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MEEVAL HOME A Project of Jesus People’s Mission Panickankudy P O Idiukki Dist, Kerala, India, Pin Code 685564

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1 MEEVAL HOME A Project of Jesus People’s Mission Panickankudy P O Idiukki Dist, Kerala, India, Pin Code 685564 E-mail

2 INTRODUCTION  Meeval Home is one of seven projects of Jesus People’s Mission(JPM).  JPM is a Christian Charitable Organization registered at Calicut, Kerala, India, according to Indian Society Act (Reg No.81/99).

3 INTRODUCTION (contd)  JPM aims to spread Gospel of love and peace and to help to reduce pain and struggle found in the society. To achieve this aim, charitable activities are being conducted in the villages of Kerala State, India,since 1987. In near future JPM plans to expand scope of activities to different dimensions.  Seven projects are at hand now.

4 INTRODUCTION (contd) Seven Projects of JP Mission  1. People’s Mission News Paper  2. Carmel Spiritual Center  3. Meeval Home for Children  4. Dayavihar - Home for widows  5. JPM Communications  6. JPM Theological Academy  7. JPM Public School

5 7. Public School Jesus People’s Mission (JPM) 2.Carmel Spiritual Center 3.Meeval Home 6 Thoelogical Academy 5. Communications 4.Daya Vihar 1.News Paper


7 1. People’s Mission News Paper A Christian monthly News paper published in three languages by J P M. Started in Dec/98 and today People’s Mission Publication is being published in Malayalam, Tamil and in English with a circulation of 30000.

8 2. Carmel Spiritual Center  Carmel Spiritual Center is planned to be constructed at Panickankudi, Idukki District, Kerala by the end of Dec 2004. INR 350000 is required to complete the construction for a hall to accommodate 500 people and conduct twice a week fasting and prayer meetings to cater for the spiritual need of people. This will be the next to be established, and it is the need of the hour.

9 3.MEEVAL HOME For Children  Along with the retreat center JPM plans to construct an orphanage for boys and girls. Initially “Meeval Home” will have 10 orphan children. With INR 100000 added to Retreat Center construction, Meeval Home can be constructed. JUNE 2005, is planned for opening of Meeval Home and the future plan is to have 100 children in three years.

10 4. DAYA VIHAR Home for widows  By the end of Dec 2005, a home for widows aged 60 and above will be added to JPM projects. Initially five widows will be taken and in three years the number will increase to twenty five. Purpose of this is to help the widows who has none to help and use their services for Meeval Home children.  A continuous chain prayer will always be there in Hanna Home.

11 5. JPM COMMUNICATIONS  By the end of Dec 2006, JPM will enter into the Electronic media and use the present Television channels to promote the work and to have regular sponsored programs.

12 6. JPM THEOLOGICAL ACADEMY  By the end of Dec 2006, JPM Theological Academy will be added to JPM Projects with an aim to teach and train bible students near and far. For BTh studies, initially 25 students will be accomodated with boarding facility.  A correspondence course, “ Jothirvijanamarg” is also planned for those who are not able to attend regular classes.

13 7.JPM PUBLIC SCHOOL  By 2010, a school will be established at JPM facility primarily for the children of Meeval Home. JKG through class 12 will be added in phases. This school will be extended to students of the locality as well.  A division for children with special needs also planned in JPM Public School.



16 MOTTO  Upliftment of the orphans in India is a burden of JPM. If proper guidence is not given at the right time, today’s orphans will turn to be tomorrow’s criminals. We aim to change the orphans to prominent citizens of India.

17 PURPOSE  Be the owners of orphans  JPM intend to provide educational skills, health care, and vocational opportunities to the physical, mental, social and emotional developments of orphans without any regard to race, colour, creed, or language.  Provide identity and ownership and build them to assets to the Nation and for the Kingdom of God.

18 LOCATION  In Kerala state, God’s own country,India, has a green, mountanous district called Idukki and Panickenkudy is a sincere virgin land with full of innocent people. This beautiful place is located 100 KM from Cochi International Airport and 80 KM from the nearest Railway station. 1 ½ acres of land is already acquired for Meeval home at Panickankudy.

19 SHORT TERM PLAN For the year 2004/05 following are the goals to be achieved.  Establish the Meeval Home at Panickenkudi, Completion of land ownership and construction of hall 100 Ft x 50 Ft. and boarding facility for 10 children and staff.  Appoint salaried and voluntary staff.  Advertisement and propaganda at regional, national and international level.

20 LONG TERM PLAN For the year 2005-2008 following are the goals to be achieved.  Enlarging the infrastructure and construction of boarding facility for 100 boys and girls and staff.  Appoint more salaried and voluntary staff.  Advertisement and propaganda at regional, national and international level using powerful tools like web site.

21 ADMINISTRATION  Meeval Home will be governed by JPM under the leadership of Pastor. KM Jose, President, JPM.  In 2005, board members will be appointed by JPM to oversee the activities.  Decisions concerning the future developments and activities will be jointly made by the President and board members.  President will be responsible for Administration, Publicity and Fund raising programmes.

22 Personnel Plan

23 FINANCE General : Cash inflow is through donations,contributions and through fund raising programmes only. Immediate Capital requirements by Dec 2004: Construction INR 450,000 Office equipments30,000 Office Furniture20,000 Phone/Fax/Internet12,000 Others10,000 TotalINR 522,000

24 FINANCE- Cap Exp

25 FINANCE- Oper. Exp

26 FINANCE- Cash Flow



29 Problems and Possibilities  Problems and Possibilities: –Finding Financial Resources and commitments –Identifying committed manpower –Long term financial commitments –High volume of unattended orphans –Moulding orphans to better citizens

30 YOUR CONTRIBUTION  Continuous Prayer Support  Become a financial contributor in any of the following catagory for the year 2004. INR 50,000- 04 people200,000 INR 25,000- 04 people100,000 INR 20,000- 05 people100,000 INR 10,000- 10 people100,000 INR 5,000- 05 people. 25,000 Total for 2004525,000

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