Session 2

15 Homestead Act Free land to people who agreed to and met requirements: 21 years old or older Head of Household Live on and improve 160-acre parcel for five years (build a home, make improvements) Pay a small filing fee 1 acre is slightly less than a football field. Session 2

16 Homestead Act in South Dakota Wagner Session 2

17 Agriculture Entrepreneur Daniel Freeman (Student Workbook page 6) Session 2

18 Activity Homestead Act Scenario Cards (Teacher’s Guide page 21 – Student Workbook page 7) Session 2

19 Session 3 Natural Resources Naturally occurring materials – some are renewable, while others eventually may run out.

20 Natural Resources Entrepreneur (Student Workbook page 8) James P. Beckwourth Session 3

21 California Gold Rush Forty-niners People who flocked to California in 1849 to strike-it-rich. Prospector Person looking for opportunities in mining; Seeking a fortune from gold or silver. Session 3

22 Boomtowns Student Workbook page 9

23 Session 3 Boomtowns MillBankRestaurant Laundry Facilities Livery Stable Assay Office Hotel Student Workbook page 9

24 Supply and Demand Session 3 High Supply + Low Demand Low Prices Low Supply + High Demand High Prices

25 Ghost Towns Session 3

26 Activity Strike-It-Rich Game (Teacher’s Guide page 27 – Student Workbook page 10) Session 3

27 Session 4 Transportation Entrepreneur (Student Workbook page 11) Leland Stanford

28 Transportation (Student Workbook page 12) Transportation in the 1800s Transportation today Session 4

29 Railroads “Iron Horse” Boats/Barges “Nature’s Mule” Less expensive More expensive

30 Session 4 Human Capital Natural Resources

31 Session 4 Activity In Pursuit of Progress (Teacher’s Guide Page 32 – Student Workbook page 13)

32 Session 5 Communication Communication in the 1800s Communication in the 2000s

33 Session 5 Communication Entrepreneur (Student Workbook page 17) Mary “Stagecoach” Fields

34 Session 5 Activity Communication Activity (Teacher’s Guide Page 37 – Student Workbook page 17-18)

35 Telegraph and Morse Code Session 5

36 Activity Morse Code (Student Workbook page 18-21) Session 5

37 Session 6 Communication Entertainment Household Appliances How Have Things Changed? (Then vs. Now)

38 Session 6 Industrialization and Production Industrialization led to better equipment and machinery which increased productivity.

39 Session 6 “Necessity is the mother of invention.” (What does this mean?)

40 Session 6 Scarcity Invention Something of use that is developed for the first time through imagination and experimentation. Innovation Use of creative ideas to improve an existing product or process.

41 Session 6 Industrialization Entrepreneur (Student Workbook page 23) Ellen Curtis Demorest

42 Session 6 Entrepreneurs Can Change the World

43 Session 6 Activity Now What? Innovation Card (Student Workbook page 23-24)

44 Session 6 Closure and Graduation

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